Knowing trends without putting them into practice is meaningless. And although a podium manicure can not always be repeated, there are enough design ideas that nail art lovers should take note of. Let's talk about them

Closer to winter comes the time of "knitted" manicure and design with snowflakes, which by the New Year is replaced by festive nail art with glitter. This design of nails for many has become a tradition. We will not break it, but we will supplement it with new manicure options in the spirit of trends 2023.

Winter 2023 nail design: fashion trends and photo ideas

Judging by the fashion trends, in the winter of 2023, the manicure received almost carte blanche. This detail of the image depends only on the individual style and taste of the wearer.

Nail masters who set the tone by working on the backstage of shows stand for maximum variety. A clear confirmation of this can be obtained if you look at the manicure that complemented the image of models on different shows.

Some models took to the catwalk with long sharp nails, more like claws, and a bold voluminous design with rhinestones; others - with a length "under zero" , a laconic monophonic coating or without it at all. But these are extremes, and between them is the widest range of manicure options.

Manicure gurus are advised to be creative with nail design, experimenting even with those design options that we used to consider classics.

Current nail shape

Elongated oval

Long nails are still in trend. To soften the impression of the length, which certainly attracts attention even in the case of a simple nude-coating, round off the tips of the nails, as in the shows Adeam, Fashion East, Mary Katrantzou, Chromat.

Almond shape

This version of the nail shape is slightly more tapered at the tips. In combination with a medium length, it looks elegant and very feminine, as you can see by looking at the manicure of models from the shows Moschino, Ashley Williams, Manish Arora, Luar. And you will find design ideas for nails of this shape in this article.

Sharp nails

Unlike the oval shape, which is more suitable for lovers of the classics, this option is for girls who are ready for daring beauty solutions. This form requires a certain courage. The Blonds and Philipp Plein set an example this season: the models from these shows had nails with a “predatory” point, which in life will require you to be careful.


Nails with a straight cut and softened corners were also seen at the fall-winter 2023 shows.

Of course, outrageous "claws" and universal "almond" , which visually lengthens the fingers, came to the fore, but brands such as Halpern, Guy Laroche, Iceberg and several other brands decided to support girls who do not to taste, and gave the prize of their sympathy to the form of "soft square" .


Just as the no-makeup fashion continues in makeup, which allows you to get an improved version of your natural beauty, in manicure the desire for naturalness is also becoming a trend. If you don’t feel like it, you don’t need to grow nails a few centimeters long and give them a “predatory” pointed shape for the sake of fashion. Do you want to be yourself even when it comes to the shape of your nails? So, so be it: manicures on short natural nails this season were shown at 3.1 shows by Phillip Lim, Vivetta, Zimmermann, Cividini, Bora Aksu, House Of Holland, Prabal Gurung and many others.

Popular colors in manicure


This color has become the choice of most of the masters who were responsible for the manicure of models at the fashion weeks of the fall-winter 2023 season.

Red will not let you down, because in manicure it is considered a universal color along with white and black. Its plus is that it does not bother, no matter how many seasons in a row it flickers on the catwalks.

This is an eternal symbol of femininity and a guarantee that nails will look well-groomed.

In winter, a solid red coating gives energy and increases vitality. Area and Prabal Gurung have become his preachers in recent fashion weeks.

The choice of shades of red is up to you - it can be cherry or darker wine shades (the latter complemented the image of models at the Emporio Armani and Oscar de la Renta shows) like Essie's Stiletto Heels.

The red base design is another trendy option. Take a closer look at ideas from Philipp Plein (the nail artists focused on the tips with red flames) and Manish Arora (rhinestones were used in the manicure for this show).


On the catwalks, this shade appears in the design of models' nails extremely rarely. Lovers of bright manicure choose it for summer designs that complement a juicy cheerful palette of outfits on hot days.

For the winter of 2023, the creators of the runway manicure offered not a catchy orange shade, but a discreet pumpkin one. Just what you need for the cold season. To see how this color looks on the nails, you can look at the examples of the show Roberta Einer and Ulla Johnson.

Choose a "rare" color and test it - one coat is enough.

