How to make makeup that matches your eye color? First - find the shades and decide on the textures that will emphasize it. Then - correctly place accents to complete the image

For girls with brown eyes, there are many ways to make a beautiful make-up. They should not limit themselves to classics with all the win-win of such makeup. Bright colors up to neon can also beautifully decorate their natural casual or, for example, business summer look. Let's talk about this in more detail.

What shades to choose for brown eye makeup?

Despite the fact that today they are increasingly experimenting in makeup, neglecting the generally accepted beauty rules, the theory of color types has not bothered anyone yet. On the contrary, its application in practice guarantees a successful image. Therefore, when choosing makeup for eye color, it is also important to consider both skin tone and hair color.


Gold sheen hair and brown eyes are a warm color combination that needs to be supported with makeup.

Beige-brown colors work best. Matte shades are good for everyday use, and when you want to look festive, use products with a shimmer - gold, bronze, copper, honey-caramel or champagne colors.


Brunettes with brown eyes often have dark skin, but porcelain is not uncommon.Different initials require the use of different shades. Only colors such as black, gray and white can be considered universal. But brown is needed either warmer (for dark-skinned women), or with an ashy sheen - taupe (for "snow whites" ).

Brunettes really suit bright colors. They can boldly experiment with shades such as fuchsia, blue, purple, emerald, all of which contrast expressively with brown eyes, helping to create a spectacular look.

For inspiration watch this video.


Red-haired girls with brown eyes are shown warm colors. Brown, bronze, gold, sand, beige - these shades will be indispensable in makeup. And you can easily find them in Urban Decay's Naked2 palette.

And when you want to create a catchy accent, use plum or, for example, green with a shimmer.

All these shades are in the Color Queen eyeshadow collection from L'Oréal Paris.

Brown haired

For brown-haired women with brown eyes, there are practically no restrictions regarding the color palette. It is only important to give preference to warm shades.

Makeup for brown eyes: step by step photo tutorial

Light everyday makeup

  1. Spread the primer along the lash line. If desired, you can apply a thin layer of beige shadows on top of this base, so that later it would be easier to blend the lines drawn with a pencil.

  2. Stress a line along the lash line with a pencil, and then use a thick, short-haired brush (these are called smudge brushes) to turn it into a light haze. This will give you a soft accent on the outline.

  3. Eye makeup seems incomplete without mascara, although trends convince us that its absence is fashionable. It really looks pretty when you're working with color and don't want to detract from it, but in casual looks, the wide-eye effect is always welcome.

Beautiful day makeup

  1. Prepare your eyelids for makeup with a primer. On top of it, apply light shadows, best of all - with a satin effect. This will instantly refresh your eyes.

  2. Blend the light brown shade in the crease of the eyelid so that there are no visible borders with lighter shadows. By the way, it can also be used to draw lash lines on the lower eyelids - thanks to such a haze, you will get a more expressive result.

  3. Take an even darker shade of brown to accentuate the area at the outer corners of the eyes. Blend with a soft brush, trying to "stretch" the color so that you get a corner - the effect of a cat eye.

  4. Finish your eyes with mascara. You can apply it twice if a single coat looks too casual.

  5. You can complement brown eye makeup with soft pink lipstick. Apply it on the lips with the pads of your fingers - so that you get a translucent coating. Complement this soft accent with matching blush.

Evening makeup in festive style

  1. You can't do without a primer: durability is important in evening eye makeup. When the base is absorbed, you can start working with color, only this time you need to work with dark shades first.

  2. With black or dark gray shadows, you need to outline the corners on the upper eyelids from the outside. Apply shadows with light shading, avoiding strict graphics. Next, add dark brown eye shadow to the crease of the eyelid. Blend them along the orbital line.

  3. Next step - bright shadows. Purple, emerald, turquoise - choose any of these shades. Iridescent textures will look best in evening make-up. Chameleon eyeshadows like Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill Stellar Eyeshadow will also work.

    Spread them over the central part of the eyelids so that there are no clear boundaries of application.

