With age, the skin becomes more vulnerable than in youth, and it has more and more needs. Therefore, even makeup products should include care

A lot is always expected from a cream for aging skin. I want him not only to improve her condition, but simply erase the signs of aging. There are no such magical results so far - cosmetics are not able to turn back the clock, but, of course, they can provide mature skin with the effective care necessary to look good.A competent approach will make wrinkles and other signs of age less noticeable.

Foundation for aging facial skin: which one to choose?

With the development of the beauty industry, there are more and more products designed for different skin types and designed to solve different problems. Tonal creams that are produced for aging skin are also diverse. What to look for first?


Creams with a dense texture are not recommended for aging skin. Heavy tonal coverage adds age. It also clogs into wrinkles, making them even more noticeable.

Mature skin does not need such a load. She needs a light, moisturizing finish with a radiant effect that will make her look fresh, "full" from the inside.

Waterproof or regular?

Be aware that most waterproof formulas dry out the skin.They are aimed primarily at ensuring that the coating lasts longer - care in this case is clearly not a priority. Such products are usually oil-free, which allows them to remain on the skin without “slipping”. Therefore, you should not use a waterproof cream on a daily basis.

But once, when the occasion requires it, a tool like Infaillible from L'Oréal Paris will definitely come in handy.

Seasonal choice

You need to choose a foundation for aging skin so that it feels comfortable in changing weather conditions. Light, weightless vibes - just what you need for the summer. On hot days, the skin cannot do without enhanced sun protection, so foundation creams with SPF are recommended. True, in winter, the action of UV rays also does not stop, although the sun becomes less active. Therefore, the presence of SPF in the composition of the product is also welcome in the cold.

But the texture of the cream in winter can be denser and softer to protect the skin from the drying cold air.

As for the properties of foundation creams, then in adulthood they need to be selected taking into account the type of skin, focusing on its needs and problems.

Best foundation for dry skin

Super moisturizing is what aging skin suffering from dryness needs. The foundation is also able to contribute to the solution of this problem. In this sense, you can trust, for example, Youth Liberator Le Teint cream from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

Forever Youth Liberator anti-aging serum. So you don't have to worry about your skin. The formula is loaded with moisturizing ingredients that will greatly improve her condition if she is at risk of dehydration.

By the way, Youth Liberator Le Teint is a long-lasting cream. The effect lasts up to 24 hours, but it does not dry the skin, like many other similar products. And all thanks to moisturizing ingredients and a pleasant delicate texture. The decorative result is also beyond praise. The Color Tune-Up complex in the composition makes the complexion he althy, fresh and radiant. The cream fills the unevenness of the relief, providing visual smoothness. Wrinkles become less visible and skin looks much younger as a result.

Which foundation to choose for oily and problematic aging skin?

If the skin is prone to oiliness and inflammation, the foundation should contain as few irritants as possible. Oils in the composition are best avoided so that the texture is light and does not burden the skin. However, contrary to popular (and erroneous) belief, this type of skin also needs hydration. Giorgio Armani Designer Lift "liquid powder" may be suitable.

This tool creates a mesh coating on the skin, which not only evens out the tone and relief of the skin, but also tightens it, providing a lifting effect. The skin looks firmer and the contours of the face become clearer.

A special ingredient in Designer Lift is a blue pearl extract called Prussian blue. He is responsible for masking imperfections and a delicate glow that will definitely not become oily during the day. Owners of oily skin can not worry about her appearance.

Foundation for mature combination skin

Combination skin is characterized by dry cheeks and oily sheen in the T-zone. Thus, the foundation should cope immediately with a complex of problems.

Shu Uemura's Petal Skin Fluid is ready for multitasking with a formula that's full of beneficial ingredients.

Any skin, including combination skin, first of all requires high-quality hydration. After all, often the skin is “fatty” just because it lacks moisture. She begins to intensively produce sebum in order to cover herself with an oily film to avoid dehydration. The formula contains white lily extract, which helps to maintain the optimal moisture balance of the skin.