Neon shades

As if anticipating that winter will need salvation from the gloomy dullness, manicure masters offer design options with neon shades. Acid green, yellow and pink are welcome in the new season in the design of nails, both individually and as part of a multi-colored design.

Those who doubt that such a manicure is suitable not only for catwalks, but also for life, you should take a look at samples from the shows of Roberta Einer, Chromat and Philipp Plein.


Calm nude shades are a nail trend that goes from season to season.

And it's great: there is always an option for a universal manicure that gives the hands a well-groomed, neat look.

Flesh toned nails will complement any outfit.So follow the example of Carolina Herrera, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Elie Tahari, Lela Rose and other designers who know that such a manicure is a win-win choice. To help you with this varnish shade "To the fullest" from Essie.

Combination of black and white

Another classic solution that will come in handy in winter 2019 if you want to change your usual manicure for something more contrasting. You can paint your nails separately in black and separately in white, or combine these colors in the design.

Neutral colors complement each other perfectly in nail art. This choice will support any of your fashion ideas.

If you go for a minimalist design like Guy Laroche, even more so.

However, even with black and white lettering, like Jeremy Scott, there should be no problems.



Separately it is necessary to say about metallic varnishes, which are breaking into the lead this winter. Their steely shine can be an alternative solution for girls who think that glitter is too much. The metal coating really looks more restrained. At Cividini it was solid, while at Halpern, Adeam, Manish Arora and several other brands it served as the basis for nail art.

stylish winter manicure - 2023: options for short nails


This version of the manicure looks “winter” and in a classic version - with a white stripe on the tips of the nails.

On the eve of the holidays, the strip can be decorated with glitter.

And after the winter celebrations or during the holidays, try to make a jacket with trendy shades of winter 2023. Use that reddish color of pumpkin cream or, for example, a combination of pink and neon green (Roberta Einer).

The Priscavera reverse French cuticle arc is another option to experiment with this familiar design.

Whichever option you choose, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the technique of creating a French manicure.

Glitter Manicure

On the occasion of the winter holidays, you can completely cover your nails with sparkles.

But even coverage with glitter will look much more elegant with a short length, as in the Moschino and Kate Spade shows.

Two-tone manicure

Those who are familiar with nail art know very well that short nails and a complex design with many details are poorly compatible things. Little things are simply not visible on a small nail plate. Moreover, they risk creating the impression of a “dirty” manicure. So the simpler the better. That is why among the novelties for the winter of 2023 is a two-tone nail design in delicate shades.

Choose a simple color block design. A good example was shown at the show of the winter collection - 2023 Prabal Gurung.


With the help of a gradient, you can create a visual effect of lengthening your nails. Ombre design is useful if you want to grow your nails, but have not yet achieved the desired result. The trend status of this design in the winter of 2023 is confirmed by Rebecca Minkoff and Halpern.

See this video for step by step instructions on how to create a gradient on nails.


Fashion design ideas for long nails for winter 2023

Color stains

Art-theme in manicure this winter is simplified to the limit: multi-color watercolor stains are in fashion (an exemplary example was presented at the Luar show) and other design options that turn nails into a semblance of an artist's palette.

This nail art is good because it can be created on short nails, but on long nails, the transitions between shades will be smoother and more expressive. The confirmation is a manicure from the show Chromat.

Striped Manicure

The easiest and surest way to emphasize length is to use stripes in your design.

Draw a line down the middle like in the Christian Siriano show for a detail that will perfectly complement any nail shape. Lines, by the way, can be drawn with varnish with a metallic effect or with glitter - then your nail art will also rhyme with the winter holidays.

Moon French

Both french and moon manicure are a win-win choice for nails that managed to grow.

A good solution is to combine them in one design. You will get a beautiful accent on the length, as in the Badgley Mischka show autumn-winter 2023.

Emphasis on tips

Manicure with such specificity is useful for girls who want to unusually beat the shape of pointed nails or, for example, a straight cut of pointe nails. At the Philipp Plein winter show, the manicurists did it with a flame pattern. Based on this trend, you can come up with your own version for the winter mood.

Which manicure did you like the most?