One of the recent beauty hits is hydrophilic oils. How can oils remove makeup and cleanse the skin? We answer questions and talk about the correct use of this tool

Hydrophilic oil is the first step in cleansing. It is surprising in that, upon contact with water, it turns into a soft milk, which effectively removes impurities from the skin. The tool consists of a mixture of various oils, which is complemented by polysorbate. Thanks to him, the oil does not repel water, does not exfoliate, but continues its work already in the form of an emulsion.

What is hydrophilic oil good for?

It's already good that we are talking about oil. Oils soften the skin, help it maintain the integrity of the hydrolipid mantle, which directly affects the level of moisture. Cleansing in this case is not an aggressive procedure, after which the skin urgently needs a portion of moisture and nutrients, but a very gentle one. Interestingly, by the way, hydrophilic oil is even able to mitigate the negative effects of hard water on the skin.

The big advantage is that care with hydrophilic oil will not be superficial. This tool does more than just remove impurities. It acts on a deeper level - cleanses the pores, dissolving dirt and oil.

Hydrophilic oils have other useful properties. So, these products, in addition to oils, contain various plant extracts and vitamin complexes, which the manufacturer selects to solve certain skin problems.

The cleansing process itself is connected not only with the removal of makeup and ridding the skin of a layer of impurities. Regular use of hydrophilic oils helps to cope with problems such as blackheads, enlarged pores, and inflammation. Thus, the quality of the skin improves over time, especially when cleansing is combined with high-quality hydration and nutrition.

How often can I use hydrophilic oil?

Hydrophilic oils are great for daily use. Moreover, it is regular use that gives a visible effect. By making skin cleansing with hydrophilic oil part of your regular beauty routine, you will soon see the result: clearer, fresher skin without inflammation, redness and other such imperfections, hydrated and supple.

By the way, even those girls who have problematic, oily skin can wash their face with hydrophilic oil every day. For example, Porefinist2 oil from Shu Uemura is ideal for them.

It will help solve the problem of excess sebum production. And at the same time, it will save you from doubts about whether an oil remedy can “make friends” with oily skin. Read more about Shu Uemura hydrophilic oils here.

How to use hydrophilic facial oil?

In order for hydrophilic oil to bring you the desired result, study the nuances of its application: it includes several stages.

Make-up remover

Before applying hydrophilic oil, you do not need to separately wash off makeup. It does the job just fine on its own. You just need to apply the product on dry skin. The oil will immediately begin to dissolve grease, dirt and makeup particles.

After a short wait, you can proceed to the next step - to turn the oil into an emulsion with water and a full wash.

For washing

An important detail to consider when washing with hydrophilic oil is the use of warm water. If mixed with cold water after application, it will not emulsify.


Step by step instructions for using hydrophilic oil to cleanse the skin

  1. Apply a small amount of oil (you need literally a couple of drops or one press of the dispenser) on the skin, spreading it evenly over the face. Pay special attention to those areas that need cleaning the most: painted eyelids, cheekbones with blush, T-zone, which needs to be rid of excess sebum. Massaging movements will help the oil get to work and better penetrate the skin.

  2. After waiting a minute or two, splash your face with warm water, moisten your fingers.Using the same massaging circular movements, work with the skin, turning the oil into an emulsion - you will definitely notice that the texture of the product will turn white, as if it were a light milk. At this stage, you need to help the oil finally break down the impurities so that they can be easily washed off with water.

  3. You only need to clean your face of oil with warm water. Rinse it off the skin along with the rest of the make-up. And then wash again with a gel or foam. Another option is to refresh the skin with a cotton pad dipped in micellar water.

Eyes require special attention. How to clean this delicate area, we told in this video.

Facial cleansing hydrophilic oils review

Don't know which ones to try? These, according to the editors, are worthy of trust.

  • Classic High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil, Shu Uemura

    Shu Uemura refers to this version of hydrophilic oil as a classic: the product is versatile and does an excellent job of removing makeup and cleansing the skin in general. You can use it for any type, from normal to dry or even oily. Formulated with macadamia and camellia seed oils to saturate the skin with nutrients and moisture, as well as extracts of rosemary leaf (improves skin tone) and ginger root (shrinks pores).

  • Ultime8 Anti-Aging Hydrophilic Oil, Shu Uemura

    The anti-age effect is due to the composition of Ultime8 rich in active substances. Inside is a complex of eight types of oils: jojoba, ginseng, camellia, corn, bamboo, shea and others.In addition, the list of ingredients includes pearl proteins, pro-xylan and algae extract, which help the oil provide hydration and nutrition to the skin, slow down the aging process and make age signs less noticeable. Substances from the oils themselves also fight them - and do not allow the emergence of new ones. For example, vitamin E from bamboo oil is an antioxidant that protects the skin from the oxidative process that causes skin aging. After applying Ultime8, the skin will be not only clean, but also fresh, radiant, soft.

  • Anti/Oxi+ antioxidant oil, Shu Uemura

    The composition of this oil is aimed at protecting against the negative effects that pollution can have. They have a destructive effect on the skin, damaging its cells, which results in premature aging - deterioration of skin tone, the appearance of wrinkles.Antioxidants are what you need to counter these processes. In the Anti / Oxi + oil formula, these are extracts of green papaya (also helps to restore the skin), green tea and moringa (both components are a powerful rebuff to free radicals). This "green trio" , as Shu Uemura calls them, complements skin-cleansing oils.

  • Porefinist2 Cleansing Oil, Shu Uemura

    Oils in care are incompatible with combination, oily and problem skin? And here it is not. Shu Uemura created an ultra-light texture that feels like a tonic; it refreshes the skin by dissolving excess sebum in the T-zone and tightening the pores. It contains cinnamon extract, which reduces the production of sebum, cherry extract, which gently exfoliates the skin, and sakura leaf extract, which fights inflammation. Together with the process of high-quality cleansing, they help rid the skin of imperfections.


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