Red, pink or colorless nail polish is good, but it is unlikely that you will be able to surprise someone of this color with a manicure. To refresh the perception, it's time to step back from the classics

Terracotta is rarely trendy. And this is only a plus for him: he has not had time to bore anyone yet.

Sometimes it's even good to step away from what is considered fashionable. If you forget about beauty trends and choose what seems stylish to you, the result will definitely please the eye with freshness. And you will want to experiment more and more.

When is a terracotta manicure appropriate?

Terracotta shade is softer than red, more restrained. This is its main advantage: if scarlet nails automatically attract attention, then the terracotta-colored coating will no longer be so catchy.

At the same time, even a monophonic manicure of this shade will look original. All because it is rarely chosen. Much more often, “tested” shades are used that do not cause special emotions.

Terracotta lacquer will help create an unusual accent, but its intensity will be moderate.

It turns out that even in strict images, where bright colors are not very welcome, terracotta may well appear. This is a natural, natural shade, similar to sun-bleached red.

It can be different: brick - darker and more saturated, clay - lighter, closer to orange. Choose the one that is closer to the style of the image.

Stylish terracotta manicure for short nails

Women with short nails should pay attention to the following design options.

Classic French

One of the ways to visually lengthen nails is to focus on the tips. French does the job the best. Try as an experiment to replace the white color at the tips with a terracotta shade. In this interpretation, the classics will come to life. The second option is to paint over the nail with terracotta varnish, and highlight the tip with black.

Animal print

It is not so easy to choose a pattern that would be suitable for a manicure of short nails. It should be without small details. They are difficult to draw on a small nail plate, this time. And secondly, they are unlikely to be noticeable on it. Under these conditions, the "trifle" can give the nails an untidy look. But this will not happen if you take an animal print as the basis for manicure.

A zebra, giraffe or leopard pattern is something that will be easy to decorate short nails with. In addition, just these drawings can be made in terracotta shades.

Color blocking

Can terracotta be combined with neon pink? If you combine these tones with the help of color blocking, you get a spectacular contrast: natural and acid shades may well make friends. Clear boundaries between colors add graphics to the manicure. And now she just looks good on short nails.

Ethnic Style

It's hard to imagine patterns in ethnic style without terracotta color. It can be used both as a base color and to create designs that are concise (what you need for short nails) and at the same time “with character”.


On short nails, as you know, it is best to do a simple manicure. The ombre design is a good example. In addition, it is a particularly good choice for those who would like to visually "stretch" their nails.

To use a terracotta color in this variant of nail art, you just have to match it with another shade. Beige nude might be great.

And how to achieve this effect on your nails yourself, we told in this video tutorial.

Mineral Manicure

Shimmery terracotta nail polishes create an amber effect that can be enhanced with gold-colored details such as stickers. However, for short nails, a single-color coating will be enough for the result to become a decoration of the image.

Trendy terracotta design ideas for long nails

And if you have long nails, then there are even more nail art options.

Manicure with drawings

Terracotta varnish can serve as an interesting background for drawings on long nails. To make the images elegant, use thin lines; if you want the drawings to be eye-catching, add colored spots and large contrasting details.

For those who were able to grow their nails, any options are available - you can create without restrictions, following your imagination and being inspired by the work of nail art masters.

Terracotta manicure with gold

You can do without drawings - and apply varnishes on your nails with careless strokes, like on a palette. Layering colors helps create contrast, which is even more pronounced if you choose polishes of different textures. Terracotta lacquer can be classic, creamy, with a glossy finish, and you can complement it with gold accents.

Nail art on a transparent background

One of the recent trends is drawings and patterns on a colorless background.

Those who think that a manicure with a design looks vulgar on long nails can try on this option. A clear varnish as a base will smooth out the impression of the length of the nails. And concise drawings will look elegant.

Terracotta graphics

Lines and geometric shapes can be intertwined on the nails in the most bizarre way - like in the paintings of artists.

It turns out a real art manicure, which can be created using any color.

Terracotta goes well with many shades.

How to make a terracotta manicure: step by step photo instructions

  1. Preparation

    Give your nails the desired length and shape.

    Treat your cuticles.

    Degrease the nail plate to apply the base in one layer. This will allow the manicure to last longer on the nails. Wait a couple of minutes for the base to dry.

  2. Color work and design

    Apply two coats of color polish, drying each one thoroughly. Distribute the terracotta shade only on those nails that you plan to decorate with the design.

    When it hardens, start nail art: draw drawings on your nails with a thin brush, fix rhinestones or golden stickers on them.

  3. Final coating

    Seal the result with a transparent top. If you want to get a matte manicure, apply a top coat over the color with the desired effect. Use a dryer if necessary to make the manicure set faster.