There are more and more products that can be applied "manually" - literally with your fingertips. But you still need brushes: in makeup that you do not for speed, but for quality, you can’t do without them

Buying the first brushes that come to hand is not the best solution. This is confirmed by makeup artists. They, like no one else, know that in the case of makeup, the “toolkit” greatly affects the result. In the basic cosmetic bag, there should not only be really necessary beauty products with an excellent reputation, but also brushes that can take on some of the work.

Best makeup brushes: how to choose?

When choosing makeup brushes, start from what beauty products you use most often and what techniques you prefer. Buy the ones that will definitely come in handy.

Pile: natural or synthetic?

This is one of the first questions. There is a stereotype that synthetic brushes are worse in quality than natural ones. This is wrong. Brushes from different materials are needed for cosmetics of different textures.

Natural brushes are good for powders. The porous bristles absorb creams or fluids, making the brush a magnet for dust and dirt. If you nevertheless use such a brush when working with “wet” cosmetics, be sure to wash it after use - otherwise it will become a breeding ground for bacteria, and you risk transferring them to the skin every subsequent time.

Therefore, cream and liquid products should be applied with synthetic bristle brushes.

There are also hybrid brushes with a natural bristle base and synthetic tips. They are called "duofiber" .

What is the best handle material?

Wood, plastic, metal - there are many options, and they are all quite reliable. Choose the most comfortable for you. Be sure to pay attention to whether the handle and iron clip are well fastened.

We'll tell you more about which brushes, in our opinion, deserve attention, later in the article.

Top best face brushes

For powder

If you use powder on a daily basis, then for the basic cosmetic bag you need a brush for it - large, wide, voluminous and fluffy, like the Large Powder Brush from the collection of brushes from Urban Decay.

Many manufacturers produce brushes with natural bristles for powders, but Urban Decay's brushes are all synthetic, and the raw materials for their production are recycled plastic bottles - a big plus for the brand for its attention to environmental issues.

It doesn't compromise on quality: Urban Decay made sure that synthetic bristles feel as soft and pleasant as natural ones. Above, we have already said that it is more hygienic, since it does not absorb moisture; for the same reason, brushes are easier to clean. After applying the powder, you can easily clean it and prepare it for the next application. Read more about powder brushes here.

For foundation

Foundation brushes are produced in a variety of ways. To find “your own”, you need to take into account the texture of the product you are using, as well as understand what kind of finish you need. For light coverage, use a flat rounded edge brush like the Flat No. 07 Pro Brush from NYX Professional Makeup.

It's best suited for distributing fluids - liquid products that need to be "stretched" over the skin.

A voluminous duofiber like Dual Fiber No. 04 Pro Brush of the same brand is what you need to work with creams. Funds are collected on the white tips of the villi and distributed over the face with light, brushing movements. Thanks to this, the result is airy; You can't see the cream layer from the side, the effect of "second skin" is achieved.

If you need to more reliably hide skin imperfections, then you need both a thicker cream and a denser brush. It could be Total Control Drop Foundation Brush No. 22 by NYX Professional Makeup. where to find?

Or even a kabuki brush with a short base, which is convenient to apply pressure during application - to get a coating under which it is easy to hide redness, pigmentation and other imperfections. You can read more about how to choose a foundation brush here.

For concealer

Concealer is a means for local masking of imperfections. It is best to apply it targeted to the area of the skin that needs to be aligned in tone with the “background”. Therefore, the concealer brush should be small, like the NYX Pro Spot Concealer Brush, to pick up the product at the very tip and leave it in the right amount exactly where you need it.

You just have to do a light shading, softening the boundaries of application with your fingertips.

For contouring

For contouring, a fairly voluminous and dense brush, which is distinguished by a diagonal cut, will help you with contouring, for example, the Contour Definition Brush from Urban Decay.

It is convenient to apply the sculpting powder under the cheekbones with an angled brush, blending it diagonally - from the corners of the lips to the temples. It will also allow you to easily fan the skin along the hairline, in the lower part of the cheeks and in other areas that need to be darkened for a visual effect.

The width of this fluffy brush allows you to blend contouring products with high quality, which is especially important, because there should not be clear lines after face oval correction.

For blush

A blush brush is a lot like a contouring brush: same shape, same cut; what distinguishes it is that it is more compact.

Pro Brush Dual Fiber by NYX is a small, soft brush that helps you apply and blend blush so that the shade looks as natural as possible on the apples of your cheeks. After working with this brush, you can achieve such an effect that the color literally appears through the skin - like a real blush.

Ranking of the best eye makeup brushes

For eyeliner

Lovers of graphic eye makeup with "sharp" arrows need a matching brush - with a sharp tip. Among them is ANGLD EYELNR No. 11 by NYX Professional Makeup.

Very thin, it is also suitable for working with liquid eyeliner. And the curved handle makes it easy to draw straight lines.

Girls who prefer soft winged lines need a brush like the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Smudger Brush.

This is a small and short, but dense and dense brush that is designed to smudge and blend lines.