It is also important that the cream mattifies the skin, eliminating oily sheen. For this, Petal Skin Fluid contains jasmine extract, which regulates sebum secretion. The texture of the product is also designed to give a matte finish.

Of course, the product should also have an anti-aging effect. Therefore, the composition includes pomegranate extract, which is known for its antioxidant properties. By neutralizing the action of free radicals, it relieves the skin of oxidative stress and allows you to maintain youth for longer.Sunscreen SPF 20 saves from photoaging.

Delicate fluid texture makes makeup easy and comfortable. Mineral pigments help achieve perfect skin tone without clogging pores or causing irritation. The coating will create a feeling of smooth skin without wrinkles and enlarged pores.


Foundations for women over 40 with porous skin

When enlarged pores become a noticeable problem, it is better to complement the foundation with a special primer-filler. For example, Optical Illusion Complexion Primer by Urban Decay.

It hides pores and visually minimizes wrinkles, so it's great for porous, aging skin. The coverage can be compared to a weightless veil that gives the skin smoothness and natural radiance. The skin looks fresh and well-groomed.The final touch will be All Nighter foundation with a very comfortable texture. It absorbs sebum for a matte finish. The foundation is easy to apply with a brush, sponge or fingers. By the way, we talked about the pros and cons of each of these methods in this video.

How to prep your skin for foundation: pro tips

  1. Purification

    Proceed to make-up only after cleansing the skin. Firstly, it will allow you to avoid inflammation, which can appear if impurities mix with foundation and get into the pores. Secondly, clean skin perceives useful components better, allowing them to reveal their potential. If your foundation contains caring ingredients, they can prove their effectiveness, and soon you will notice the result.

    When make-up removal is irrelevant, you can use Kiehl's Calendula Cleansing Foam Gel.

  2. Moisture

    You can't skip this stage of skin preparation. And it's not just that moisturizing is vital for aging skin. Foundations often accentuate lines, wrinkles, and other irregularities in the skin precisely because the skin is dry. Moisturize it so that signs of age are less noticeable. Suitable, for example, Absolue Premium ßx cream from Lancôme.

  3. Primer application

    If you choose the “right” base (for example, Pore Filler from NYX Professional Makeup), it will help even out the microrelief of the skin and hide enlarged pores and expression lines. The result will be much better than if you apply foundation on bare skin.

More makeup tips for aging skin can be found in this video tutorial.

Top best foundations for aging skin from L'Oréal Paris

Which brand would you trust for mature skin makeup? We advise you to pay attention to those that we talked about above, as well as to the multifunctional products of L’Oréal Paris. Let's talk about the best, according to the editors.

  • Alliance Perfect L'Oréal Paris

    When creating this foundation, L'Oréal Paris took special care of the anti-aging effect. The composition contains essential oils, vitamins E and B6, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol, aloe leaf juice, and other useful ingredients that soften and moisturize the epidermis, smooth out signs of aging, and also provide skin comfort. Dry-ground pigments containing fluorine are responsible for the external effect: they not only even out the tone, but also help regulate sebum production.With a light matte effect, the skin looks fresh and young.

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  • Infaillible Fresh Tone 24 Hours, L’Oréal Paris

    This remedy is perfect for aging skin that is prone to oiliness and inflammation. This cream has a velvety matte finish that will keep the defense up to 24 hours (the coating has such a durability). It evens out the tone and relief, but at the same time looks like a “second skin”, without revealing its presence on the face. The composition contains aluminum hydroxide and magnesium, which soothe irritations, perlite that absorbs excess sebum, as well as vitamin E, which has a rejuvenating effect.

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  • BB C'Est Magic, L'Oréal Paris

    Another great solution for aging skin is BB Cream, a combination foundation and moisturizer. Light coverage with a radiant effect is suitable for owners of dry skin. The composition contains panthenol, glycerin and fig extract - components that guarantee a powerful moisturizing effect. By the way, fig extract also tones the skin, stimulating its renewal. The well-known antioxidant vitamin E also contributes. Its anti-age action is to combat oxidative stress. Protecting the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals slows down the aging process.

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