When you want to experiment with bright shades, fruit manicure is the best choice. We will tell and show how to draw a kiwi, even if you have never picked up a brush for nail art

To begin with, let's figure out in what situations a kiwi manicure will be a good solution when choosing a nail design.

When is a kiwi manicure appropriate?

Kiwi nail art will look appropriate in the warm season. In spring and summer, you just want to choose juicy shades not only in clothes, but also in manicure. "Fruit" nail design will harmoniously complement the image on vacation in warm countries.

But if a vacation is not expected in the near future, and every day is scheduled by the minute in the diary, then it is better to give preference to a minimalist nude manicure that will perfectly complete a discreet business look.

Ways to create a kiwi pattern on nails

Nail art is becoming more and more accessible. Creating a drawing these days is not as difficult as it seems. After all, every year there are more and more techniques and accessories that simplify the work of both masters and amateurs.

Hand painted

Hand-painted is an option for those who will spare no time to get a beautiful result. It is the brush that will allow you to create a truly original design, but any wrong move can cost you dearly. This is an option for those who have either already got their hands on nail art, or are ready to devote time to training.

If you decide to choose this particular method, then below we will show you step by step how to draw kiwi on your nails with a brush. In the meantime, let's talk about simpler ways that give spectacular results.


Stickers allow you to get a finished drawing with a flick of the wrist. It is possible to choose small ones that cover only part of the nail, or large ones that cover the entire nail plate.

Stamping finished patterns

The stamping technique is another quick and easy way to create a pattern that is great for beginners. It is enough to transfer the image from a special palette to the surface of the nail. Not surprisingly, this technique has now become very fashionable. After all, it will take only a couple of seconds to create a pattern.

Necessary materials and tools for manicure with kiwi

Depending on the features of a particular drawing, the set of necessary tools will change, but the required minimum is as follows:

  1. orange stick,

  2. cotton pads,

  3. degreaser,

  4. base (e.g. Dr. Rescue 3 in 1 by Maybelline New York)

  5. top (ex. Top Coat by Essie),

  6. lacquers,

  7. hand cream (like Kiehl's Coriander)

How to draw kiwi on nails: step by step photo tutorial

To draw kiwi on nails you will need:

  • Essie Perfect Fit polish

  • Essie Button Glitter Polish

  • Maybelline New York Colorama polish - 749

How to create a juicy kiwi design from scratch, how to mix varnishes and how to draw a thin line if you are new to drawing - in our step-by-step instructions you will find answers to all questions.But first, take care of the condition of your nails, freshen up the shape and get rid of the burrs, if any. You will find step-by-step instructions for basic manicure at home in this video.

  1. Apply base color to your nails. For a bright kiwi, a white background is perfect or a contrasting green if you want to make a design for the entire nail. But what if you don't have the right shade in your collection?

  2. You can create it yourself by mixing polishes of other shades. We are sure that the rules for mixing colors are well known to everyone. So, to get a green tint, you need lemon and blue colors. To adjust the brightness, you can add white. In general, it is enough to have only three basic colors - red, blue and yellow - to get any other. Of course, in order to apply the newly created shade to all nails, this method is not the most suitable.But if you need a color that is not in your collection to highlight one nail or a small accent in the design, then this life hack will help you realize your plan.

  3. Put the drops of the desired shades side by side without mixing them all at once. Then gradually start blending the colors in the center. So you will control the amount of this or that varnish and take the color in the right direction.

  4. To make the color light green, most of all should be white varnish. In this case, you can not mix the varnish to a uniform color. The nuances of shades will make the drawing more interesting.

  5. With a wide brush, apply the resulting shade on the nail and wait for the coating to dry completely.

  6. Next, remove excess white polish from the brush on the neck of the bottle or a napkin. This dry brush technique is already familiar to you from the previous photo instructions (remember, for example, a dandelion manicure).

  7. To depict kiwi, use the thin side of the brush to draw strokes that radiate from one point. For example, from the side or from the cuticle. At the same time, fill in the area where the strokes begin quite tightly to get the light center characteristic of kiwi.

