Take the quiz for a chance to win L'Oréal Paris cosmetics

The monthly "Beauty Exam" column this time will be unusual: the first three participants who correctly answer all questions of the test will receive prizes from L'Oréal Paris. Hurry!

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    What technique will help visually “tighten” the oval of the face?

    Contour Draping Strobe Baking

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    The way you use makeup can tell a lot about your personality. Flat cut lipstick is common on girls

    Independent and risky Soft and benevolent Confident and decisive Bright and spectacular

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    What ingredient is in Maybelline's The Colossal mascara?

    Hyaluronic Acid Coconut Oil Vitamin E Collagen

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    Which brush is better for painting lips?

    Flat Furry Fan Taper

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    Which actress recently unveiled beauty boxes created in collaboration with L'Oréal Paris?

    Amber Heard Elle Fanning Eva Longoria Svetlana Khodchenkova

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    What are scouse brows?

    Defined eyebrows, as if drawn on a ruler Bushy "boyish" eyebrows Eyebrows combed up Thin eyebrows, barely visible on the face

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    Which foundation is NOT recommended for mature skin?

    Glitter effect Matte finish Waterproof formula With oils

UPD: Exam winners announced:

du[email protected]
rina.kuzm[email protected] anastasi.pet[email protected]