Macara is the first association with the Maybelline New York brand. It's simple: it was with this tool that the history of the brand began more than a century ago. How far has the company traveled during this time? Revealing details

The starting point is 1913. Then the first mascara of the future Maybelline brand appeared. The stories of its invention vary, but the main characters are the same - Mabel Williams and her brother Thomas from Chicago. According to one version, Mabel was looking for a way to attract the attention of a neighbor who she liked, but did not reciprocate. The girl wanted to strike him with beauty, or rather, she dreamed that their eyes would meet and he would not be able to look away.She decided to try mixing charcoal dust and petroleum jelly to make up her eyelashes with this mixture. Her brother Thomas found her doing this activity, who helped Mabel find the optimal ratio of ingredients. They say that Mabel's idea was a success: her lover's heart trembled, and Thomas soon realized that other women would surely like the new remedy.

There was another legend. Mabel was said to have scorched her eyelashes while cooking. In search of something that would help her fix the situation, the girl undertook to mix coal dust with petroleum jelly. Brother Thomas spied on her experiments and, continuing to experiment on his own, created a full-fledged beauty product, which women soon began to buy not only in the manufacturing country of America, but throughout the world.

The way to the industry

One way or another, in 1913, the world's first mascara formula was created by the joint efforts of Mabel and Thomas.It was far from perfect, but even then it provided the desired effect. From the very beginning, Thomas understood that the find would be in demand among women, and systematically put the business on a commercial footing.

His mascara first hit the market under the name Lash-Brow-Ine. It was not the most successful naming. Two years later, the young man came up with a more harmonious version - Maybelline. In this title, he combined the name of Mabel's sister and the word "Vaseline" - after all, this was the basis of the first composition.

Sales of Williams' mascara began to rise in the first months. Newspapers wrote about her, which seriously added to her popularity. At first, Thomas sent his product by mail, but the women wanted the mascara to be sold in stores. It appeared in the public domain in some stores already in a more convenient and compact format, which Williams proposed in 1917.

Interestingly, the first versions of Maybelline mascara were a case with a coloring bar (you could choose either black or brown) and a brush resembling a toothbrush. She distributed the shade over the eyelashes and eyebrows. A little later, a liquid form of mascara appeared with an applicator brush. The price was low, many could afford this cosmetic product - mascara was not a luxury item. Williams positioned his invention as a beauty product for every day.

Everything for eye makeup

In 1920, the range of the brand expanded: women were offered eye shadow by Maybelline.

And they also sold out with a bang. From the first steps in business, Williams paid a lot of attention to advertising, and I must say that Hollywood actresses took part in it. And the company itself eventually moved to Hollywood - closer to the dream factory, where Maybelline funds could come in handy for screen divas.

1930 entered the history of Maybelline with another high-profile launch: women were offered an eye and eyebrow pencil. The emergence of new funds required new moves, fueling interest in the brand's cosmetics. So in 1932, Williams decided, first, to throw a massive Maybelline sale to show women that the brand offered them affordable beauty. And then Maybelline products finally appeared in major department stores.

More familiar to us in terms of format mascara in a "pencil" tube with a round brush Maybelline was released much later, in the 60s. It was Ultra Lash, which was the first milestone in the creation of a modern mascara line. Despite the success of Maybelline, in 1967 Williams decided to sell it. The new owners continued his work. And soon they presented women with a whole range of revolutionary means. 1971 was marked by the introduction of Great Lash mascara, the tube of which is easily recognizable today.

It had a bright pink package and a green cap - Great Lash and is sold in this form today.

Everyone noted the Great Lash's compactness and ease of use. The small, round brush allowed the ultra-black to be applied as precisely and economically as possible.

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In the 70s, other make-up products joined the mascara, shadows and eyeliners: foundation, lipsticks, colored nail polishes. Maybelline has grown into a beauty giant by staying true to its affordable pricing without compromising on the quality of its products.

Beauty as it is

" Maybelline helps women bring a variety of makeup ideas to life, while at the same time striving to ensure that the brand&39;s beauty products emphasize their natural beauty.In the 90s, the famous slogan Maybe she&39;s born with it appears. Maybe it&39;s Maybelline ("Maybe it&39;s innate. Or maybe it&39;s Maybelline"). In Russia, it transformed into the familiar “Everyone is delighted with you. And you are from Maybelline”, but its original version better reveals the brand’s mission – to show the natural beauty of a woman in such a way that she attracts attention and motivates to compliments addressed to her. Maybelline is helped by celebrities who have become the stars of the brand&39;s advertising campaigns over the years. This is Miranda Kerr, Christy Turlington, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Adriana Lima and many others."

In the 90s, Maybelline became Maybelline New York, having survived the move to the metropolis. Since then, the company has been living in the rhythm of big cities, dynamically changing along with fashion, while remaining relevant. Maybelline allows you to assemble a basic cosmetic bag and at the same time follow the latest trends from the catwalk: the make-up artists of the brand have been working on the backstage of shows for many years.


Maybelline New York these days

Today, one of the main prides of Maybelline is the mascara collection.

Women's favorite Great Lash, which is easily recognizable by its bright pink bottle with a green cap, also takes pride of place in it.

She is surrounded by no less worthy representatives of this category of cosmetics:

  • Volume Express with a volume effect that can be obtained in no time - a couple of strokes of the brush,

  • Lash Sensational,

  • Total Temptation,

  • Snapscara is wax-free with a lightweight, water-based formula.

And also many other versions of one of the main beauty products, which we talked about in detail in this article.

Whichever option you choose, this video tutorial will help you apply the product correctly.

The most popular are:

  • Baby Lips,

  • Superstay Long Lasting Foundation,

  • lipsticks in a Color Sensational stick,

  • Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipsticks,

  • Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows, where can I find it?

  • pencils and eyeliners from the Master Drama series.

Trendsetters have already appreciated the Face Studio Holographic highlighter, a tool for obtaining a holographic effect.

Learn more about Maybelline New York Highlighters here.

The Face Studio Contour sculptor has proven itself to be excellent, which is designed to create natural contouring.

Dream Cushion foundation will be appreciated by cushion-cushion lovers.

And for those who hunt for exclusives, Maybelline prepares surprises from time to time. The latest was a collaboration with Puma, addressed to active girls who want to do everything and look perfect.

Long-lasting formulas will survive even the most intense workout and light water treatments, so after the fitness club you can go to dinner with friends or on a date with the same makeup.

We look forward to more collections from Maybelline in the future, featuring practical products that deliver consistently beautiful results.