Testing the brand's most "delicious" lipsticks and sharing honest reviews

L'Oréal Paris continues to draw inspiration from its range of Parisian desserts. After creating a collection of chocolate-colored liquid lipsticks under the telling name Les Chocolats, the brand released a continuation - the Les Macarons line, inspired by the famous French macarons. Why are they good?

Features of Les Macarons matte lipsticks by L'Oréal Paris

We studied the composition of the novelty, tested it on the lips and compiled a detailed dossier. Study.

  • The lipstick contains a silicone elastomeric gel, thanks to which the product does not dry out the lips, despite the matte texture.

  • Lipstick has increased durability (up to 16 hours). You won't need to upgrade even if you have a couple of cups of coffee with macarons.

  • The velvety matte finish evens out the skin of the lips - they look smooth and well-groomed.

  • Lipstick falls on the lips in a very thin layer.

  • The formula includes a shock dose of pigments, so even applied in one layer of lipstick gives the lips the most vivid and saturated color.

  • With its weightless texture, the product spreads easily over the lips. Persistence allows you to do without a contour pencil. Learn more about how to apply liquid lipsticks in this video tutorial.

  • The lipstick has a convenient beveled applicator, which is easy to emphasize the contour if necessary.

  • Special mention is the sweet, truly dessert scent of lipstick.

  • The Infaillible Les Macarons collection of liquid matte lipsticks features 12 ultra-pigmented shades in pink-brown tones. Let's take a closer look at the swatches.

L'Oréal Paris Les Macarons lipstick shades

The most "candy" shades have been included in the Les Macarons line. We tested the most popular ones.

Shade 822 S alted Caramel

Delicate beige lipstick looks natural, but at the same time makes lips more seductive. Makeup with lipstick of this shade looks modern, since it is caramel shades that are now at the height of fashion. Pay attention to the similar shade 836.

If you want to make your lips visually more voluminous, put some highlighter on the checkmark of your upper lip.

You will find a make-up option with such lipstick and step-by-step instructions for creating it in this article.

Shade 818 Rose Petal

Ash pink shade is suitable for both daytime makeup and evening makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. He looks delicate, but attracts attention. This lipstick is perfect for a first date!

Shade 838 Berry Confiture

Berry lipstick looks radiant on the lips immediately after application, but over time the coating becomes matte and velvety. In makeup, this shade goes well with neat arrows.

The main thing is accuracy and accuracy in application. Bright shades do not tolerate negligence.

Roman Mokroguzov Winner of the second season of the Makeup show, national makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris in Russia

Using the beveled applicator, trace the contour of the lips from the corners to the center, then highlight the checkmark of the upper lip and fill the surface of the lips with lipstick. One layer will be enough, as the product is highly pigmented and has good staying power.

Shade 828 Raspberry Confit

Another berry shade from the Les Macarons collection, but not as intense as the previous one. Bright in the bottle, it makes the lips soft, as if just emphasizing their natural color. It is suitable even for the office, if eye makeup is limited to mascara. Another similar shade from the collection is 834.

Shade 840 Ripe Plum

Bright, juicy color can be used not only in summer makeup, but also in autumn, now it is just on the list of the most relevant. You can only combine such purple with classics - black arrows or dark eyeliner.

Purple shade is a great choice for a party, especially since the staying power of this lipstick is on top.

Anna Zavgorodnyaya Winner of the second season of the Makeup show, national makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris in Russia

Lipstick is very resistant, lasts more than sixteen hours. Unlike most other matte lipsticks, it does not dry out lips and can be applied without first using a balm.