At the height of the “watermelon” season, the idea of doing a themed nail design seems especially successful. However, it can be brought to life at any other time - to remind you of summer

Manicure with fruits or berries is always a good solution: it looks funny, it does not require much effort with the right approach. We have already told you how to make an “apple” and “cherry” manicure, the turn has come to the “watermelon” one. Read carefully!

Features of "watermelon" manicure

The main feature of the “watermelon” manicure is that it suits absolutely everyone, regardless of age, because it can be done in different techniques and colors.Teenagers can safely paint bright neon watermelon slices on all nails, and older women are better off giving preference to a discreet option: pastel colors and a modest pattern on one or two nails. We have collected dozens of ideas for all occasions in different sections of this article.

How to draw a watermelon on nails: step by step photo tutorial

There is no single correct scheme on how to draw a watermelon on the nails in a section, but there are three of the most popular. In our step-by-step photo instructions, we analyze everything in detail: a nail design with a “vertical” slice and a manicure designed using the classic and reverse French techniques. But before you start creating an image, make a quality basic manicure. Video tutorial attached.

To create watermelon nails at home you will need:

  • Essie All In One Base ,

  • Maybelline Colorama, shade 214 Mint Cocktail ,

  • YSL La Laque Couture, shade 25 Rose Romantique ,

  • Essie polish, shade 01 "White" ,

  • Essie nail polish, shade 88 Licorice ,

  • Lancôme Vernis in Love, shade 152 Nomme Desir ,

  • Maybelline Colorama nail polish, Summer Green ,

  • Essie Top Coat gel polish .

  1. First of all, as when creating any other nail design, cover your nails with a transparent base. It will protect the inner layers of the nail plate from staining and prolong the durability of the manicure.

  2. To depict a “vertical” watermelon slice, use a thin manicure brush to draw a green strip along the side of the nail (it should not be straight, but rounded). This line will represent the crust.

  3. Departing a millimeter from the green strip, paint over the rest of the nail with pink or red varnish - you get "pulp" .

  4. Draw a white stripe - a layer between the crust and the pulp.

  5. Draw "bones" with black varnish.

  6. Let's start creating the second image. Cover the entire nail plate with red polish.

  7. In the French manicure technique, separate the edge of the nail with a white strip.

  8. Finish the tip of the nail with dark green polish.

  9. Add black nail polish to the pits.

  10. The third option is created using the moon manicure technique. Paint over the nail with red polish, leaving the holes unpainted.

  11. Use a manicure brush with green varnish to mark the hole. The second option, which will be easier for beginners to repeat: first, apply green varnish on the entire surface of the nail, and on top - red, not reaching the nail hole.

  12. Draw a white stripe.

  13. Add black dots-seeds.

  14. Paint the remaining nails with varnish of the same color - preferably green, so that the manicure looks harmonious. But you can use any other color that was used when creating nail art - red, black, white.

  15. Finish all nails with top coat.

  16. Use a dots gel polish top coat to paint droplets on the watermelon. Ordinary varnish is not suitable for this purpose, it has a too liquid texture. Done!

Watermelon nail designs

What are the first associations with watermelon manicure? Bright, juicy, summery: it's undeniable. But how best to portray the largest berry in the world, one can argue. We have collected for you a selection of the most, in our opinion, worthy ideas.

Watermelon and kiwi

Watermelon and kiwi go great together, both in a bowl of fruit salad and on your nails. It is important that when creating such a nail image, fruits are depicted in the same style: for example, "cartoon" or hyper-realistic.

Manicure with watermelon and drops

Watermelon that sparkles with sugar juice is a familiar picture of the summer table. We use it when creating nail art: at the final stage, complete the watermelon drawing with small voluminous drops.


Ombre manicure is the perfect technique for the “watermelon manicure”: with its help, the “slice” will turn out to be as convincing as possible. In addition, the gradient can be depicted on those nails where there are no patterns to make the image softer and more feminine.


Watermelon image will look best on a plain background. In the photo instructions above, we advised using the varnish that was used when creating the drawing for the rest of the nails. But this rule can always be neglected - choose any bright, unusual or calm tones if you like experiments. The only thing is that it is better not to use a shimmer or glitter varnish: it will draw all the attention to itself.

Bright manicure with watermelon

"Watermelon" manicure in a metaphorical sense is always bright: you definitely won't miss this one. But the canonical watermelon summer manicure is the one created using rich reds, greens, whites and pinks. By the way, such a bright technique can also be used in a pedicure.

By the way, a watermelon manicure can be very conditional, decorated in an avant-garde style.

Delicate manicure with watermelon

Fans of discreet manicure should not give up watermelon nail design. Just replace bright neon colors with calm pastels. If your office does not have strict requirements for appearance, you can not wash off the varnish even before the start of the working week.

Matte manicure with watermelon

Another option for those who don't like too bright images. A watermelon manicure made with matte varnishes will look very unusual. Especially if you draw small details - for example, the "slice" itself - with glossy varnishes.

Watermelon on one nail

Decorate your thumb or ring finger with a watermelon image, and just paint all other nails with varnish: it will turn out cute and stylish. Try experimenting with colors - how do you like the image in purple tones?

Watermelon manicure for short nails

Watermelon manicure is a design option that looks good on nails of any length. We have collected some good ideas for short nails, peeped on social networks, in this section.

" Watermelon" manicure for long nails

If you have long nails, you literally have a place to roam. Come up with your own approaches to the image of a watermelon on nails or use our ready-made selection.

Have you tried watermelon nail art? Write a comment.