Images of beautiful villains are what you need if you don't want to turn yourself into a zombie, an alien or a drowned woman on Halloween. You can remain yourself, but add quite a bit of deceit

The choice in favor of the image of Maleficent is a way out for those girls who want to keep their human appearance if there is a party with costumes and reincarnations ahead. How to create it with your own hands? Telling.

When is Maleficent's makeup appropriate?

Like other fantasy looks, Maleficent's makeup is best suited for Halloween. This is a way to stay attractive and feminine on a holiday, when there is a triumph of the other world with monsters and other frightening characters around.

You can also become Maleficent for the evening for other costume events. Or choose it, for example, for a scene, if you need a similar villainous image. Some elements of this make-up can be "taken" with you into everyday life.

Characteristic features of the image of Maleficent

The image of Maleficent became especially popular and recognizable after Angelina Jolie played her in the film of the same name. The point, of course, is both in herself and in the special make-up that was created for her backstage.


One of the most characteristic features is sharp cheekbones. Such they were in the on-screen Maleficent in the truest sense of the word. The makeup of the actress included special pads that gave the cheekbones a sharpening and made them more voluminous. An expressive shadow formed under them, which was also emphasized by a gray-brown sculptor. How to get such an effect of sunken cheeks, we told here.

And this shadow was even more visible due to the fact that the face was literally whitened, that is, it was not just pale.


Maleficent's makeup includes an emphasis on the eyes. These are smoky eyes in gray-brown tones, a carefully designed crease of the eyelid, as in cut crease makeup, as well as classic black arrows. Long fan-shaped lashes complete it all - this effect can be achieved with Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline New York.

But there is another important detail - the eye color itself. Complete your makeup with rainbow lenses. Or, if you want to get a more sinister look, red.


Maleficent's lips have an even brighter accent. Her look includes red lipstick. A dense, saturated layer of color, a clear contour - the result should be like this.

How to apply it correctly to achieve this effect, we told in this video.

But the choice of texture is yours: creamy, matte, and even with a metallic effect will perfectly complement the image.


You can also emphasize the villainous image of Maleficent with the help of a manicure. The heroine from the screen had white nails - under pale skin, but you can choose another option.

For example, red lacquer - the color of the lips.

However, this is not as important as the shape of the nails: you need them to be pointed, and also long. If your nails are short, false tips will come in handy.

Please note that turning into Maleficent also requires a headgear - again, the most recent screen version of this heroine had a special helmet with horns.You can do without it and collect your hair in a smooth hairstyle, but still add horns - this is a significant detail for the image of Maleficent.

What makeup do you need to create makeup?

  1. Foundation

    It should be thick and long-wearing and will definitely survive the party. And one more important point - a very light shade.

    Found in NYX Professional Makeup's Can't Stop Won't Stop Total Coverage Foundation in Pale.

    And you can even even out the tone with a cream makeup pigment like SFX Creme Color of the same brand in shade No. 09 White.

    By the way, to make your skin look even colder in tone, use a pearl white or silver highlighter. You can easily find them among the True Match Touch Magique shades from L'Oréal Paris.

  2. Sculpting Powder

    Contouring in the case of Maleficent's makeup can be quite aggressive: the shadow under the cheekbones should be noticeable.

    This doesn't mean you can stop shading. But you should choose a product that is denser in texture - for example, the 3 Steps To Sculpt palette from NYX Professional Makeup. It has a soft texture and a matte finish - after application, you will get sharper features, like the Maleficent from the movie.

    And the reviews of our readers about this tool can be found here.


  3. Eyeshadow palette

    Maleficent's makeup does not need unusual shades of shadows and eyeliners. A basic palette like Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette will suffice.

    Beige and brown in a duet will help create smoky eyes with an emphasis on the crease.

    And with black shadows at the end you can draw arrows.

  4. Macara

    You can trust a mascara like Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Curler by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté to make your eyes look expressive.

    She has a double-sided brush with bristles of different lengths, which can both “stretch” the cilia, and separate from each other, and paint over with color, and twist. The drama effect that is needed in the image of Maleficent will definitely be obtained.

  5. Red lipstick

    When choosing a lipstick, you must again take into account that Maleficent's makeup is usually created for parties. Among other things, this is food and drinks, and with them the risk that the color will gradually be “eaten up”.Therefore, it is better to entrust the make-up of the lips to a liquid matte lipstick, which will literally harden on the skin. It could be Infaillible in shade 402 by L'Oréal Paris.

We showed the stages of creating an image in this video. And then we will explain each stage step by step again.


Makeup Maleficent for Halloween with your own hands: step by step instructions

  1. Tone

    When going to a party in the image of Maleficent, apply a primer to the skin that will help increase the durability of the make-up, and then apply foundation or cream makeup. Try wet application with a sponge for fuller coverage.

  2. Sculpting

    Smudge the taupe sculptor with a fluffy slanted powder brush so that you get a diagonal on the depressions under the cheekbones. Soften the borders of the product.

    If desired, add a little highlighter to the protruding areas of the skin.

  3. Eyebrows and eyes

    Fix your brows as you normally would, or use eye shadow or a pencil to add more definition to your brows.

    Next, prepare the skin of the eyelids for make-up using a primer. Apply the base shade of eyeshadow - light beige.

    Brown (not the darkest, but medium in tone) blend in the creases of the eyelids. Stretch the color to the outer corners of the eyes.

    And then complete the make-up with black graphic arrows (by the way, you can add a kajal stroke to the inner contour of the eyelids) and a double layer of mascara.

  4. Lips

    Contour the lips with a nude or red pencil to match the lipstick.

    And then use the brush to fill it with color. Suitable, for example, the shade "True Red" from the Infaillible collection from L'Oréal Paris.

    Wait for the lipstick to dry, blot the first layer with a tissue and apply another layer on top for double durability.

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