Actress Svetlana Khodchenkova and blogger Daria Arkhipova present sets made from their favorite L'Oréal Paris products. Telling what's inside

Svetlana Khodchenkova and Daria Arkhipova are L'Oréal Paris ambassadors, so it's not surprising that they always have the brand's cosmetics at hand. Selected products were included in the author's beauty boxes, which can be purchased at the official L'Oréal Paris online store. Use them to repeat your favorite images of heroines or invent your own. Let's see which products ended up in the list of favorites.

Svetlana Khodchenkova's set

Svetlana Khodchenkova always looks perfect and manages with a minimum of makeup, so there are only five products in the beauty box collected for L'Oréal Paris.


  • Gold Volume One Million Lashes Mascara

    What should be the eyelashes of a real film star? Long, voluminous, thick. But even if you are far from the world of cinema, you definitely will not refuse such eyelashes. Soft bristles allow you to apply mascara perfectly, without leaving lumps, and perfectly separate the eyelashes. In addition, the formula of the product contains black orchid and camellia extracts, which provide the necessary care. How eyelashes look after applying mascara in real life can be clearly seen in our photo.

  • Rouge Signature Lip Tint

    Another obligatory attribute of a screen star is a classic scarlet lipstick. It doesn’t matter if you are going to the red carpet or an ordinary party with friends, in any case, choose a product with a stable formula. The Rouge Signature matte lip tint has just that: it will last until the morning and will not dry out the lips. There are 12 colors in the collection, you can choose any, but shade 113 “I protest” is just the same classic that suits everyone without exception.

  • Infaillible Long Lasting Multifunctional Concealer

    The new L'Oréal Paris concealer has a thicker formula than Alliance Perfect and True Match . So, on occasion, it will not only help hide local imperfections, but also replace a full-fledged foundation.Of the other advantages - it is easily shaded and does not clog into small wrinkles. Life hack: apply concealer just below the eye area and blend upwards for a natural look.

  • Luxury Nutrition Facial Cream Butter

    Perfect red lipstick, good mascara and reliable concealer - a win-win trio, but on one condition: the skin must look flawless. Therefore, before applying make-up, use the cream-oil from the "Luxury nutrition" line. The product intensively nourishes, improves elasticity and instantly gives the skin radiance. Thanks to the composition with valuable extracts of lavender, rosemary and white jasmine.

  • Elseve Extraordinary Oil for All Hair Types

    The final touch to create a stellar look is the perfect styling. Contrary to the laconic name, Elseve oil is not one type of oil, but a complex of as many as six. Work it all over damp hair to add shine, smooth and pre-style.

How to exactly repeat the makeup in the style of Svetlana Khodchenkova, we told in detail here. With the help of the funds from the author's beauty case, it will be even easier to do this.

Daria Arkhipova's set

Dasha Arkhipova is a great beauty experimenter. Her author's set of Creative Rebel cosmetics turned out to match her. The box contains six products, each of which is worthy of a separate mention.


  • Color Queen Eye Shadow 40 Unique

    Color Queen is a bright and long-awaited novelty from L’Oréal Paris: the brand has not had such a large-scale launch in the eyeshadow category for a long time. There are 36 shades in the monoshadow collection at once, and Dasha, perhaps, chose the most versatile ones. Silvery translucent shadows will be an excellent basis for an everyday look, and if you apply them in a more generous layer, you get a full-fledged evening make-up. We talked about the benefits of the novelty in more detail in a separate article.

  • Paradise color mascara

    Black Paradise mascara began to break records almost on the first day of sales: professional makeup artists, bloggers, and girls far from the world of beauty fell in love with it. This year, the collection has been replenished with five juicy, truly summer shades. Each product has its own fragrance.Dasha's favorite mascara is purple, in the shade "Forbidden Berry" . We also liked her: this color perfectly emphasizes brown, green, and blue eyes, but at the same time looks quite restrained.

  • Amaze, L'Oréal Paris x Isabel Marant universal moisturizing lip and cheek gloss

    There are almost no funds from the L'Oréal Paris limited collection, created in collaboration with the Isabel Marant brand, so Dasha's beauty box is one of the last chances to get this rare item. Amaze is a multi-tasking product that can be used on both lips and cheeks (some people also use it on their eyelids). Fast, convenient, fashionable.

  • Colorista Spray, Pink Hair

    If you like make-up experiments, but are not ready to take serious risks, Colorista Spray is a great solution. Dye your hair for a day? Easily! Watch our video tutorial to help you avoid mistakes (and learn how to draw trendy graphic arrows at the same time).

  • Genius Hydration Aqua Fluid for normal to combination skin

    The peculiarity of the aqua-fluid texture is that upon contact with the skin, it instantly turns into a liquid and quickly moisturizes the skin - up to 72 hours! In addition, on occasion, it is ready to replace the primer and help create a make-up with a glass skin effect. In a word, a valuable thing.

  • No Scissors Care Cream, Elseve Dream Length

    This hair care formula contains vegetable keratin, vitamin B5 and castor oil. How can it help hair? Radically! They will become stronger, gain shine and be less brittle. So experiments with hairstyles and styling can be continued.

Which beauty box did you like best? Tell us in the comments!