Bright mono-shadows with "special effects" and large palettes with shades for all occasions look tempting, but after purchase they often lie idle. The reason is that they are not always right for you. When choosing products, it is necessary to take into account the color of the eyes and other individual features of appearance

Today we'll talk about the selection criteria for shadows. It's no secret that with their help you can create literally any eye makeup, from a single-color haze and smoky eyes with an expressive transition of colors to a make-up with an emphasis on the crease and cat eye.Even graphic arrows are no exception: wet application of the product allows you to get the desired result. In order for the result to always be on top, the shadows should suit you in texture and shades.

How to choose eye shadow according to the color type of appearance?

The theory of color types is still relevant: it allows you to determine the range of shades that will be in harmony with the skin tone, eye and hair color.


The “winter” color type is contrasts. In this case, they usually talk about Snow White's appearance, a combination of dark hair and porcelain skin. Against the background of light skin, the eyes, regardless of their color, literally glow, which makes the image even more spectacular. It remains only to enhance their expressiveness with makeup.

"Winter" girls are more cold shades. But it is also not worth excluding the warm range completely. It is quite possible to paint lips with red lipstick, and apply copper shadows with and without shimmer on the eyelids.

Beige-brown gamma can also serve as the basis for eye makeup. True, it is better to choose products without a golden sheen.

What makeup to use?

  • Palette On The Run Detour, Urban Decay

    The shades collected in the On The Run Detour palette are perfect for girls with a “winter” appearance. There are pale pink, pistachio, and rich blue with shimmer - these cool colors blend perfectly with the skin tone. They are complemented by several shades of beige and brown to create smoky eyes in warm colors. These shadows will equally beautifully emphasize brown, green, blue, and gray eyes.


Girls of the "spring" color type are the exact opposite of "winter" ones: their appearance is almost devoid of contrasts.They are characterized by soft and light features. As for the prevailing shades, they are mostly warm. Wheaten hair with a golden sheen, gray-green or hazel eyes, fair skin with warm undertones - this is what a typical spring girl looks like.

Based on this, you need to understand that cold shades of cosmetics will bring dissonance to the image. In the eye make-up of "spring" girls, smoky eyes with soft transitions and golden highlights are very suitable. A good choice would be colors such as beige, brown, caramel, brick, swamp green.

Which shadows suit the spring color type?

  • Palette La Petite Palette (Gamma "Perfection" ), L'Oréal Paris

    La Petite Palette is a compact palette of five shades that blend harmoniously with each other.Girls of the “spring” color type should pay attention to the “Perfection” range, which has golden beige, warm pink, copper and two dark plum shades. This set allows you to create dozens of different make-up options, from discreet daytime to expressive evening.

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The “summer” color type is found among both blondes and brunettes. The hair of these girls is distinguished by a cold shade, in which there are ashy notes. The skin tone is also cool. The eyes of "summer" girls are usually blue, gray-blue or gray-green.

All this should be kept in mind when choosing eye shadow. Shades should be cold; a metallic texture is welcome: shimmer advantageously emphasizes the “coolness” of the color. How to make eye makeup with a metallic effect, we told in this video.

Coffee beige, taupe, blue and blue, lilac, plum, emerald and lemon yellow are just some of the shades that you can experiment with when making eye makeup.


Which eyeshadow palette suits the “summer” color type?

  • Couture Palette (Tuxedo range), Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    A five-color palette with several shades of gray combined in the Tuxedo range is a versatile option for a summer color type. It will appeal to girls who adhere to the classics in makeup. Under the lid of the case, you will find both light shades (there is, for example, white with pearl shimmer) and darker ones, which will allow you to easily apply smoky eyes, cat-eye makeup and even draw graphite black arrows.

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The autumn color type is characterized by warm shades. In girls with this appearance, hair can be chestnut, red or caramel - with a golden glow. The skin can be both light and swarthy, but with a warm undertone. The eyes are most often brown, honey hazel or green.

Cosmetics of cold shades is literally contraindicated for "autumn" girls - only warm colors are suitable for them. Otherwise, it will not be possible to achieve harmony in the image.

You can do without a golden glow, but matte shadows should also be chosen from a warm palette.

What will suit the girls of the "autumn" color type?

  • Countdown palette, Maybelline New York

    Maybelline New York's Countdown palette has 12 shades of shadows, and all of them "warm" the makeup with warmth. Therefore, for girls of the autumn type, such a set will suit perfectly. Beige, terracotta, powdery pink, red-brown, burgundy - with the help of these shades it is easy to create a casual make-up in muted colors, and a bright make-up with an emphasis on the eyes.

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Which eye shadow to choose based on eye color?

Brown eyes

You can use both brown and classic black in brown eyes (arrows, for example, can be easily drawn with eyeliner like Lancôme's Grandiôse Liner).

Use these two colors to emphasize the contour of the eyes. For the background, soft shades from the nude range with a warm undertone are suitable. At the same time, brown-eyed girls are wearing contrasting eye makeup: it makes them brighter. Sweeping cat eyes created with liquid eyeshadows, such as Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's Full Matte Eyeshadow in shade No. 06 (violet blue), will look spectacular.

No less successful would be the choice of shades such as blue, purple, pink, green, emerald, plum. All of them are guaranteed to attract attention to the eyes.

Blue eyes

The choice is also wide here, with one caveat: eye makeup should not be too dark. The black stroke of the contour deprives the delicate light blue eyes of their expressiveness and charm. But brown tones, on the contrary, emphasize their charm. In this sense, Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette is a must-have for blue-eyed girls' everyday makeup.

An absolute plus of blue eyes is that both warm shades (caramel and copper with golden shimmer are very good) and cold ones will look equally good in makeup. You can also create a solid make-up with a translucent haze of pink shadows - such as Pressed Eyeshadow No. 155 Soft Pink from Shu Uemura.

Grey eyes

Similar situation with makeup for grey-eyed girls. It would seem that gray eyes can be harmoniously distinguished only with cold shades, but warm ones can create such an expressive contrast that the makeup will look even more attractive. For those who are closer to the cold, blue-blue shades like Eyes To Kill Stellar Eyeshadow in shade No. 1 Midnight will love.

And if you are not afraid of unusual color combinations, then choose the Color Queen cherry eyeshadows in shade No. 06 "Fierce" .

A reddish haze will effectively emphasize the fragile transparency of gray eyes.

Green eyes

Green-eyed is better to rely on warm shades: beige, gold, brown, caramel, bronze, burgundy. As for the green range, it can also be taken into development - the main thing is that the shade of the shadows does not match the shade of the eyes. Take a closer look at Mildew from the Urban Decay monoshadow collection - it's a marsh color with a yellowish tinge.

Iridescent shadows with a golden glow would also be a very good choice. In the makeup of green eyes, you can also use a neutral gray color - both light and dark. By the way, silver can also work - use the shade "Color Tattoo 24 Hours" in the shade "Unchangeable Silver" .


What shadow principle do you choose? Write a comment.