Matte finishes in lip make-up are still in force, but they can no longer be called dominant. Girls who are into makeup try other texture effects as well. Among them, the metal finish is gaining more and more popularity

Makeup with a metallic finish is possible not only on the eyelids. Makeup artists, bloggers and beauty gurus are convinced that such a texture can also decorate lips. Does it make sense to add metallic lipstick to your makeup bag? So that you can answer this question, we will tell you more about this tool.

Features of metallic lipstick

This effect was not invented yesterday. Metallic was in vogue back in the 90s of the last century. Burgundy, brown and bronze colors were the most popular among lipsticks with a characteristic sheen. In those years, they had not even heard of a matte finish. We mainly used soft cream lipsticks in the form of a stick: they pleasantly envelop the lips, leaving a color coating with a discreet shine.

There was another manifestation of the metallic trend in those years. We are talking about glitter glitters, which are still in fashion today and have nothing to do with nostalgia for the nineties.

Now, compared to that era, there are much more beauty formats. Most often, a metallic effect is created using liquid lipsticks: they allow you to get a dense coating that is durable, since the texture of the product literally freezes on the lips. It is this consistency that is the key to the desired “steel” coating.

And there are also glosses and lip lacquers that combine a metallic sheen and a glossy shine.

What are metallic lipsticks?


These are lipsticks like Glitter Goals by NYX Professional Makeup.

These products combine a rich shade, as if left by paint, and a metallic effect, which is enhanced by shimmering particles.

The advantage of liquid lipsticks is that they allow you to get an intense result and extra durability. Liquid lipstick should be chosen in cases where the coating should “survive” in its original form for several hours in a row. For a party, for example, it is the liquid format of metallic lipstick that will come in handy as well as possible.

And how to apply liquid lipstick, we told in this video.

Hard stick

Lipsticks in a stick are the most familiar format, a classic. They are convenient because you can adjust the saturation of the coating, which you can’t do with liquid lipsticks.

Even a thin layer of liquid lipstick creates a bright accent on the lips. A regular cream lipstick can be applied with or without pressure, thus obtaining the desired color intensity. If the coating turns out to be translucent, then the metallic effect will be soft, and vice versa.


Great results with lipsticks like NYX Professional Makeup's Liquid Suede Metallic Matte.

The thing is that the coating turns out, on the one hand, shining - with a metallic sheen, on the other - still matte, as if under a film that muffles the shine.


The dream of many beautyholics is lip lacquers with a metallic mirror effect. In manicure, this result is achieved using the rubbing technique. In makeup, this is more difficult. And so far, only glosses with a shimmer or larger sparkles, as well as moisturizing lipsticks with the same composition, can get both a metallic sheen and a gloss at the same time.


How to use metallic lipstick?

The main thing in makeup with metallic lipstick is to complement it with elements that will create a harmonious look. And the lips themselves can be emphasized in a simple way.

  1. Prepare your lips with a sugar scrub to soften them and apply primer.

    For example, Urban Decay's Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil.

  2. Draw the outline of the lips with a nude pencil. And if there is one that matches the color of the lipstick, use it.

  3. Apply along the contour that you selected with a pencil, lipstick with a brush. Then fill in the outline from the inside. For the longest lasting result, blot your lips with a tissue and then reapply.

  4. If there are blots and bumps, “erase” them with the same pencil from Urban Decay or, for example, a concealer like Alliance Perfect The One from L’Oréal Paris.

  5. By the way, there are other ways to create a metallic effect on the lips. For example, mix a transparent gloss and shadow with a shimmer, and then apply this mix over a glossy finish.Get a nice matte metallic finish. We talked about how to achieve this effect using improvised means here.


Makeup with metallic lipstick in different colors

Romantic Pink Metallic Glitter

Take a new look at the delicate, dreamy pink color with an unusual metallic texture. Opt for a shimmery pastel lipstick for a subtle sheen, or a metallic fuchsia for a full-blown accent.

Makeup with a noble golden glow

Yellow gold metallic lipstick is not the most practical solution.

It is better to choose a transparent gloss with golden shimmering particles so that the noble metal really shines on the lips. By the way, you can use it even in fairly simple, discreet looks, complementing it with classic arrows or a soft accent on the eye contour.

Party Red Metallic

An expressive red metallic finish, reminiscent of mirrored Christmas balls, is not only suitable for a New Year's party. It will brighten up any evening look.

If you choose metallic liquid lipstick, then all that remains is to add thin black arrows and mascara with a volume effect.

Metallic nude for every day

If your nude makeup is very discreet, it doesn't hurt to add some metallic sheen to it.

It's good if the shade of lipstick is translucent. Then the radiance of the shimmer will give the lips extra volume.

This trick works best if you used matte products in your eye makeup.

Space Black Metallic

These lipsticks are also available, and fans of beauty experiments really like them. Dark blue-black lipsticks with a metallic effect inevitably draw attention to the lips and help create a dramatic ethereal look. Thanks to the metallic shimmer, the effect will not be gloomy - rather embodying glam style.

Metallic effect lipstick review

These metallic finish lipsticks stay on the lips without smudges or smudges. According to the editors, they can be relied upon.

  • Tatouage Couture The Metallics, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Liquid Matte Lipstick

    It's like a real liquid metal that spills over the lips and solidifies, giving them a radiant color.Glitter seems to break through from within; that is why metal coatings are so attractive. Tatouage Couture The Metallics has an advantage over other liquid lipsticks: it does not feel on the lips. The tool lies on the skin with an ultra-thin layer, but at the same time it keeps as firmly as possible, justifying the word tatouage in its name.

  • Vice Lipstick (shades Cruel and Trance), Urban Decay

    With over 100 different shades in the Vice Lipstick collection, there are a few that metallic fans will surely love. In the case of Urban Decay lipsticks, there is no doubt: the result will be catchy. The brand has saturated the formula with pigments and shimmering particles so that lip makeup definitely does not go unnoticed. The creamy texture is comfortable for the skin, which does not affect the durability of the coating in any way: the lipstick lasts throughout the day without making you worry about the need to reapply the coating.

    Check out what our readers think of Vice Lipstick here.


  • Liquid Suede Metallic Matte lipstick, NYX Professional Makeup

    First there was a collection of lipsticks Liquid Suede Matte - these are products with a suede effect, which is distinguished by a soft matte finish. And now, following the trends, NYX Professional Makeup has added a metallic glow to it. At the same time, it was possible to maintain a velvety finish, although it would seem that it is absolutely impossible to combine them with metallic. All the beauty of the coating is fully manifested after the layer of liquid product hardens on the skin. You can balance such an emphasis on the lips with equivalent eye makeup or leave it in the foreground, abandoning smokey and arrows.

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