In the fashion world, Giorgio Armani's work is consistently regarded as a model of Italian elegance. Armani Beauty is a logical continuation of the style of the maestro in the beauty industry

In his youth, Giorgio Armani was sure that he would become a doctor, and even entered the University of Milan at the Faculty of Medicine. But fate decreed otherwise. Circumstances developed in such a way that he had to look for work, and the search led him to one of the Milan department stores La Rinascente, where he was hired as an assistant photographer.Thus began his romance with the world of fashion and beauty, which eventually turned into a lifelong love.

Armani's path to fashion

Armani was creative in everything he did. Very soon he was entrusted with window dressing for a department store. Here, in the store, he met Cerruti, a designer already well-known at that time. He invited Giorgio to work on his line of shirts, and the young fashion designer began to make progress. Colleagues in the workshop highly appreciated what he did, and some even recommended that he open his own business.

He decided to do it in 1975, when he had already established himself in the industry. And yet it was a risk to leave a good job in order to implement their ideas. Everything worked out. The popularity of the fashion designer grew, and not only at home, but the appearance of Giorgio Armani suits on the hero of Richard Gere in the film "American Gigolo" finally confirmed Armani in the correctness of his choice.The photo of the maestro on the cover of Time magazine in 1982 became a symbol of world recognition. He was the first fashion designer to receive this honor.

Armani decided to expand his influence and enter the beauty market. In 1982, Armani Pour Femme was released under the Giorgio Armani brand, and 2 years later, Armani for men. In 1992, the perfume collection that began to take shape was replenished with Acqua di Giò.

The beginning of the new millennium was a breakthrough for Giorgio Armani - the fashion brand turned into a real Armani empire: in addition to clothing collections, a line of accessories and a cosmetic line were launched. In 2000, another perfume hit appeared - the composition Mania.

Armani beauty

“For me, beauty is first of all something that comes from within. Therefore, my works emphasize individuality, revealing it, and not hiding it under a mask, ”says the maestro himself. The same philosophy formed the basis for the creation of the Armani Beauty line.

After the Mania fragrance, Armani Black Code loudly announced itself - a composition "with character" created for men, the haute couture collection of Armani Privé, Idole d'Armani, the cult Acqua di Gioia, the feminine Si series. where to find?

And every season, new makeup and skin care collections have appeared.

In 2009, Linda Cantello joined Armani Beauty. It all started with her collaboration with Giorgio Armani at the haute couture show and grew into a longer-term relationship: the beauty guru became the brand's international makeup artist. She is responsible for the looks at Giorgio Armani shows and develops new beauty products.

Giorgio Armani makeup today

The key to Armani style lies in sophisticated simplicity. For the master, the all-time trend is elegance.Therefore, Armani Beauty is not chasing momentary relevance. Much more important are expressive shades, textures reminiscent of couture fabrics, formulas thought out to the smallest detail and production based on new technologies.

It was this approach that allowed Giorgio Armani to create such now popular products as

  • Eyes to Kill,

  • lipstick Rouge d'Armani,

  • Ecstasy lip lacquer,

  • Maestro tool for tone.

They are complemented by novelties in the spirit of beauty trends, which are recognized by Giorgio Armani as the most practical:

  • Tone Up Cushion,

    (we talked about the rules for applying funds in the cushion format in this video),

  • Lip Maestro Matte Gel,

  • Liquid Eye Tint.

You can read about what other shades are in the Armani Beauty line here.

Goat hair brushes are also very good, soft and resistant to deformation.

Giorgio Armani and the Runway line have multifunctional Blend & Layer products. Such tools allow you to show creative imagination and feel like a real makeup artist.

Many of Giorgio Armani's decorative cosmetics border on skin care products in properties. For example, the Armani Prima line includes pre-makeup products.

Among them is the Armani Prima Day-Long Skin Perfector foundation serum.

Plus Armani Prima Glow-On Moisturizing Balm.

Armani Beauty Star Faces

The heroines of the Giorgio Armani collections have elegance in their blood. They broadcast a certain lifestyle.

Until 2008, Armani Beauty makeup collections were advertised by Sasha Pivovarova with her pure and noble beauty.

After this "post" she was replaced by Megan Fox.

Models Patricia van der Vliet and Saskia de Brau also starred in the ad. I also remember one of the brand's recent campaigns with Australian actress Cate Blanchett representing Si fragrances.

Was it interesting for you to learn about the history of the Giorgio Armani brand. What products of this brand have you already tried?