For almost half a century, L'Oréal Paris has been helping girls gain self-confidence. We are familiar with the decorative cosmetics of this brand firsthand, but the history of the brand did not begin with it at all

The first under the L'Oréal brand was… hair dye. The founder of the company Eugene Schueller was a chemist, and university knowledge helped him develop a formula based on ingredients that are as safe as possible for hair.

They say that he promised his wife to make a good dye when she ruined her hair as a result of unsuccessful dyeing. One way or another, in 1909, the premiere of the paint "Oreal" took place.

First successes

The new paint attracted with a safe composition and beautiful natural shades. The paints that existed at that time based on henna or mineral s alts were too bright and did not give a natural effect. The Oréal palette was of a completely different quality. Schueller founded the "French Safe Hair Color Company" and later renamed it L'Oréal.

The new product was revolutionary for the beauty industry, but it needed to be promoted. Schueller wrote notes for the magazine La Coiffure de Paris, collaborated with hairdressers: he demonstrated the benefits of dye during “test drives” on individual strands of hair, offered to test the dye for an allergic reaction before dyeing, and then completely founded a dyeing school.

The L'Oréal company developed rapidly and by the beginning of the First World War it was known in half of Europe. The war did not interrupt her victorious march.After serious social upheavals, the world opened up new opportunities for women. They gained more and more weight in society, fought for their rights, worked hard, but at the same time followed fashion and tried to look good. The beauty industry has moved with the times. Many beauty salons opened. Schueller continued to work on new formulas. He released, for example, the new L'Oréal d'Or lightening paint, L'Oréal Blanc bleaching powder (it was a hit among those who wanted to turn into the heroine Jean Harlow from Platinum Blonde) and O'Cap hair wash lotion. .

Closer to the beauty empire

A talented chemist, savvy entrepreneur and marketing genius - it's all about Schueller. L'Oréal's sales grew thanks to clever advertising campaigns. For example, Parisians saw O'Cap on a huge wall-to-wall billboard on one of the buildings.

For promotional and educational purposes, Schueller creates the magazine Votre Beauté, which shapes and promotes a culture of hygiene and personal care. The company expanded and even acquired others - as happened with the soap manufacturer Monsavon.

During his lifetime, Schueller worked most of all with hair products, but he also managed to create L'Oréal's first skin care line - Ambre Solaire sunscreens; they appeared just at the time when the French received the right to paid holidays. After the death of the founder of the company, his daughter Liliane Bettencourt and the former head of Monsavon Francois Dahl took over the business.

Birth of a legend

L'Oréal has become more and more powerful every year. She made valuable acquisitions, strengthening the beauty empire, but at the same time continued to bring her own developments to the market. The famous slogan "Because you deserve it" was coined in 1971 - as an idea to promote Preference paint.

The difficulty was that the price of this paint was higher than that of competitors' products. The slogan assured the girls that they could afford an expensive purchase - because they deserve the best quality.It worked, and to this day, L'Oréal emphasizes that women should not compromise in caring for themselves and their beauty.

The range of products that L'Oréal fans deserve has been constantly expanding. In 1987, the company, together with Les 3 Suisses, had a project called the Beauty Creators Club. These were catalogs for the sale of goods that were sent to the customer by mail. Moreover, different categories of funds were created in collaboration with well-known designers. For example, decorative cosmetics for the "Club" were produced with agnès b.

L'Oréal Paris: beauty today

Today L'Oréal belongs to the giants of the beauty industry. And L’Oréal Paris is the brand that strives to make beauty accessible to everyone. This is his current mission - under the slogan "After all, you deserve it."

L'Oréal Paris advocates for women to have more opportunities to express their individuality. The company produces beauty products in several categories.First, paints for home hair coloring. Moreover, both persistent and with a temporary effect - we are talking about the Colorista series for bold experiments with hair color.

We tested one of them in this video.

Secondly, hair care products. The most popular are the products from the Elseve series for different types of hair.

Thirdly, L'Oréal Paris has lines for facial skin care. This is a great selection of products for different stages of care, from basic cleansing and moisturizing to pre-makeup. All designed to meet the needs of different skin types, from young to mature.

Fourthly, L'Oréal Paris launches makeup products worth talking about in more detail.

L'Oréal Paris make-up products are preferred not only by ordinary girls who choose cosmetics for everyday make-up, but also by professional makeup artists. Infaillible tonal products with persistent formulas, flawless Alliance Perfect coatings, Telescopic and Volumissime mascaras, Superliner eyeliners for drawing arrows with any effect, Color Riche bright lipsticks, saturated not only with pigments, but also with useful care components, have proven themselves to be excellent.where to find?

Familiar L'Oréal Paris products are occasionally supplemented with limited collections. They are created in collaboration with fashion designers such as Olivier Rousteing (Balmain) and Isabelle Marant (Isabel Marant). Haute couture makeup lines help create a stylish look and at the same time become memorable items for those who love the real exclusive and collect beauty rarities.

Isabelle Maran and Val Garland

Along with fashion designers, L'Oréal Paris is supported by many stars: Jane Fonda, Eva Longoria, Doutzen Kroes, Barbara Palvin and other actresses and models who are close to the brand's motto.

They show images of L'Oréal Paris not only in advertising shootings of the brand, but also on the red carpet - including the Cannes Film Festival.