You don't need a make-up case to do a great makeover. Enough and a couple of funds, if you know what they are capable of

It is generally accepted that pencil and ink are basic tools with quite understandable and rather limited functionality. But those who understand makeup techniques will confirm: they are capable of more. Using only these tools, you can make both a simple daytime make-up and an evening one.

How to beautifully make up your eyes with pencil and mascara: step by step instructions

With only a pencil and mascara on hand, you can create a variety of makeup options. First, decide on the beauty tricks that are closer to you, and then follow our instructions.

  1. Prepare your eyelid skin. The simplest thing is to wipe it with micellar water to degrease it, and then again with a dry cotton pad. If you have a cosmetic bag at your disposal, then apply a primer on your eyelids (for example, Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban Decay) and the base shade of the shadows is beige.


  2. The most functional will be a kayal pencil with a soft lead. First, emphasize the inner contour of the eyes with it. You can bring, for example, only the upper eyelid, and then add the outer corners. Paint over the mucous membrane in such a way as to capture also the space between the eyelashes.

  3. Need arrows? You can achieve strict graphics if you “stretch” the color with a beveled brush and draw a sharp tail with it. For a smokey effect (along the eye contour), apply the pencil close to the lash line and immediately, before it sets, blend with a small dense brush.

    You can also make full-fledged smoky eyes if you shade the pencil strokes at the outer corners of the eyes.

  4. When the main part of the makeup is ready, apply mascara. First one layer, and then, until it is completely dry, the second.

To find out what mascara is capable of and how to choose the right one for yourself, our video with professional makeup artist tips will help.

Eye makeup options based on their color

Let's tell you which shades can best emphasize the natural color of the eyes.

Brown eyes

If you need a natural make-up, use a beige-brown pencil. Suitable, for example, Le Smoky by Superliner in the shade "Swiss Chocolate" from L'Oréal Paris. where to find?

Shades with shimmer will give the most advantageous effect. You'll find these in Urban Decay's Naked Heat palette. where to find?

From contrasting colors, you can choose blue, green, purple, turquoise, but, on the contrary, they should be matte. Leave them for when you need a bright, bold make-up. Colors to suit every taste can be found in Urban Decay's Glide-On 24/7 Eye Pencil Collection.

Blue eyes

Brown, bronze, grey, silver, navy blue, plum are shades that will look good in the make-up of blue-eyed girls. With their help, you can draw arrows or get a smoky effect.

But it's better to be careful with black: an intense accent created by this color will make the eye color visually faded.

Grey and grey-blue eyes

Make-up artists also warn grey-eyed people about the insidiousness of black. It is better for girls to choose natural shades: nude, sand, coffee, brown.

And at the same time, there is room for experimentation: gray-eyed girls are the best suited for red, burgundy arrows and a reddish-copper haze around the eye contour.

Green eyes

The best green eye makeup looks are made using warm tones. Gold, bronze, caramel, chocolate and even green - just not matching the color of the eyes.

A pencil of one of these shades must be in your cosmetic bag: with its help you can perform a variety of make-up options.

makeup depending on the shape of the eyes

A successful result depends on many factors - including whether you took into account the shape of the eyes when creating a make-up or not.

Big eyes

Girls with big eyes are almost all variations of make-up. You just need to understand that an accent like arrows or smoky eyes will make the look almost doll-like, so it's important not to overdo it.

Don't draw too sweeping lines almost to the temples. "Pull out" eyes is only for those who have large round eyes. Due to the effect of the cat eye, you can avoid the "surprised" look that is typical for round holes. You will find detailed instructions for creating such a makeup in this video.

Small eyes

If you want to visually enlarge the eyes, don't stroke the outline. You do not need to apply a pencil on the mucous membrane, as well as outline them from the outside without shading. If you're drawing lines, it's best to soften them: the haze will help make the eyes look bigger.

Another trick is to apply a soft pencil in the crease of the eyelid and blend. Emphasizing the orbital line, as in cut crease makeup, is a winning solution for those who want to enlarge their eyes with makeup.

Deep-set eyes

With this feature, you need to highlight the outer corners of the eyes: make smoky eyes with a haze of dark shades in this area or, for example, draw arrows with long tails.

By the way, you can also add lines on the lower eyelid to the arrows, only you need to draw them from the middle.

wide-set eyes

Here, on the contrary, all attention should be focused on the inner corners. Try not to touch the outer ones at all: neither lines nor haze should go beyond them. Emphasizing the eyes, draw a line towards the bridge of the nose, and in the end turn it into a check mark at the inner corners or draw an original inverted arrow.

Eye makeup options with pencil and mascara

Here are some ideas.

Light everyday makeup

For a casual look, it is enough to draw the inner contour of the eyes, and then make up the eyelashes - in one or two layers.

To make the look more expressive, draw a line also at the outer contour, but without strong pressure, and then blend into a haze.

You can make such a make-up with a black, gray, and brown pencil. You will find different shades in the collection at L'Oréal Paris.

Day office makeup

The previous version of the make-up is also suitable for the office. But you can achieve a more rigorous image - if you draw graphic arrows with a sharp tail with a pencil. Again, it is better to use classic colors. We showed a variant of such makeup in this video.

If you want something more original, use dark shades of blue, as well as emerald, plum, burgundy colors.

Bright evening makeup

When you need makeup for the evening, you can afford to emphasize your eyes with more intensity. For example, apply a pencil to that half of the eyelid, which is closer to the outer corners, and blend the color. Get full-fledged smoky eyes.

One more option is to draw the usual arrows or create an accent on the contour, just choose a pencil with a shimmer or a bright shade.

Delicate makeup in a romantic style

In such a make-up it is better to do without graphics. And choose softer shades: rose gold, caramel, coffee, light gray, lilac, blue. Light colors are used for eyeliner. And blend the darker ones - a gentle haze will make the look more attractive.

Review eye makeup with pencil and mascara

According to the editors, these funds may well be your universal duet.

  • Hypnôse Volume-à-porter Mascara, Lancôme

    What should be the mascara if you like to experiment with eye makeup? It is best to choose a tool with which you can adjust the effect of volume, length and bend. Hypnôse Volume-à-porter fits all the bills. This mascara formula contains significantly less wax. Therefore, it covers the eyelashes with a thin layer, they remain fluffy and soft, but the color still makes them brighter and more expressive. The same feature allows you to layer mascara on your eyelashes without weighing them down if you need a make-up option for the evening.

  • Pencil Le Smoky by Superliner, L’Oréal Paris

    If graphic arrows are not your makeup priorities, you can immediately choose a pencil like Le Smoky by Superliner. It is convenient because at the opposite end of the lead there is a special sponge for shading the texture. You don't need a separate brush to create the smoky effect. The composition is saturated with pigments, but, if necessary, you can easily get a translucent coating. The formula contains vegetable oils, synthetic beeswax, which prevents skin from losing moisture, and vitamin E, which is valued for its protective properties.

  • Macara Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Curler, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    To make eye makeup done with a pencil a real decoration of the image, choose mascara that can enhance the desired effect - stretch the cat eye even more, make eyelashes visually thicker, give them an attractive bend.Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Curler does it all thanks to its double-ended brush and special mascara formula. The tool seems to lift the cilia at the roots, and also envelops them, helping to achieve a result that looks no less expressive than makeup with false eyelashes.

How much eye makeup do you need? Tell us about them in the comments.