Pink and blue are opposites that can make a harmonious pair. Let's prove it on the example of nail art

This combination can be both gentle and bright. So choosing a manicure option with pink and blue is not difficult, regardless of the image. From graphic minimalism to sophisticated art design with lots of details, this duo is able to bring to life any ideas.

The choice of shades and textures of varnishes is up to you. You can experiment endlessly.

Features of pink-blue manicure

Two-tone manicure is a way out of a situation where you don't want to choose between two shades that you like.

There are other benefits to pink and blue as well.

Pink and blue are not the main colors of the spectrum, and they have a great variety of shades. For example, pastel blue, as if with a milky admixture, or delicate pink cotton candy.

And there is a blinding fuchsia and a rich sky blue that look great in a pair.

The combination of pastel shades with neon looks interesting. The result will definitely draw attention to the nails, unless you choose a discreet design with subtle pink and blue lines on a transparent background. Such a manicure will fit even into a strict office dress code.

But color blocking in the office is not very appropriate - it is better to save such a design for vacation. Softer versions of blue and pink capture the romantic vibe, while brighter hues are a winning choice for a party.

Trendy pink and blue manicure ideas for short nails

Bright French Manicure

Thin stripes at the tips are a way to visually lengthen short nails, emphasize their neat shape, and give them a well-groomed look. And if you make the stripes pink or blue, then you will get an accent that looks much more interesting than the usual classics.

We talked about the basic principles of creating a jacket in this video tutorial.

Moon French

If the word "French" makes you bored, you may not have tried to combine a French manicure with a moon one. And most importantly - to perform them in unusual colors. Pink tips and blue holes are one of the options in the spirit of fresh trends. You can swap colors or, for example, leave the tips of the nails and holes transparent, and use pink and blue on the main field of the nail plate.


Delicate ombre manicure in pink and blue tones

Short nails look best with simple designs. Ombre is just one of them.The gradient will bring variety to the image, especially if you usually do a solid color coating. Here it is important not to go too far with the details - sometimes in the pursuit of an original result, girls are so carried away that they forget about a sense of proportion.

The most advantageous will be a smooth transition between blue and pink pastel. You can try a completely different approach - make the gradient horizontal, from nail to nail. Let the blue on the little finger gradually turn into pink on the thumb.

Pink and blue manicure on different hands

If you like to surprise, you can paint your nails blue on one hand and pink on the other (by the way, a gradient will work in this situation too).

So you combine pink and blue on your nails and at the same time you can refuse detailed drawings and decor elements that do not look the best on short nails. Although small white clouds, for example, will only decorate nail art.

Color blocks with pink and blue

Divide the nail plate into two sections (not necessarily a straight line) and paint one of them blue and the other pink. This is how you get the easiest color blocking option.

You can divide the nail plate into many sections and randomly fill them with different shades of pink and blue - you get the effect of broken glass with colored fragments.


Pink Blue Designs for Long Nails: Photo Ideas

Watercolor nail art

To achieve a watercolor effect, you need to work with translucent varnishes, mixing them directly on the surface of the nail before they harden. With pink and blue manicure will be especially gentle.

And it is not necessary to try to draw a pattern or drawing with a brush - even colored stains without a "semantic load" will look beautiful. This version of pink and blue manicure is perfect for summer.

Pink and blue manicure with rhinestones and sparkles

In the same ombre manicure, you can emphasize the play of colors with the help of glitter - if you choose sparkles to match the color of the varnish. And it is interesting to complement the color jacket with a delicate shining accent on the border of flowers. It can be, for example, silver or gold.

When complementing the design on long nails with a shine effect, observe the measure - otherwise there is a risk of bringing vulgarity to the image.

Drawings and patterns on a pink and blue background

If you have long nails, it means that drawings can become an organic part of nail art. The size of the nail plate allows you to show your creativity. If you have artistic skills, then creating nail art in pink and blue shades is not difficult.You can choose a pink-blue palette for the background, and make the picture on top white or, for example, black.

Space motifs

A striking example of nail art, which harmoniously combines a variety of shades of pink and blue, is cosmic.

All you need to do is combine polishes of this range with careless strokes or with a sponge (making prints), and then add drawn stars, glitter or rhinestones.

Reverse French

This interpretation of a classic design looks especially good on long oval nails. Reverse French manicure is drawing an arc not on the tips of the nails, but on the opposite side, at the nail bed. It turns out the same "smile" , only inverted.Fans of the classics leave it white, but experimenting with color is much more interesting. So pink and blue (which can be alternated) will help you. And you can complement the manicure with silver glitter.

Combination of blue and pink with other colors and shades

Pink and blue complement each other perfectly and often look unblemished; this is a self-sufficient duet that does not require support from other colors. But if you do not want to be limited to a two-color palette, you need to think carefully about possible combinations. Thoughtful selection of shades is one of the secrets of a successful manicure.

Pink with blue and white

Both white and black are versatile colors that go with any shade. True, in the case of the pink-blue gamut, white is in a more advantageous position.

With pink and blue, white seems to be on an equal footing, but black pulls the blanket over itself. Therefore, in this game, “White wins.”

There's another job for black. It will work great if you want to make drawings with thin graphic lines over a pink-blue base.

Pink, blue, purple

If you mix rich pink and intense blue, then purple is just right. Therefore, they can be safely combined with each other in a variety of nail art options.

Pink and blue with yellow

Not all shades of yellow can coexist in the same nail art with blue and pink. If we are talking about neon manicure, then yellow should be the same - acidic, prohibitively bright. And in other cases, pink and blue will only accept the color of egg yolk or pastel yellow in their company.

Pink blue and silver

No one can forbid you to use gold in combination with pink and blue. But silver will complement this duet much more organically.

The fact is that both pink and blue are cold shades. That is why the metallic reflections of the silver decor suit them so well.

Pink, blue and turquoise

There are not many shades in green that are capable of creative union with the pink-blue duet. Only turquoise is ready to support it (it can be, for example, No. 214 "Mint Cocktail" from the Colorama collection from Maybelline New York).