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Depicting a dragonfly on nails is not as difficult as it might seem. There are many options that are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

When is a dragonfly manicure appropriate?

Manicure with butterflies and dragonflies is a traditional option for the warm season. It will look great with light blouses and floral print dresses.

But if you choose a darker shade (for example, cherry or blue), then this design will look appropriate in the fall.

Ways to create a drawing with a dragonfly on nails

Like any other pattern, there are several ways to create a dragonfly on nails.

Hand painted

Hand painting with a brush is the most difficult option, requiring time and practice. But only with the help of a brush you can create a truly unique dragonfly nail design.


There are several types of stickers. Applique can be pasted on a small part of the nail. Manicures will close the nail plate completely. Which option to choose is up to you.

Stamping finished patterns

The stamping technique will come to the rescue if there is no time for brush exercises, but you want to get a quality result here and now. Don't forget to visit the nail art store and buy a special stencil and stamp to transfer the image to your nails.

How to draw a dragonfly on nails: step by step photo tutorial

Before you start drawing a dragonfly on your nails, prepare everything you need:

  • Essie lacquer - "Shine buttons" ;

  • Essie lacquer - "Fashion style" ;

  • Maybelline New York Colorama polish - 749.

In this photo tutorial, we will share the secrets of creating two simple, but very effective versions of dragonfly nail art. The first will be calm and concise. The second one is summery bright. Let's start with the basic version to understand the step-by-step drawing of a dragonfly, which even beginners will be able to do.

  1. Apply base coat. You can use both dark and light colors, as this technique involves creating a contrasting outline pattern. Arm yourself with dots.

  2. Using a dots of medium diameter, put a dot with varnish in a contrasting color where you plan to place the dragonfly's head. The dot must be large. If the diameter of the dots is not enough, put two dots overlapping side by side.

  3. Next, put smaller dots down (or in any other direction), each time increasing the distance between them. To make the dots gradually decrease in size, put several dots in a row. The amount of varnish on the dots will decrease, which means that the dots will become smaller.

  4. For the next step, put a large drop of polish on the dots.

  5. Put a dot at some distance from the dragonfly's body. Without lifting the dots, but slightly lifting it above the nail, stretch the varnish to a point that is located below the head. This will make a wing.

  6. Duplicate the same steps to draw three more wings. You can draw another dragonfly.

  7. Make drawings on neighboring nails as well. One small dragonfly on each will be enough not to overload the manicure.

  8. To make the nail art look complete, add dots to the nail plates in a chaotic manner.

  9. Apply top. Laconic manicure is ready!

Let's move on to a bright design. Follow the instructions so that the result does not disappoint you.

  1. Dark blue polish will look very impressive. Like Essie's Glitter Buttons.

    When the base coat dries, put white dots on it, as in the previous version of the manicure.

  2. Next you need bright shades. Take, for example, yellow, pink, light green, blue. There are suitable ones in the Colorama line from Maybelline New York.

  3. Use dots to make bright prints of the selected shades where the dragonfly will have wings.

  4. It is important that the dots do not turn out dense and clear. To do this, collect small drops on the dots and print them repeatedly on the nail plate.

  5. Run the top coat brush over the wings without covering the entire nail. With each stroke, the polish will blur in the direction you move the brush. Therefore, stretch the varnish along the wings, and not perpendicular to them.

  6. Circle the resulting stains with white varnish. There is no need to strive to create a clear outline. It is enough just to mark the boundaries.

  7. Add small streaks (as a continuation of the wings) on the adjacent nails. To make the drawing look more voluminous, place bright dots of different diameters on it, but with clear contours.

  8. Apply a matte top. Design with bright dragonfly is ready!

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Dragonfly manicure ideas for short nails

On short nails, you can draw a real masterpiece if you follow the instructions clearly and choose a design that suits you. We advise you to pay attention to simple, but effective.