  4. You'll need some light pearl eyeshadow to accentuate the inner corners of your eyes. This will visually open and refresh your eyes.

The most popular makeup ideas for brown eyes

Natural nude makeup

When planning to make a make-up of brown eyes in delicate nude shades, choose products with a shimmer. For example, shades of sparkling champagne, beige with a satin sheen, cream with a pearl effect. This will add liveliness to the look.

Add a haze of shadows with a slight accent on the contour - blend a brown pencil at the ciliary edge.

Soft smoky eyes

Smoky effect is very suitable for brown-eyed girls. It should be used in cases where you want to make the look soft, "velvet" . A range of beige-brown colors will cope with this task in the best possible way. Try not to darken the make-up too much to make it gentle.

Smudge the shade of dark chocolate into a haze along the contour of the eyes and at the outer corners (pulling out to the effect of a cat eye), and then work with light coffee-creamy tones.


Strict business style

Office makeup is most often associated with graphic arrows. They also go to brown-eyed girls, but this is far from the only possible option. You can highlight the contour in a different way - for example, work out the mucous membrane with a dark brown kayal and paint over the inter-ciliary space with it. And then complete the makeup with a double layer of mascara.

Dark Arabic makeup

Arabian-style makeup implies a noticeable emphasis on the contour with a full outline of the eyes: black eyeliner will need to “capture” not only the upper eyelid, but also the lower one, not only the outer corners, but also the inner ones.

Use an angled or thin winged wing brush or a felt-tip liner like Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill Liner to sharpen the sides.

Despite the fact that black eyeliner is universal, makeup with an oriental accent is usually very bright and therefore more suitable for the evening. And you will find inspiration for the oriental look in this video.


Brown eye makeup review

If you have brown eyes, pay attention to these products. According to the editors, they can be relied upon.

  • Tattoo Liner in 942 Rich Berry, Maybelline New York

    Black or gray liner can be easily found. But more unusual shades of pencils suitable for brown eye makeup will have to be looked for. Take a closer look at the shade No. 942 Rich Berry in the Tattoo Liner collection: it’s neither pink nor burgundy, but something in between that can create an interesting contrast that will emphasize brown eyes favorably.The berry shade looks very attractive, and the texture of Tattoo Liner pleases with its softness. Pencil lines are well shaded, which allows you to use the product for creating makeup using the smoky eyes technique. At the same time, you can also draw graphic arrows without difficulty if you pick up pigment on a beveled brush.

  • Naked2 palette, Urban Decay

    This palette in beige and brown is ready to become the base for girls with brown eyes. It has 12 shades that are great for both daytime and evening make-up. Among them there is a gold color, and a couple of pink shades, and classic black. Textures are also for every taste: with a shimmer, shimmery, metallic, satin, matte. Thanks to the Pigment Infusion System, every shade in the Naked2 palette is highly pigmented and long-wearing.

    Check out what our readers think of Naked2 here.


  • Superstar liner, L'Oréal Paris

    To draw graphic arrows and create expressive Arabic makeup, brown-eyed girls need a comfortable eyeliner. A marker is one of the easiest formats to use. Superstar refers to this kind of means. The flexible felt tip allows you to draw lines, easily adjusting their saturation (due to pressure) and bend. The pigment dries quickly, so you don't have to worry about the hands smearing.


  • Ombre Hypnôse Stylo Pencil in shade No. 06 Turquoise Infini, Lancôme

    Fans of mono-makeup in one color will suit Ombre Hypnôse Stylo - this is a wide pencil that can serve as both eyeliner and shadows. Shade No. 06 Turquoise Infini (navy blue) will create a contrast that will draw attention to the expressiveness of brown eyes and emphasize the depth of the look. Sometimes, for a spectacular result, an emphasis on the contour is enough. But smoky eyes makeup can be done, if desired, using only this tool.

    Check out what our readers think of Ombre Hypnôse Stylo here.


What products do you most often use for eye makeup? Tell us about your favorites.