Girls who are not indifferent to skin care have already appreciated it. We will tell you why hydrophilic oil is needed and what products to pay attention to

Washing with hydrophilic oil is one of the beauty trends that came to us from Asia and took root perfectly. This is because oils do a great job of cleansing the skin and removing make-up while caring for it. Let's talk about the best representatives of this category of products among different brands.

Why do we need hydrophilic oil?

Hydrophilic oil is a product that is used at the first stage of skin cleansing. Asian beauty traditions involve multi-stage skin care rituals. Purification also includes several successive stages.

Hydrophilic oil is a mixture of oil and water, which are connected thanks to an emulsifier: this ingredient prevents the composition from separating. Among the ingredients may also be plant extracts and vitamins that provide extra skin care.

This tool surprises, first of all, with its texture. At first, it is unusual for many to wash themselves with oil. It is hard to imagine that such a tool leaves the skin clean. But it is so. First, hydrophilic oil dissolves makeup and impurities on the skin, helping to remove them easily. Secondly, upon contact with water, it can be foamed - and such a transformation already dispels all doubts that the skin will feel clean and fresh after the procedure.No greasy film or sticky feeling!

Next, you can continue cleansing - for example, wipe the skin with micellar water. We talked about how to clean the delicate area around the eyes, if necessary, in this video.

The absolute advantage of hydrophilic oil is that it does not violate the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin. Washing does not deprive her of a protective barrier. Moreover, such oils normalize the pH balance of the skin. The tool helps to avoid dryness and at the same time does not provoke the appearance of oily sheen. On the contrary, it optimizes the work of the sebaceous glands, as they stop producing sebum intensively in an attempt to protect themselves from dehydration.

Best hydrophilic oils for dry skin

Dry skin that suffers from a lack of hydration often looks dull and lethargic. This problem should be solved by competent care. Moreover, skin cleansing plays an important role in this. Hydrophilic oil is the best for dry skin.A remedy like Shu Uemura's Blanc:Chroma helps to solve dry skin problems in a complex way. It removes impurities (it contains Japanese charcoal) and even gently exfoliates dead skin particles, helping to restore freshness and radiance.

The formula also contains tea enzymes and blueberry extract to even out skin tone. The oil helps to find a he althy complexion and restore the skin's natural natural radiance.

Hydrophilic oil for oily and problematic skin

Can hydrophilic oil be suitable for cleansing oily skin? When there is a problem of increased sebum production, cosmetics with oils are rarely at the top of the rating - on the contrary, they try to avoid them. And this is correct when it comes to, for example, foundation. With hydrophilic oils, the situation is reversed. The composition of these products often helps in solving the problems that oily skin has, as well as skin prone to inflammation.

So, Shu Uemura's Porefinist2 oil has a very light and fresh tonic texture. The product removes excess sebum as effectively as other impurities: Porefinist2 is able to eliminate keratotic plugs by penetrating into clogged pores. As a result, they become much less noticeable, and the problem of black dots is a thing of the past.

The formula contains cinnamon extract, which controls the production of sebum, reducing it. At the same time, sakura leaf extract and safflower oil relieve irritation, soothing, softening and disinfecting the skin. Read more about this and other hydrophilic oils from Shu Uemura here.

If problematic skin is also sensitive, you can choose an oil with a lightweight formula and texture - for example, