Pregnancy and childbirth seriously change a woman's life. Changes affect almost all areas of life. Today we'll talk about a new approach to make-up

A new stage in life often inspires us to personal restructuring. And not only internal. I want to refresh my haircut, make an unusual make-up. We will talk about the latter in the context of the birth of a child.

Features of makeup of a young mother

If you conduct a mini-survey of others, most will agree that it is most common to see young mothers with simple and natural makeup that is not overloaded with accents.

This is truly one of the best options. And the opinion that mothers need to make up more restrained, refusing bright colors and other catchy beauty solutions, has nothing to do with it. No one forbids them to use red lipstick, black eyeliner and bright shadows to create looks that will cheer you up and make you feel beautiful even in a turbulent stream of new chores.

Another thing is that young mothers do not have much free time and energy. Therefore, the most useful for them are life hacks for quick makeup and simple ways to create beautiful makeup.


Choose 2 in 1 products - BB or CC creams; foundation creams with a moisturizing effect are also suitable, that is, makeup combined with care. In a critical time pressure, you can neglect the day cream and apply only BB. You will get an even and fresh tone and at the same time relieve the skin of dryness.

Another must have is concealer. Without this tool, a young mother's makeup bag will be incomplete: nights without sleep next to the child make themselves felt in the form of dark circles under the eyes that require masking.


Eyebrow correction determines the overall mood of the image. Therefore, it is better not to sacrifice eyebrow makeup. Otherwise, the face is unlikely to give the impression of well-groomed.


Liquid eyeliner and multicolor palettes can be put aside for a while. More benefit will be from a soft eyeliner, which can quickly draw the eye contour.

It can also be used if desired to create a light haze and a cat eye in the simplest version of this make-up - we talked about its intricacies in this video.

Perfect pair of pencil will be mascara, "opening" the look.


Moisturizing balm is useful for every day. This product cares for delicate skin and gives it an attractive glow.

Lipsticks are better to choose such that makeup can be done with fingertips.

Tints and mousses like Lo-Fi by Urban Decay are also suitable for a quick make-up.

Quick makeup: step by step photo tutorial

  1. Tone

    Moisturize your skin with a day cream and apply foundation, evenly distributing it over your face.

    Using a concealer, dot mask those imperfections that remain noticeable; it is best to draw it on the tip of a thin brush and work with it targeted.

    Further blend on the apples of the cheeks or under the cheekbones for an easy face correction with a little blush.

  2. Eyebrows

    To quickly tidy up your eyebrows, take tinted mascara and comb the hairs in the right direction - as a result, the eyebrows will acquire the desired shape and a more pronounced color. You will get a soft accent.

  3. Eyes

    After using a primer, spread the base shade of shadows over the eyelids (best of all - with a shimmer to refresh the look due to the shimmer effect). Try, for example, shadows from Urban Decay.

    Next, line the inner contour of the eyelids with a pencil, work out the space between the eyelashes, and also emphasize the lash line from the outside.

    If desired, the lines can be softened or smudged into a haze with a brush. Finish off with mascara.

  4. Lips

    Finish with a light touch of lipstick or lip balm.


Express makeup for a young mother: ideas and photos

Day makeup for a walk with a child

An even tone with a slight shine on the cheekbones, underlined eyebrows and a look “wide open” due to dyed eyelashes - this minimum is enough to look fresh. Such a make-up can be done in 5 minutes.

Evening makeup for dinner

For a young mother who has planned to go out, evening makeup can be done in express mode. Spread the foundation with a sponge, blend the blush with a large powder brush, lightly line the eyebrows with a pencil or shadows. Add a haze of shadows to the base makeup - a medium shade of brown with a shimmer will do. At the end, tint the eyelashes with mascara - the image is ready.

Fresh makeup with bright accents

If you want to create a cheerful, cheerful look, add colors to your makeup. For example, with lipstick. Its application is a matter of minutes. Mascara and light eyebrow makeup will complement this accent.

The minimum set of cosmetics for a young mother: a review of funds

The essential minimum should be in every young mother's makeup bag. According to the editors, one cannot do without these funds.

  • Macara for eyebrows Brow Drama, Maybelline New York

    With Brow Drama you don't need any other brow makeup tools. The sculpting brush in the form of a ball will give them the desired shape: it can be used to carefully lay them “hair to hair”. The mascara will slightly color them, so that visually they will become thicker and therefore more expressive.

    Check out what our readers think of Brow Drama here.



  • Mousse for lips and cheeks Baby Doll Kiss & Blush, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    No need to match blush to match lipstick: this product works for two. With a light texture, Baby Doll Kiss & Blush mousse blends effortlessly onto cheekbones. It can be applied to the lips with a brush, but with the pads of your fingers you will achieve an equally expressive effect. Makeup will be ready in seconds.

    Check out what our readers think about Baby Doll Kiss & Blush here.


  • Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara, Lancôme

    Of course, mascara is present in any basic makeup bag. But for young mothers, it is simply irreplaceable. A graceful curl of eyelashes and an expressive look can be obtained in just a couple of seconds - and you can go back on business.Mascara also helps in those situations when it is necessary to hide traces of fatigue. In the case of Hypnôse Doll Eyes, the result will definitely be noticeable: it helps to create a doll effect, giving volume and thickness to the eyelashes, as well as stretching them in length.

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What products from your cosmetic bag did you use most often when you were a young mother?