Anti-age make-up does not erase wrinkles. Its secret is that it makes the skin visually fresher and directs all the lines on the face up. Throwing off 10-15 years is quite realistic, and now we will tell you what you need for this

Mature skin has its own special characteristics. After 40, the oval of the face begins to lose its clarity, the skin tone decreases, it becomes less firm and elastic, less dense and “full”. Aging skin is characterized by dryness and dullness. This is exactly what you need to consider when doing makeup designed to turn back time.What are the nuances to consider if you want to do makeup after 40 years, which is younger?

Features of age makeup after 40 years

Clearly understanding what signs make the skin fading, you can neutralize them with makeup. This will provide the desired anti-aging effect.

The choice of cosmetics plays a significant role in success. Both shades and textures should suit the skin after 40 and in no case aggravate existing problems from a visual point of view. What means should be chosen for anti-aging makeup for those over 40? We tell you step by step further.

Choice of cosmetics

  1. Foundation

    Choose a product with a light texture that eliminates the mask effect. And remember: matte foundation creams are not used in anti-age makeup.

    Skin after 40 just lacks radiance, so you need a foundation that can “highlight” it a little. Such as Giorgio Armani's Fluid Sheer is perfect for everyday makeup.

  2. Blush

    Choose fresh blush shades. Peach, coral, berry pink are perfect. Do the shading from the cheekbones to the temples, as if raising the facial features. Thus, you will provide a noticeable lifting effect.

  3. Powder

    Powder is a tool that you should not get carried away with in anti-aging makeup. Choose an airy fine powder and apply it in the thinnest layer, fanning your face with a large fluffy brush. If possible, try to do without it altogether.

  4. Shadows

    Over time, the skin of the eyelids ceases to be smooth; To make creases less noticeable, use shining eyeshadows instead of matte ones - with a satin finish or a shimmer. Such shadows also have a refreshing effect that neutralizes traces of fatigue.

    You can easily find the products you need in the Moondust collection from Urban Decay.

  5. Lipstick

    Many women who have already experienced age-related skin changes avoid bright colors in makeup. However, the color just helps to look younger. The emphasis on the lips works especially well. Choose lighter shades of red and pink. These are in the Color Riche Shine collection from L'Oréal Paris.

    Burgundy, plum and other dark lipsticks will “take away” volume from the lips, which becomes less with age.

How to apply makeup correctly?


It's important not to overload your face with foundation. Therefore, it is better to do without sponge and wet application. You will get a much lighter and more natural result with a duofiber brush.Imperfections try to mask pointwise. As for the correction of facial proportions, blush (they can be creamy or dry with a slight radiance effect) is much more preferable than sculpting powders that darken the skin.


In makeup that is designed for rejuvenation, there should not be clearly defined eyebrows “filled” with color. They make the look heavier and thus add age rather than diminish it. Modern makeup for women over 40 suggests a natural form. It is enough to finish the missing hairs with a pencil and style the eyebrows with gel.


In eye make-up, graphics will also be superfluous. Due to the fact that the skin of the eyelids becomes covered with a network of wrinkles with age, clear lines may not look the best in makeup. If the skin tone is seriously reduced, then the problem of overhanging the skin may also be observed.So it's better to choose the smokey effect, and refuse the arrows that are drawn with a liquid liner.


One of the age-related problems that can be solved with makeup is the blurring of the contour and the decrease in volume. The first is successfully solved by lip products with a dense one-color coating like Superstay Ink Crayon from Maybelline New York.

Lip gloss with shimmer won't work. Colored lipsticks will also save you from the second trouble. It is only important to remember that dark shades "eat up" the volume.

Typical mistakes in anti-age makeup

  1. Dense tone

    Multi-stage tonal coverage in the case of aging skin is contraindicated. You should not apply a thick foundation first in the hope that it will fill wrinkles, and then cover the result with powder. Instead of evening out the relief of the skin, this approach will only emphasize mimic wrinkles and skin creases.

  2. Contouring

    It would seem that it is quite logical to solve the problem of the “floated” oval of the face with the help of sculpting techniques. In fact, they turn out to be absolutely not something that can correct the situation. Matte gray-brown powder on the cheekbones only enhances the impression of “tired” skin. To refresh your face, you need blush - apply them according to current contouring schemes, and then supplement them with a highlighter.

  3. Black color

    Despite all its versatility, this color is too "heavy" for make-up after 40. The anti-aging effect of the make-up is based on the lightness, radiance and delicacy of color shades.

    Instead of a black eyeliner, use less dark shades - gray, brown. For example, Matte Signature by L'Oréal Paris in shade 03.

  4. Bottom liner

    A common mistake in eye makeup is to focus on the lower eyelid: shade shadows over it, draw arrows on it. This is not the best idea in a make-up after 40: the color on the lower eyelid seems to pull it down. As a result, the look becomes sad and tired.

  5. Makeup without makeup

    Oddly enough, but with naturalness in a make-up, you can also go too far. In such cases, the result looks faded. The wrong selection of nude shades can emphasize the dullness of the skin. Therefore, accents and soft contrasts are important: they allow you to get rid of the impression of “fading” skin and make beautiful makeup that will emphasize the beauty of a woman after 40 years.

    Even more useful tips that will come in handy after 40, you will find in this video tutorial.

Makeup after 40, which is young: step by step photo instructions

  1. Tone

    Be sure to moisturize your skin and let the care products absorb. Next, type the foundation on the brush (volumetric duofiber is best) and spread it over the skin with light circular movements without pressure, trying to create an airy coating. Conceal noticeable imperfections with concealer.