You can first outline the eyelids with a pencil, and then soften the result by doing a light feathering with the Smudger Brush. This way you will get an emphasis on the contour and combine it with a smokey effect.

For shadows

In cases, make-up artists will definitely have a dozen different eyeshadow brushes. And for those who need one for every day, you should find one that will cope well with application and shading. Pro Brush Blending by NYX Professional Makeup is just that.

She has enough volume to pick up and distribute the shadows, and then blend the borders of the shades for a smoky eyes effect.

For eyebrows

If you're as thorough with your brows as you are with your eyes, you can't go wrong with a double-ended brush like Giorgio Armani's Eye Brow Maestro.

It has a round brush on one end, which you can use to lay the hairs in the right direction so that the eyebrows take a neat shape. And the angled brush on the other end is just what you need to work with colored powder or gel.

With it you can make the outlines of the eyebrows more clear, as well as fill the contour inside, if there are voids. You can read more about the rules for choosing an eyebrow brush here.

Which brushes are best for lip makeup?

Lip makeup uses standard-shaped brushes - flat, with a neat arcuate cut, thin at the tip. They are easy to outline the shape of the lips, and then fill the contour with color, achieving an extremely accurate result.

Giorgio Armani has Maestro Brush for lips - synthetic hair does not absorb lipstick, but distributes it on the lips, helping to get the effect of volume and color-rich coverage that looks very attractive.

Makeup brush care rules

The main condition for quality work is hygiene. Brushes should be washed as often as possible. If this is not done, then even synthetic brushes become a breeding ground for bacteria. When in contact with the skin, they transfer particles of contaminants to it, along with cosmetics, which can cause irritation and even inflammation.

Ordinary soap is also suitable for washing brushes, but there are special antibacterial sprays for cleaning the pile. For even more convenience, you can buy an aid like NYX Professional Makeup's On The Spot Brush Cleansing Pad, which has rubber "spikes" that help you get rid of dirt when you sweep it in a circular motion with a brush dipped in water and detergent.

More about how to wash makeup brushes, we talked about in this video tutorial.

Store brushes in places where dust will not settle on them; after they dry after washing, put them in a beauty case or a closed cosmetic bag.

Pro tips for choosing brushes

Most makeup artists advise investing in quality professional brushes that cost more than regular brushes, but also last longer and perform flawlessly. Before buying, be sure to check the mount: the handle should not stagger, as if it is about to fall off.

If the pile "climbs" , the quality leaves much to be desired. It should be flexible and resilient, easy to take the original shape; make sure that there are no creases on the hairs. A careful choice will definitely justify itself in practice. How to use each of the selected brushes, we told in this video.

Most Popular Makeup Brush Brands 2023

NYX Professional Makeup

In addition to the basic brushes, NYX Professional Makeup has a fan-shaped Face & Body Brush, a multi-functional tool for working with powder products.

Fluffy and voluminous, like a standard powder brush, it has a curve that makes it easier to follow the contours of the face and body.

With this brush you can apply regular powder, finishing powder, sculptor, blush, and highlighter. She has already become popular with professionals. Add her to your beauty arsenal.

Giorgio Armani

Professional Armani Beauty brushes are distinguished by premium quality: Maestro Brush for blush made of goat hair is a natural extra-soft brush that turns the application of cosmetics into a pleasant beauty ritual and is therefore very popular.Such brushes retain their shape for a long time, which means that you can use them for years, from time to time getting a beautiful make-up with a flawless finish.

Urban Decay

This brand has a different take on makeup brushes: they are all made of synthetic bristle (resulting from plastic processing), which copies all the best properties of natural, and also equipped with a recycled aluminum metal handle. Individual copies are a godsend for those who follow trends. These include, for example, the double-ended UD Pro Contour Shapeshifter brush.

Domed on one side, it helps to sculpt as accurately as possible. And the fan brush on the other hand is what you need for natural highlighting.

Finally take our quiz to make sure you're good with makeup brushes now.

  • 1 / 8

    Let's start simple. Why use this brush from Urban Decay?

    It's easy! For blush or bronzer This is a brush for applying foundation - even schoolgirls know!

  • 2 / 8

    We continue the warm-up. Why use this NYX Professional Makeup Dome Brush?

    For applying powder For applying eye shadow

  • 3 / 8

    What is this Giorgio Armani fine brush for?

    Spot concealer For liquid eyeliner

  • 4 / 8

    Why would you want this unusual YSL Beauté brush?

    For a highlighter! This is a regular foundation brush

  • 5 / 8

    Heavy artillery. Why use this fluffy brush from Urban Decay?

    No big deal: it's a makeup finishing brush Don't confuse me: it's just a blush brush

  • 6 / 8

    Why would you need this dense brush?

    For spotting concealer For applying eye shadow

  • 7 / 8

    This brush from YSL Beauté is said to be "small but daring" . Why is she needed?

    This is a lip brush that can be used to contour or apply lipstick This is a handy brow brush

  • 8 / 8

    When can this "unit" from NYX Professional Makeup come in handy?

    Is this a good eyeliner brush? This is an eyebrow brush

Which makeup brushes do you already have and which are still missing? Tell us in the comments.