This is the name of the natural wide eyebrows of a "boyish" shape, that is, the embodiment of fashion trends of recent years

Trends can capture minds for a while, but sooner or later we return to the classics and naturalness. So it happened with the fashion for underlined eyebrows. It is no longer relevant to highlight them with makeup so that clear contours of the form catch the eye. Now the podiums dictate the opposite: even after color correction, the eyebrows should look like their own, and there is no need to be afraid of imperfections - bumps and broken hairs.

Scouse eyebrows - what is it?

These are wide, thick, naturally shaped eyebrows. Scouse eyebrows are sometimes said to be like boys' ones - "bushy" , a little rough in shape and width.

Such eyebrows should not have a dramatic break or artificially pointed tips - this is a completely different story, from which the new trend, on the contrary, takes us away. Instead of neat lines - slight negligence; she is charming in her own way and this is exactly what many girls who are already following the fresh trend like this.

Eyebrows can grow on their own as required by fashion, if you loosen your grip a little during correction and stop plucking every “extra” hair. If you haven’t achieved the desired result yet, create the desired effect with the help of makeup: you will need well-known beauty products for eyebrows and advice from makeup artists. You can find useful tips on eyebrow shaping here.

thick wide eyebrows: care secrets

The appearance of eyebrows depends on many factors.


Skin, nails, hair - their condition, of course, can be improved with the help of cosmetics, but what is much more important is what nourishment they receive from the inside, thanks to a balanced diet. To make your hair thicker, and with it your eyebrows grow well too, eat more foods rich in vitamins: fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.

Fatty acids also contribute to he althy hair: fish and seafood, avocados, nuts, eggs, chia seeds and flax - they just have a lot of omega-3s.


Special serums (Maybelline New York has, for example, the Lash Sensational eyelash growth activator, which will work great on eyebrows) will still not be superfluous.

Use them in courses of several weeks.And also pay attention to the choice of make-up remover: ideally, they should contain oils that nourish the hairs of the eyebrows and eyelashes. Learn more about how to remove make-up from the delicate area of the eyes and eyebrows in this video tutorial.


This is a well-known method of stimulating hair growth. The thing is that massage improves microcirculation. Together with the blood flow, the skin and hair follicles receive more oxygen and essential substances from it: vitamins and trace elements.

A light skin massage in the eyebrow area can be done while washing. If the practice is daily, you will see the result very soon.

How to create trendy scouse eyebrows with makeup: step by step photo tutorial

First, prepare everything you need.

Tools and accessories

To create the effect of "boyish" eyebrows in the spirit of the new trend, you will need tweezers, a round brush or a flat eyebrow comb, a flat brush (if you use shadow for makeup), and an eyebrow pencil or felt-tip pen (if you work with shadows, on the contrary, you are uncomfortable).

  1. Preparation

    Tweezers will still be needed: see if there are any hairs that are too far out of the general contour. If there are, remove them, but don't get carried away too much - there shouldn't be a "stencil" form.

  2. Color correction

    This step can be skipped for girls whose eyebrows are dark and quite thick by nature. If they are light and with “voids”, you will need to work with color. Take a pencil, a special marker for eyebrows or, for example, shadows - you can choose a texture that is comfortable for you.

    Next, fill in the brows with hatching. Do it lightly and without pressure - then these lines will look like hairs from afar and make the eyebrows visually more magnificent.

  3. Shaping and fixing

    Eyebrow styling is especially important if you want real scouse brows. Comb them up with a round brush: this technique will expand them.

    And then, trying to keep the resulting shape, complete the makeup with a transparent gel. Wait for it to "grab" and fix the eyebrows.

Review of make-up products for thick eyebrows

What funds should I pay attention to first of all? Let's prompt right now.

  • Pencil Brow Satin, Maybelline New York

    This is a 2 in 1 tool. On one side of the pencil is a thin and at the same time soft lead, which is easy to adjust the shape of the eyebrows.And you can fill in the “gaps” inside the contour with a sponge that crowns the other end of the pencil and is saturated with filling powder. With it, you can easily soften the lines if the pressure of the pencil is too strong.

  • Pencil Brow Artist Micro Tattoo, L'Oréal Paris

    Brow Artist Micro Tattoo is one of the best products for natural eyebrow makeup. This is what makes it a notched applicator, which can draw four thin parallel lines at the same time. It turns out the effect of microblading, the most natural result. Even if you go out of line a little with the Brow Artist Micro Tattoo, it will not look like a blunder that needs to be corrected immediately; on the contrary, this way the eyebrows will become visually even more magnificent.

  • Brow Endowed Tint Gel Primer, Urban Decay

    Another practical two-way product. Brow Endowed includes a primer that gives volume and density to the brow hairs - this is also part of the "scouse" effect. Strengthen it simply with a tint gel. With it, you will make a slight emphasis on the eyebrows and be able to comb them in the right way, as well as fix the chosen shape.

Scouse eyebrows - among the trends that you are ready to follow? Write what you think about it in the comments.