  2. Blush

    Blend the fresh shade with an angled brush as if you were using a bronzer, diagonally from the middle of the cheeks to the temples. The line should go up to provide a visual lifting effect. Make sure that there are no bright spots on the skin. Only careful shading will help achieve a translucent coating with blurry application boundaries.

  3. Eyebrows

    If necessary, give a little more graphic to the tips of the eyebrows. Shade them lightly inside the outline if they appear sparse. And then gently style the hairs with a tint gel. It will also fix the form.

  4. Eyes

    Apply a skin-evening primer. Then - satin shades of beige. Next, work with the eye contour: draw a line along the ciliary edge of the upper eyelid and blend to a haze. To do this, use a brown pencil. Illuminate the inner corners of your eyes with a shimmering highlighter. Finish off with mascara.

  5. Lips

    It is best to apply a delicate shade of lipstick in the color of blush on the lips.

    Or create a full-fledged accent with a bright color. Only in this case, eye makeup should be discreet.


Makeup types for women over 40

Light everyday makeup

In your everyday make-up, bet on fresh, “peppy” shades: eliminating dullness is the number one task. Add a drop of liquid highlighter to the foundation. Blend the blush on the cheekbones. Match them with a matching lipstick or lip tint.

A double lip and cheek cleanser like Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's Baby Doll Kiss & Blush might come in handy.

Finish with a layer of mascara.

Beautiful evening makeup

First, choose whether to focus on the eyes or on the lips. Bright lipstick is a win-win option: in make-up after 40, it always looks good, if this is the only bright spot in the image. If you want to draw more attention to the eyes, then make smoky eyes or smoky arrows.Carefully crafted brows will give your make-up an understated grooming essential for evening outings.

Business makeup after 40

Office images are strict; business makeup allows bright accents like red or pink lipstick with a matte finish, but older women are better off with expressive eye makeup. Softened arrows are one of the best options. Point their tails up to the tips of the eyebrows for a slight visual lift. And for the cilia, painting them with mascara, set the direction to the temples.

Lifting make-up

To get the lifting effect, try to make all the lines in the makeup tend upwards. This doesn't just apply to shooters. Apply blush diagonally from bottom to top - as if you are working with sculpting powder, performing contouring. The highlighter should also draw attention to the upper half of the face - leave highlights on the cheekbones, under and above the eyebrows.


Anti-aging make-up secrets from professional makeup artists

  1. Open look

    Makeup artists advise using several techniques at once that visually enlarge the eyes: this effect helps to look younger. For example, bring the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a white or nude kayal. Blend the shadows of medium tones in the crease of the eyelid. Lighten the skin around the inner corners of the eyes with a highlighter.

  2. Broad eyebrows

    It may seem that fashionable makeup with wide eyebrows is only for girl models. In fact, eyebrows should be like this even after 40. Thin “strings” age - especially if they are heavily highlighted with a pencil or shadows. Well-groomed sable eyebrows change the appearance for the better.And if you comb them up with gel, you will increase the lifting effect of your makeup.

  3. Sharp lines

    Anything that makes a face look like it's painted makes you look older. A radiant tone, a fresh blush and a gentle play of light and shadow - this is what should be the basis of the image.

Review of products for anti-aging makeup after 40

After 40, it is worth choosing products that will provide a visual lifting effect. These, according to the editors, it is quite possible to rely on.

  • Designer Lift Foundation, Giorgio Armani

    This foundation has a fairly dense texture, but this is an advantage: thanks to it, Designer Lift Foundation evens out the skin texture, fills in all irregularities, including mimic wrinkles.The formula is based on Armani Micro-fil technology: when applied to the skin, a tonal "mesh" is formed that tightens the skin. A pigment derived from Prussian blue pearls is responsible for the delicate satin sheen. The tool makes imperfections less noticeable due to the reflective effect and slight "defocusing" .

    Check out what our readers think of the Designer Lift Foundation here.


  • Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer, Maybelline New York

    When the applicator pad is saturated with the product, you can start applying - and literally erase the signs of age from the skin around the eyes with this product. Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer makes wrinkles less visible. It also slows down the aging process with antioxidant ingredients such as goji berry extract.Haloxyl neutralizes signs of fatigue - dark circles. The light sheen of the coating also contributes to the overall impression of freshness.

    Find out what our readers think about the Anti-Age Eraser Concealer here.


  • Metallic Eyeliner, NYX Professional Makeup

    For eye makeup after 40, metallic effect products are most suitable. This also applies to contour pencils. With Metallic Eyeliner, you can emphasize both the inner and outer contour. And also - draw arrows, and then soften them with a brush to get a smoky effect.

  • Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging, Urban Decay

    This primer successfully solves the problems of uneven skin texture. The formula smoothes the surface of the eyelids, making it easier to work with shadows. Even graphic arrows after such preparation cease to be a taboo in age-related makeup. Slightly shimmering finish of the product visibly refreshes the look; the primer layer does not even need to be covered on top with another base color.

  • Lipstick Color Riche Shine, L'Oréal Paris

    Even the creamy variations of Color Riche Shine are a combination of rich color and radiant texture. A noticeable emphasis on the lips can also create a powdery nude. Lipstick helps to restore clarity to the contour of the lips (after 40 it often becomes less sharp). In anti-aging makeup, it is important to make the right choice of shades. The best options are pale pink No. 111 Instaray and peach No. 112 Only in Paris.

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