French with dragonfly

French manicure, contrary to popular belief, can be done even on very short nails. With a short length, replace the traditional "smile" with a horizontal strip. If possible, move the edges of the line down to the middle of the nail. The dragonfly can be painted over the jacket with a contrasting varnish, or you can use stickers or lay it out with stones, as in the photo.

Nude dragonfly manicure

Nude background can be compared with white in its versatility. This manicure is perfect for any occasion. And small drawings will help to diversify it. Create a dragonfly on two nails with clear and emerald rhinestones and silver nail polish. This nail art option is perfect for elegant almond or oval nails.

Summer manicure with dragonfly and sparkles

In summer you want bright accents. But if you need a universal manicure, you should limit yourself to small rhinestones. They can decorate the dragonfly painted on the nail of the ring finger, and cover the rest of the nails with a milky varnish like Essie's Perfect Cut.

Simple dragonfly manicure on a white background

It's enough to choose an interesting combination of shades (for example, blue and white) and draw the outlines of a pair of dragonflies with wings of different colors on one of the nails.

Dragonfly manicure options for long nails

In the case of long nails, there is where to roam. So that you don't get lost in the variety of possibilities, we have prepared some ideas.

Black matte dragonfly manicure

Matte finish seems to be getting more and more popular. And no wonder. After all, this is a great way to draw attention to nail design.

To make the dragonfly stand out against a black background, it can be painted with light varnish or laid out from multi-colored stones. Another option is to place the dragonfly on the thumbnail that has been pre-coated with clear polish.

Dragonfly on two nails

Use two nails on each hand to create three-dimensional drawings. And on the rest, apply a soft pink varnish. Manicure will turn out discreet, but not boring. By the way, this design is also perfect for a pedicure.

Nail design with dragonflies, butterflies and flowers

A dragonfly surrounded by butterflies or blooming roses is a manicure for romantic people. Don't be afraid to go beyond the boundaries of the nail and use different textures. Nail polish with glitter on the little finger, for example, perfectly complements nail art. The main thing is to stick to nude shades.

Dragonfly wings on nails

It is not necessary to draw a dragonfly in detail. It is enough to draw a vertical or diagonal line on the nail and beautiful multi-colored wings - pastel colors and glitter or broth will help with this.

Beautiful colored dragonfly manicure

Bright colors will help create a truly summer manicure. What shades to give preference?

Rhinestone dragonfly on yellow background

Yellow and orange polishes are a real summer choice. So that the drawing is not lost on such a bright background, it is better to create the body and wings of a dragonfly using rhinestones. Choose stones of different diameters and colors - this will make the design more interesting. One nail on the other hand can also be decorated with a pattern of stones - this will complete the manicure.

Green dragonfly nails

Even if you don't consider yourself a fan of herbal colors, ombre with a transition from deep blue-green at the base of the nail to black at the tip is unlikely to leave you indifferent. True, with such a background, you will have to try to make the picture noticeable. For contrast, opt for a shimmering gold polish.

How to create a beautiful transition between two shades, we told in this video tutorial.

Delicate manicure with a dragonfly on a blue background

Blue nail polish can be not only delicate, but also quite bright.

This shade goes well with white lacquer and pearls, fashionable this season, as a decoration. On a blue background, they will create a beautiful contrast.

By the way, you can not only cover other nails with plain varnish, but also make, for example, a moon manicure.

Bright red dragonfly nails

Red nail polish looks bold enough on its own. So that the red dragonfly manicure does not look overloaded, choose a discreet black or neutral white color for the pattern and give up unnecessary decor: rhinestones and stones. A manicure with a negative effect looks interesting - as if the contour of a dragonfly was imprinted on the nail. Foil on one of the nails of the other hand will help to balance the nail design.

2023 fashion trends and novelties

In 2023, one drawing is often distributed on two or three nails. In the case of a dragonfly, this will give more room to maneuver and allow you to draw the details of the wings.

Which version of the dragonfly manicure did you like the most? Would you do this?