Don't know what to make the main accent in makeup for the evening? You can't go wrong with red lips. Let's tell you how to complement them in your image

The versatility of red lipstick has long made it a tool for all occasions. Red color on the lips is worn even on weekdays - in the event that you want to look feminine and attractive. The brightness of the accent does not raise questions. The more logical it looks in evening looks - here red lipstick comes in handy. It remains a classic and helps gracefully draw attention to itself if the latest trends seem too bold.

When is evening makeup with red lips relevant?

Evening makeup with red lipstick is the perfect solution for the holiday. There is no better choice for any celebration.

Girlfriend's birthday, bachelorette party, friends' party, dinner with loved ones - matte red lipstick with a pleasant velvety texture will not let you down. And if you are planning a full-fledged evening out with a black tie dress code, then you can give preference to glossy lipstick or lip lacquer like Vernis à Lèvres Vinyl Cream from YSL Beauté.

Which shade of red lipstick to choose based on hair color?

When you go in search of your perfect red, don't forget that a successful combination of all its elements makes the image harmonious. And hair color plays an important role in this sense.


Blonde is cold and warm. This must be taken into account when choosing red lipstick.

Of course, there is a universal red that successfully complements the image in both cases. But other shades of this color for platinum blondes, for example, may not be suitable. They need a red with a berry tint. Blondes often belong to the "summer" color type - what shade of red lipstick suits such girls, we told here.

Another winning option is a cold wine shade. Like Copenhagen from NYX Professional Makeup's Soft Matte Lip Cream collection.

On the contrary, girls with golden blonde need warmer shades of red, close to terracotta.


Dark-haired girls also go for a neutral shade of red lipstick - bright, "clean" , neither cold nor warm.

If the product has a non-classical shade, you will have to check if it rhymes with the hair color. Girls with very dark, blue-black hair need cool shades of red lipstick - with a touch of pink.

And the hair is lighter, the color of milk chocolate, requires a different approach. Against their background, light shades of red, with reddishness, look better. Carrot, for example, would be a very good solution. Check it out by trying on Vice Lipstick in Tilt by Urban Decay.

We showed three makeup options using this juicy color in the video tutorial.

Brown haired

The same rules for choosing shades are also relevant for brown-haired women. True, in their case, the hair most often has a warm undertone. And red lipstick should match. Choose warm shades: cherry, marsala, brick and others.


Girls with red hair should look for shades of red that will stand out against their bright head of hair: burgundy, red-pink, red-brown.

Of course, the red classic suits them too, but in an evening look it's still better to play on the contrast and get a more expressive result.

Bright evening make-up ideas with red lipstick

Eye color matters too.

Brown eyes

  1. Red lipstick and black arrows

    Brown-eyed girls often choose oriental-style eye makeup with a black outline and arrows. However, you can get by with just the arrows. In both cases, the emphasis on the eyes can be supplemented with an equivalent emphasis on the lips - with red lipstick.

  2. Red lipstick and brown haze

    Graphic lip makeup created with matte red lipstick pairs well with a soft smoky effect on the eyelids. Paint over the inner contour of the eyes with brown kajal, and then emphasize the outer contour with it and blend the lines - such smokes will not argue with the evening accent on the lips.

Blue and gray eyes

  1. Red lipstick and rose gold lids

    Blue eyes become brighter if there is red lipstick in the make-up. But this effect can be enhanced by applying a translucent layer of light shadows to the eyelids. A trendy shade of rose gold will do. And its shimmery glow will create a soft contrast with lip makeup, if you prefer lipstick with a matte texture. In creating the make-up from this video, rose gold shades are just involved.

  2. Red lipstick and blue mascara

    Many bright colors go well with each other when each is sufficient on its own. In this sense, red and blue are a perfect match. Did you paint your lips red? You can apply blue mascara to the tips of your lashes. The look will immediately become more expressive. This is especially true for blue eyes.

  3. Red lipstick and silver arrows

    This makeup option is more suitable for gray-eyed girls. The matte version of the bright coating works best in this tandem.

    To create arrows, take a pencil or a silver-colored eyeliner with a shimmer. Black or dark gray mascara on the tips of the lashes will complete the makeup.

Green eyes

  1. Red lipstick and golden smoky eyes

    Green-eyed girls are primarily warm shades. In evening make-up, it can be, for example, gold. Blend the lighter shades closer to the inner corners of the eyes. And on the outer, along the ciliary contour and in the crease, distribute darker golden brown shadows with a shimmer.

