Sooner or later, neat styling and flawless color in the style of "Miss Perfect" can get boring, and then you want to change - up to the most radical. Why not try on a daring grunge look? We'll tell you how to do it

For bold coloring, strong-willed decisions are not needed. Thanks to new beauty products, a grunge look can be tried on for a day or two, and the transformation process itself will take only a few minutes. And no negative consequences for the hair: the compositions of temporary dyes are designed not only not to damage the hair, but also to have a caring effect.

Grunge hair coloring: what is it?

What is grunge style? This trend is different in that its supporters deny everything that fashion imposes on them. They are not interested in what is accepted, they do everything in their own way and do not pay attention to the reaction of others.

Grunge is a phenomenon that came from the world of music. But in a broader sense, this is a whole philosophy that implies love of freedom and individualism. A trend of the same name has emerged in fashion, whose supporters choose ripped jeans, stretched T-shirts, vintage hoodies, frayed leather jackets and rough boots. This outfit is complemented by careless makeup and colored hair, if styled, then in a hurry.

Today, few perceive grunge in its original coordinate system. This genre is inspired by borrowing from it the romance of a rebellious spirit. Grunge coloring can look like a chaotic alternation of colored strands at different levels.It is best to complement them with styling with the effect of slight negligence. Then the result will fully match the image you have chosen.


There are no special rules when choosing a color or color combinations. Grunge is a mess, so shades can be chosen without striving for perfect harmony in terms of color.

Combine neon pink, green, blue and burgundy in your look. If some colors are knocked out, it's okay: this is grunge, which allows everything. You can even mix several dyes and get your own, unlike any other shade.

Pros and cons

It all depends on what color you choose. If we are talking about a temporary change of image for a few days or a week, then there are no minuses: the paint will be washed off without problems, and you will return to the original hair color again. A couple of days is enough to understand what it is like to radically change the image.You can surprise yourself and others, cheer yourself up and refresh your eyes on familiar things. And if the result does not live up to your expectations, it’s not a big problem: to correct the situation, you just need to wash your hair with shampoo a couple of times.

In the case of permanent coloring, frustration would be a real problem. Bringing out color is not an easy task. In the process, the hair can be seriously damaged due to the aggressive composition of the products used for this.

Who suits grunge coloring?


Remember the punk images of the singer Avril Lavigne - this is how grunge coloring on blondes will look like. They go with pink strands, as well as neon tips of various colors.

The original option is to dye your hair from the middle of the length into classic grunge shades: the color of shabby denim or, for example, swamp green.


Girls with dark hair who want to turn into a rebel should focus on neon strands. They will stand out against the general background due to their brightness and thus help to achieve the desired effect. Yellow, green, pink, blue - use all these colors in a grunge look to make your hair literally “glow” with neon.

Brown haired

You can also create a color mix on moderately dark hair. Distribute the shades along the length of the hair so that flashes of color appear here and there. No need to strive for accuracy - act as if your task is to put blots on a white canvas.

Slightly smooth the impression of such a bold coloring will allow styling, if you make, for example, retro-curls.


Red-haired nature has already endowed in a bright way. To make it grunge, you need colors that don't go well with red.Turquoise, yellow, purple, blue - everything that brings dissonance will come in handy. But it is important to understand at the same time that the result is unlikely to be “about beauty” - grunge audacity will remain the key.

Popular grunge coloring techniques


This is the creation of an emphasis on individual strands. They are painted over from the roots to the very tips. The result looks beautiful on long straight hair, but if the paint is long-term, regrown roots will be noticeable in a month. However, in a grunge look, this should not cause concern, as well as any other sloppiness.

Coloring strands

Departing from the rules of highlighting, many masters paint strands in a bright color not from the roots, but from the middle of the length. They can raise the shade a little higher or, on the contrary, lower it. In a grunge look, such multi-level coloring will be more appropriate than anywhere else.

Tip coloring

To make the image bold as a hooligan, a neon accent on the ends of the hair is enough. You can choose one shade and make it the leading one in a new look, or you can take several - a colorful mixture of colors without regard to the rules and trends, the grunge style is only welcome.

Ombre from roots

To get a really grungy coloring effect, start stretching the color a little back from the roots. Next to them will remain their own shade, and along the length there will be a new one. It will look like the hair has grown back. But that's what grunge chic is all about, achieved in the most unusual ways.

