Share the secrets of creating nail art with berries and show how to adapt the design to different seasons and nail lengths

We have already shared ideas for strawberry and rowan manicure. This time we will talk about the new trend of 2023 - design with cherries.

when is Cherry Manicure appropriate?

Juicy ripe berries on nails look most organic in the warm season. Manicure with cherries is not only an interesting version of nail design, but also versatile. It can be embodied on both short and long nails.

Deep wine range is also suitable for the cold season. Complement the berries with a jacket, cat-eye design, small rhinestones or flowers - and get a unique solution.

Cherry manicure: Ways to create a pattern on nails

There are several ways to create a manicure with cherries on your nails. It all depends on the availability of the necessary funds and experience.

Hand painted

Hand-painted with a manicure brush is the most difficult option, which is more suitable for those who have already mastered nail art well. If you are a beginner, then be patient and start with simple patterns. It is not necessary to make cherries as detailed as possible. Draw a small burgundy circle and then add some green leaves.

How to draw a cherry on your nails with a brush, we will show below in a step-by-step photo instruction.


Stickers will allow you to achieve the desired effect without any extra effort. There are options to choose from. Application stickers are usually small in size and are suitable for decorating part of the nail. Manicure stickers will cover the nail completely. It remains only to carefully trim the edges.

Stamping finished patterns

The stamping technique is also helpful for beginners. It will be enough to transfer the pattern from the stencil to the nail using a special stamp.

How to draw a cherry on nails: step by step photo tutorial

You will need:

  • Essie polish - 443,

  • Essie polish - 59.

In this photo tutorial, we will show you step by step how to make a stylish cherry nail design, as well as talk about the risks associated with choosing large designs.

  1. To make the image of berries look less contrasting and more restrained, choose gray or any other calm pastel shade as the main color - such as Essie's "Perfect Fit" from Essie.

  2. Using a dots of medium diameter, put two red dots on the nail. Suitable varnish in the shade "Aperitif" from Essie.

  3. Add a few more pairs of such points. It is desirable that they are all the same size and at the same distance from each other.

  4. Next you will need a very thin brush. You can make this yourself even from an old brush that has already served: just cut it in a circle, leaving only a few hairs in the center.

  5. Pressing the brush to the nail at a slight angle, draw straight lines from the cherries so that they meet at the top. If you draw curved lines, and the berries themselves are placed randomly, then it is likely that the design will look like a child's drawing.

  6. If the nail polish starts to dry on the brush, wipe it with a lint-free cloth soaked in nail polish remover. Otherwise, the lines will be uneven.

  7. Finish all thin lines.

  8. Now add a leaf. To make it spiky, like a cherry, first put a dot at a small distance from the junction of straight lines and stretch it to the side, tearing the dots away from the nail.

  9. Then, put a drop of polish on the dots again and place it at the same starting point, but now pull the polish in the other direction. So that the tip of the leaf connects with straight lines.

  10. This nail art with cherries can be completed. In this performance, it looks delicate and concise.

  11. If you prefer a brighter design, feel free to place cherries on all nails. Thanks to thin lines, it will not look excessive. On the contrary, it will give the impression of a stylish and modern.


If you want to draw a large drawing, it is important to choose the correct location of the image on the nail. So, a round berry in the center of short nails will make them even smaller. Even if everything seems beautiful up close, be sure to evaluate the design from an arm's length. It may turn out that a large pattern visually makes the nail plate wider or shorter.Most often, a large drawing is placed on the free edge. As a rule, in this case, only part of the subject itself is drawn. For example, half a cherry with a ponytail. This will be enough to understand what exactly you wanted to depict.

  1. Draw a brush with varnish from the side of the free edge to its upper part, rounding the line in the center. In the case of such an arrangement of the pattern, it is important that its main part occupies no more than a third of the nail plate, otherwise it will look very short.

  2. Draw a line on the other side in the same way. In the center there is a recess for the handle.

  3. To darken this indentation and the side of the cherry, add a few strokes of dark burgundy polish.

  4. Be sure to balance the large pattern by placing another element closer to the cuticle. In our case, a cherry tail will do just fine with this task. To paint it in one stroke, draw the polish on the brush so that a small drop forms.

  5. Draw a line from top to bottom so that the thickening is at the top, and the line becomes thinner near the berry itself. Draw a leaf in the same way.


See - despite the large element on the free edge, the nail has not become short, and the design looks bright and interesting!

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cherry nail design ideas for short nails

If you have short nails, balance is important. Too large a picture may look out of place, and a miniature one simply won't be noticeable.

Cherry French

Don't think that French will not work on short nails. A thin white stripe at the outer edge can be created even with a very short length, and the nails will look neat and well-groomed. Complete the French manicure with a couple of berries on the ring fingers, as in the photo.

We shared the secrets of creating a French manicure in this video.

Cherry with cream

We have already shown among the numerous design options with strawberries the “strawberry with cream” manicure. With cherry, such a design of nails is also possible. Draw large berries on two or three nails and add white varnish, as if a few drops of cream had fallen on the cherry.

Cherry & Gold

Do you want your manicure to shine? Instead of covering your nails with a layer of gold glitter, opt for minimalist designs. Replace the green twigs with gold ones, and decorate other nails with abstract patterns and cherries.

Simple manicure with cherry and white polish

Against a plain white background, even small drawings are clearly visible. You can play with the sizes - for example, draw a large cherry with a green or black branch on one nail, and many small berries on the next one.

Finish the rest with a glossy or matte red lacquer like shade 443 from the Essie collection.

Variants of manicure with cherries for long nails

Long nails give space to the imagination. What options are worth trying?

Burgundy manicure with cherries and rhinestones

Be careful with rhinestones. The dark cherry color and the drawings themselves look self-sufficient. In order not to overload the nail art, it is enough to use transparent rhinestones. They will look like dew drops on ripe berries. As a base, Essie's "On the tip of a hairpin" shade is suitable.

Solid dark cherry color manicure

A rich cherry shade polish will look spectacular on its own. If you like manicure with drawings, decorate a couple of nails on one hand and one on the other with berry motifs.

For the rest, you can use the shade "Bordeaux" from Essie.

Bright red cherry manicure

Red is just as good for a cherry manicure. Bet on a glossy finish and draw small drops on the berries - as if they had just been removed from the tree after the rain.

Cherry with other berries and fruits

Besides cherries, there are many berries that can keep her company. Decorate all nails differently or choose two or three of your choice - for example, strawberries, cherries and raspberries. Or you can add a contrasting element - for example, a bright orange orange.

Trendy cherry nail design ideas for any season

In the warm season, saturated shades and voluminous decor are in vogue. In winter and autumn, they often choose a deep color of ripe cherries and a minimum of drawings.


A good choice for summer is a soft pink polish and large cherries on one of the nails. It is not necessary to draw the whole berry - you can draw only a part.


If you want to make a cherry manicure for the New Year, choose a spectacular cat-eye design in red tones, and circle the contour of the cherry with gold varnish. Such a winter manicure will shine beautifully and look really festive.

Burgundy manicure with a cherry is best for autumn.

Which design did you like the most? Share your opinion in the comments.