You don't have to be a pro with years of experience to make a beautiful make-up quickly. Sharing tricks of makeup artists

In makeup, basic knowledge is very important. Without them, you can’t even create an elementary image for every day. Life hacks are required then to make available more complex things, a level higher.

Face Makeup Hacks

  1. Strong tone

    Have you applied a base but still worry that the tone will not last? Use the stippling method. This is a technique in which foundation is brushed into the skin with a brush. Within reason, of course. Force is not required.

    This allows the cream to be literally imprinted into the skin, which does not happen when you simply spread it over the skin with a brush.

  2. Glowing skin

    Getting a trendy dewy glow effect is much easier than you think: all you need to do is dab a little highlighter into your foundation before applying. The result will be much more natural than if you just “highlighted” the cheekbones with a highlighter. You will need a product with a liquid texture.

  3. Soft contouring

    Contouring is, after all, a trend for the camera. In real life, the sculptor stripes on the cheekbones often look like dirty spots, even if you applied very little product. One option is to replace it with blush, which will help not only correct the oval of the face, but also give the face a fresher, he althier complexion. Or take a foundation a couple of tones darker and blend it under the cheekbones, on the forehead along the hairline and along the back of the nose.Here are 6 more subtle contouring tricks.

Hacks for perfect eye makeup

  1. Open look

    How to make your eyes more expressive if you suffer from lack of sleep? Of course, nothing can replace a he althy 8-hour sleep, but makeup will help in emergency cases. First, you can paint over the inner contour of the eyes with a beige kayal with a shimmer. Secondly, apply highlighter to the area at the inner corners of the eyes.

  2. Smooth arrows

    When drawing arrows, remember that they should be a continuation of the contour line of the lower eyelid. And if that doesn’t help, turn something from improvised means into a stencil - most often they use business cards and plastic cards (and also ordinary masking tape) for this.Attach the card to the outer corner of the eye at the desired angle and draw a straight line. Then you can easily draw the connecting elements.

  3. Natural smoky

    If you drew arrows with a freehand pencil and something went wrong, you can quickly fix the situation and get, perhaps, even the best makeup option. Blend the color with a dense small brush until the texture of the pencil is completely frozen on the skin. You'll get a slight haze around the eye contour that will draw attention without being too flashy - unlike rich smoky eyes.

  4. Luxury lashes

    Need volume and length but don't have a special primer on hand? Then just powder your eyelashes and then cover with mascara. You can take as a base and another tool - lip balm.Perhaps this solution is even better: the balm will provide nourishment to the cilia. Read more about how to properly paint eyelashes with mascara in this article.

Lip makeup: top 3 hacks

  1. Clear outline

    You don't have to have a lip liner to get perfectly even makeup with lipstick.

    If suddenly in the process of applying the color you went beyond the contour, the concealer will help to remove the blots: you can literally wipe off the lipstick where it should not be. Useful tool with a thin brush.

  2. Volume lips

    An old trick is to apply a little lip gloss to the middle of the lips to get volume. But what if you just can’t stand sticky glosses? Then use a dry highlighter.

    Smudge a little powder in the middle of the lips with your fingertips. And apply a little more on the Cupid's arch. How else can you make lips plump with makeup, we told in this video tutorial.

  3. Bright color

    Many makeup artists scold girls for using concealer or thick foundation instead of a special lip primer. Meanwhile, it helps a lot - in the event that you want to achieve a rich coverage in shade. The foundation layer serves as a light base for the color.

    It will become brighter, and you won't have to layer lipstick, "heavier" makeup.


Eyebrow makeup tips

  1. Thickness

    To make the eyebrows visually fuller, you need to fill in the gaps inside the contour. Not everyone knows how to do it right. You do not need to completely paint over the eyebrows inside with shadows or a pencil. The secret is in the hatching technique. Thin lines imitating hairs should be drawn in the direction of growth: this is how you achieve a natural result.

  2. Texture

    There is another way to make the eyebrows look thicker. Textured styling has become a real trend. Take some dry soap on a round brow brush and run it through the hairs several times. So they will gain additional volume, and after applying the color gel, the emphasis on the eyebrows will become even more expressive.

  3. Beautiful frame

    In order for the eyebrows to perform just such a function after correction, and not hang over the eyes, making the look heavy, do not highlight them with color over the entire surface.Bring only the bend and the tip, and use a minimum of color at the base. It is also useful to study such a correction technique as eyebrow contouring: it involves shading the color in order to obtain a slight gradient from the inside to the outside.


How can I use my usual tools differently?

  1. Red lipstick under the eyes

    This life hack will come to the rescue of those who are left without their usual dark circle corrector. Red color perfectly neutralizes blue, so you can replace the corrector with red lipstick, in which case.

    Spread it in a thin layer over the area under the eyes, and apply a thick concealer or foundation on top.

  2. Brown mascara - on eyebrows

    Is your usual gel not giving proper fixation of the eyebrow shape? Why not use mascara? Use a brush to spread the brown shade over the eyebrows. The color will help define the brows, and the mascara formula, designed to fix the curve of the cilia, will help to securely fix the eyebrows in the shape that you gave them.

  3. Highlighter and bronzer - on eyelids

    These products lay down on the eyelids with a beautiful shadow and expressively shine, making the eyes very attractive. That is why makeup artists boldly replace shadows with them. And you can do the same when you don't have your usual palette.

  4. Liquid lipstick - in eye makeup

    If you can't find the right shade in the eyeliner collections, check out the liquid lipstick lines.

    Their texture can also be applied to the eyelids - they will perfectly cope with the tasks of the liner. All you need is a comfortable angled brush. The color fluid dries quickly and leaves a dense color on the skin that does not rub off or clog.

Quick makeup secrets

Smoky eyes in express mode

For a smoky effect in just a couple of minutes, apply a nude base and eyeshadow to your lids. Then, closer to the outer corners of the eyes, put a cross with a soft kayal or shadows in a pencil. Blend with a dense brush to get the same haze.

Fresh makeup in a minute

If you are not used to focusing on the eyes, the task is simplified. To get a complete look, BB cream and cream lipstick in a stick will be enough for you. Align the tone, and then with the pads of your fingers, spread the lipstick first on the “apples” of the cheeks, and then on the lips, giving them a light translucent shade.

Evening make-up with emphasis on lips

For a quick evening make-up, work on the tone, then tint the eyebrows with a tint gel that will fix their shape at the same time, and apply mascara. It remains only to emphasize the lips with bright lipstick: this accent will become central in the image and will not require additions.

Two in one: eye and eyebrow makeup

If you don't mind monochrome looks, you can save time by using the same brown eyeshadow and brows. Line the eye contour with a slanted brush (you can even draw soft arrows with it - this is a matter of a couple of minutes), and then fill the eyebrow contour with color for a slight emphasis on their shape.

For more tips to make beautiful makeup in just a couple of minutes, you will find in this article.

Did you know about these tricks before? Or have they become a discovery for you? Share your impressions in the comments.