All these techniques can be used on natural hair, as well as on tinted or dyed hair.

How to dye grunge hair at home?

  1. Preparation

    Always clean hair is dyed. Therefore, start changing the image after washing your hair and drying it. Prepare the scene in advance - make sure that there are no objects nearby that you would not want to get dirty.

    You'll need a paintbrush and a towel to cover your shoulders and keep your clothes stain-free.

  2. Coloring

    To create a test version of the grunge look, you will need paint with a temporary effect. There are tools of different formats.

    • Spray (Colorista Spray by L'Oréal Paris might work).

      It is sprayed onto selected strands and gets the desired effect in minutes. The pigment literally envelops the hair and does not lose brightness, as it remains on the surface, and is not absorbed.

      Specifically, Colorista Spray is suitable for those who are ready to spend a day or two in a grunge look: the color is washed off with the first wash with shampoo.

    • Jelly (example - Colorista Hair Makeup from L'Oréal Paris).

      This is another way to get a "one-off" look: the paint is easily washed off. Only jelly, unlike the spray, still impregnates the hair. After applying products such as Colorista Hair Makeup, you need to dry your hair - and then the color will show itself to the fullest.

      What our readers think about Colorista Hair Makeup can be found here.


      How to use this tool, we showed in this video.

    • Balm (available in the same line from L'Oréal Paris - Colorista Washout).

      More pigmented balm is a product that can be trusted with coloring with a longer result, 1.5–2 weeks. Colorista Washout, for example, lasts just that long - the color goes away after two or three shampoos. The intensity of the final shade can be adjusted: for example, for 15 minutes of exposure of the dye, you will get a less bright result than for 30.

      Each of these tools can be easily handled even by a beginner. It will not be difficult to combine several colors to obtain multi-colored strands. Jelly and balm are the most convenient formats for applying color as accurately as possible. But even if you make an inaccuracy, the grunge style will forgive it, so you can not strain.


  3. Styling

    This is not a mandatory element in grunge style, but it certainly can add completeness to the image.


Grunge Hairstyle Ideas & Photos

For long hair

Long hair allows you to implement any ideas of hairstyles and styling. True, you need to remember that in a grunge image they should be in line with the general mood. In loose form, it is better to style your hair in waves - only even more fluffy and careless than those of the "surfer girlfriends" .

And if you decide to collect them, then use your imagination: make intricate weaves, collect them in bunches on the sides of the parting and in funny tails, like schoolgirls, only without bows.

Do you want something more practical? Then go for your usual hairstyle, diversifying it with a daring volume effect or broken strands.

For medium length hair

The same approach will be relevant for medium length hair. As in the case of long hair, you will have to choose what is more important: hairstyle or accent color.

On the one hand, unusual styling can enhance the effect of a grunge look. On the other hand, in order to advantageously show the coloring, it is better to dissolve the hair - and either straighten it or curl it. If you want to make curls, emphasize individual strands with gel / mousse and make them more voluminous.

And you will find the idea of coloring and styling for girls with squares in this video.

For short hair

Girls with such haircuts do not need special “styling” techniques. Very short hair and boy haircuts look bold and bold on their own.

You can comb them smoothly using gel, or, conversely, ruffle them.

If the length reaches at least the shoulders, you can try to make a hairstyle. For example, stab your hair with a lot of metal invisibles. This fits in perfectly with the grunge style.

After coloring care: professional advice

Temporary coloring products do not damage hair. Damage is caused by aggressive compounds that are designed for a long result. If they are designed to lighten, then the quality of the hair will inevitably deteriorate. Therefore, when caring for dyed hair, follow a few simple rules.

  • After shampoo, be sure to use conditioner. It closes the scales of the hair cortex opened by detergents and makes them more protected. For example, Kiehl's rice and wheat extract volumizing conditioner.

  • Mask more often. At least once a week. Hair that has experienced the effect of paint needs regular nourishment. Try L'Oréal Paris' Elseve Luxury 6 Oils Mask.

  • Use thermal protection. Dyed hair is always drier than natural hair. And there is a risk of drying them out even more if you continually evaporate moisture from their surface using a hair dryer or, for example, a hair straightener. By the way, try not to abuse them too; don't use them every day.

So you save your hair even after bold grunge coloring.