    Make sure that the colors literally merge with each other - there should not be clear boundaries. Finish off with Giorgio Armani Red Lip Magnet.

  2. Red lipstick and brown cat eyes

    Matte shadows can also be used in this makeup option. Blend them along the lash line so that the haze thickens slightly at the outer corners of the eyes. In general, the color layer should be translucent.

    On top of the shadows, draw arrows with a cat's eye effect with a brown liner - you will find detailed instructions in this video.

Evening make-up with red lipstick: step by step instructions

A make-up option for the evening, which, perhaps, is suitable for everyone, is a combination of red lipstick and black arrows. How to make such a make-up yourself? Let's talk right now.

  1. Preparation

    Moisturize your face with a light cream or primer. Soften your lips with a balm. While you work on the tone, eyebrow and eye makeup, the skin of the lips will smooth out, and the lipstick will lie evenly.

  2. Tone and correction

    Spread foundation with a matte or satin effect over your face. The latter will give the skin a barely noticeable "inner" radiance and a neat, well-groomed appearance. Suitable, for example, Fluid Sheer from Giorgio Armani.

    Cover imperfections with concealer. Apply it dotted with a thin brush to those places where color correction is required (if there is redness or inflammation). Then blend it with an under-eye sponge to hide dark circles.

    Next, apply blush or bronzer under the cheekbones and blend diagonally.

  3. Eyebrow makeup

    If necessary, adjust the shape of the eyebrows with tweezers. Make a slight accent on the outline with shadows and fill in the gaps inside with them using the hatching method.

    Smooth the hairs in the desired direction with a round brow brush and fix the result with gel.

    By the way, before you start working on your eyebrows, you can apply a primer to the skin of the eyelids and let it soak in while you do the correction.

  4. Eye makeup

    Draw a line with a felt-tip liner along the ciliary contour. Bring it to the outer corners of the eyes and sharpen. Remember that the tails of the arrows should be like a continuation of the lash line on the lower eyelid.

    You can make your make-up more dramatic if you take the arrow into the crease of the eyelid. Get a retro look. Finish it off with mascara.

  5. Lip makeup

    Outline the lips with a red pencil. If this does not turn out to be, a nude one will do; this will allow you to act more confident when using lipstick.

    Duplicate the lines drawn with a pencil, lipstick (using the applicator). And then paint over the lips all over to get a full make-up.

Evening makeup will definitely not let you down if you sprinkle your face with a fixative spray that will cover the skin with a thin protective film.

YSL Beauty make-up artist David Gorozia offers his red lips look in this video:

Review of evening make-up with red lips

What products complement red lipstick? Take a look at our selection.

  • Superliner Cat Eye, L'Oréal Paris

    Perfect match for red lipstick - black eyeliner. Using Superliner Cat Eye, you can draw "evening" arrows on your own just like a makeup artist. A stencil is built into the cap of this eyeliner for easy drawing of arrows. A graceful sharp tail will turn out the first time.

  • Highlighter Face Studio Strobing Liquid, Maybelline New York

    In an evening make-up with red lipstick, highlighter highlights will make the look even more elegant. Face Studio Strobing Liquid features a soft, creamy texture. You can apply the product not only on the cheekbones, but also on the "arch of Cupid" : this will make the emphasis on the lips more expressive. By the way, the highlighter can be mixed with foundation. As a result of applying this mix, you will achieve a fresh glow, which will be a great background for matte red lipstick on the lips.

  • Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil, Urban Decay

    In evening make-up, lipstick requires extra durability. A reliable primer is always ready to insure it.The Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil, a colorless pencil, can play its role. Firstly, it will help to define the boundaries of applying lipstick. Secondly, it evens out the relief of the skin of the lips, filling in all the irregularities on its surface. As a result, the lipstick will lie evenly, and the coating will be smooth. With the same pencil, like an eraser, it is convenient to “erase” blots after applying the color. Few products can boast such versatility in lip makeup.

  • Le Lip Liner, Lancôme

    If you rely on a “draft” in your lip makeup, use a tool like Le Lip Liner. The pencil will help to emphasize the contour and adjust the shape of the lips, if necessary. After such preparation, the lipstick will not go beyond the intended boundaries, even if its texture is not dense.

Do you have red lipstick in your makeup bag? Which one do you like the most?