Combining a few favorite shades in your image will help "cosmic" coloring. But first, it is better to try on this trend for a short time in order to understand whether you are ready to maintain a constant connection with space

The theme of space leaves few people indifferent. She finds a response even in beauty trends. Manicure and makeup are done cosmic, but today we will talk about dyeing hair in the colors of stellar nebulae. This palette, as a rule, consists of shades such as blue, purple, pink, turquoise.

The choice is usually made in favor of pastel, but the result is still bright - it's impossible not to pay attention to the cosmic image.

Who will suit the cosmic image?

Thinking about cosmic coloring, you need to take into account that the shades will have to smoothly transition from one to another. And to create transitions, you need a sufficient length of hair. The minimum is up to the chin. This is enough to get the desired result. But this coloring looks most impressive on long hair.

Galactic motifs are an option for girls who are not afraid of bold transformations. But there are, of course, some restrictions of a social nature. If there is a strict dress code at work, then space hair is unlikely to receive universal approval. Freedom in choosing clothes and makeup allows you to be creative with your hair, which means that unusual coloring is also welcome.Moreover, today the experiment can be short-term. This is possible thanks to temporary dyes that make the trend accessible to everyone.


How to achieve cosmic hair color?

Since not two shades, but three or four are involved in space coloring, it seems to many that it is right to sign up for a salon to have a professional colorist do their hair.

But now there are many home remedies that are very easy to use. And even space coloring becomes possible at home. To get the result as you need, follow the instructions.

  1. Preparation

    If you are getting ready for temporary coloring, wash your hair. The dye should be applied to clean hair: this way the color will look cleaner, and the result will be more resistant.Then dry your hair and prepare all the necessary tools and tools (for example, a comb and brush), as well as a towel that should cover your shoulders so as not to stain your clothes.

  2. Coloring

    Choose a suitable short-term dye in advance. Below is a list of those that may be useful to you:

    • Colorista Spray, L'Oréal Paris

      This is spray paint. It is enough to sprinkle the strands so that they acquire the desired shade. Working with Colorista Spray is recommended for those who want to do the coloring in a hurry. First, apply color to large strands, thereby preparing the "background" . Let them dry. And then add spots and stripes of other colors on top. As soon as the paint is on the hair, blend the edges of the application with a brush: this is necessary to make the transitions smooth.You need to act quickly before the paint is absorbed and dried.

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    • Colorista Hair Makeup, L'Oréal Paris

      Jelly is applied to hair with hands or a brush. Randomly distribute the shades through the hair, paying attention to the boundaries between the colors. They need to be softened so that there are no sharp transitions. After that, dry your hair with a hairdryer - the image is ready. You will find detailed instructions in this video tutorial.

      As with Colorista Spray, the result will stay on the hair until the first shampoo application. If you don't wash your hair every morning, the color will last 2-3 days.

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    • Colorista Washout, L'Oréal Paris

      Colorista Washout balm is similar to the previous product in its texture, but the formula is different. It can be applied in the same way as Colorista Hair Makeup - on different strands, alternating shades. But then the paint will have to be left for 15-30 minutes. Calculate the time based on how bright the result you would like to get. Then rinse with water and dry your hair.

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  3. Styling

    Finish the process with styling to your taste and fix the result with varnish. So that the hairstyle does not give the impression of a helmet, after applying the varnish, comb your hair with a comb with large, rare teeth.


Cosmic Hairstyle Ideas

Styling options will depend on hair length.

Long hair in cosmic shades

  1. Waves parted

    If you straighten hair that is dyed in cosmic colors, it can focus on the boundaries between shades. If you make styling in waves, the transitions will be less noticeable. Fix the waves with a fixative, then part your hair into a straight or side part.

  2. Twisted braids

    Girls with long hair, on the one hand, look advantageous with loose hair. On the other hand, they can make interesting hairstyles with different types of weaving.Having made space coloring, you can successfully apply it by styling in the style of Princess Leia - with braids twisted on the sides into voluminous bundles. By the way, by loosening the braids, you will get waves that will emphasize the beautiful play of shades.

Cosmic Medium Hairstyles

  1. Wavy hair in a half bun or braids

    As is the case with long hair, owners of medium length can style with waves to make space coloring even more expressive. And then, dividing the hair into two sections, collect the top in a bun or in a tail, which (if the length allows) can be braided. All three options are possible and will make the image livelier.

  2. Hollywood curls

    If you need not mischievous, but feminine styling, then instead of waves in a surfer style, choose neat smooth curls. After making them with a curling iron, part your hair with a side part and fasten a large strand near your face - this will add Hollywood chic to your hairstyle.

Short hair of cosmic colors

  1. Invisible Hairstyle

    Short hair can also be slightly curled. So that they do not bristle, try to achieve large curls. Then separate the hair with the usual parting and fasten the strands on the sides near the face next to several invisible ones. Best of all - silver: so you support the space theme.

  2. Low ponytail or bun

    An option for girls who want to soften the effect of bold coloring. Part and pull your hair tightly into a low ponytail for a sleek look.

How to add space hair coloring?

Space manicure and make-up in an image with such coloring will definitely be superfluous: they look good without thematic additions.

When you've finished coloring your hair, you can accentuate it by doing eye makeup with arrows in the same shades that you chose for coloring, or smoky eyes in the same range. As for manicure, a simple monochromatic coating of blue, lilac, turquoise or pink will do.

Would you dare to cosmic coloring? Or do you prefer natural hair colors?