  8. Use dots to put black dots on top of the strokes. Design with kiwi, designed for full coverage of the nail, is ready! If you have green polish, then this manicure will take just a couple of minutes.

    For the next kiwi design, you will need a long, thin brush of literally one or two hairs. You can make this yourself by cutting off the excess.

  1. Take a small amount of varnish onto the brush so that a drop does not form on it.Place the brush so that the hair lies almost horizontally and is pressed against the nail by about 2/3 of its length, stretch the brush forward without reducing the pressure. Due to its own length, the brush will leave an even thin line on the nail, even if you do not have drawing skills. Duplicate the steps to get an unfinished square.

  2. Duplicate the lines with short strokes at a small distance.

  3. Green varnish create an imitation of a wide stroke drawn by a paint brush. A similar design, combining thin strict lines and sweeping touches, is now at the peak of popularity. The stroke should cover the part of the square that you didn't finish.

  4. Put black dots at the junction of white and green within the square.

  5. On the next nail, literally make a couple of strokes and put a few dots to make the design look harmonious. Cover all nails with top coat.



Kiwi design ideas for short nails

Even if you have short nails, you can do a French manicure or draw an intricate pattern, such as with kiwi and lemons. The key is patience and practice. We offer a couple of ideas for inspiration.

Beautiful jacket with kiwi

French is not necessarily a “smile” that follows the contour of the nail. The shape can be emphasized, for example, by two stripes of different colors, which will converge in the center. And beat the used colors on other nails.Some completely make up with green varnish, on others draw a slice of kiwi with grains, and for the index ones use black varnish, as in the photo below.

Yellow kiwi manicure

Cheerful yellow-green gamma will cheer you up even on the most cloudy day. As the main color, you can choose Banana Shake polish from the Colorama collection from Maybelline New York.


And apply white varnish on the nails of the thumbs, and then decorate them with a cutaway kiwi pattern.

White nails with kiwi

White varnish is like a blank canvas. It is easy to draw any pattern with kiwi on it - both large slices and many small fruits in the section. And to make a white manicure with kiwi look more unusual, instead of green varnish, you can choose turquoise or mint.

Kiwi manicure options for long nails

Long nails are a great base for any manicure. Experiment with shades and textures. And don't be afraid to surprise!

Kiwi drops

To make the fruit look really juicy, add a couple of drops of green varnish to one of the nails. The contrast will be even more expressive if you choose a matte texture for the background polish.

Green manicure with kiwi

Using a real shade of kiwi in a manicure is a fairly popular move. Since the green color itself looks quite bright, choose one nail for the design - on the thumb or ring finger. You can play with the nuances of color - make the transition from darker green to lighter yellow. The final touch is black grains. Add a drop of white polish to them to emphasize the volume.

Kiwi slices on two nails

If you want only one or two nails to be bright, then choose a neutral shade with an unusual texture as the base polish for the rest, as in the photo. And on the middle and ring fingers, draw kiwi slices. This design can also be used for a pedicure.

Summer juicy manicure with kiwi and other fruits and berries

It doesn't have to be limited to kiwi. If you complement the nail art with other fruits or berries, you can get a very effective combination of shades.

Kiwi with oranges

Do you like bright colors? Make a summer manicure with orange and light green varnish. On the nails of the ring fingers, use them to draw slices of ripe fruits: orange and kiwi. And on others, use these shades to create a French manicure.

Kiwi with lemons

Yellow and green polishes will also make an interesting contrast. Connect them on one of the nails, paint the other two in yellow, and the index and middle ones in black to make the manicure a little more restrained. The final touch is a matte top.

Kiwi with watermelon

By the way, kiwi manicure doesn't have to be dominated by green. If you complement the nail art with an image of a watermelon, then rich pink will do just as well. Decorate a couple of nails with fruit slices and glitter, and apply raspberry varnish on the rest. Suitable "Fashion style" from Essie.

Which manicure did you like the most?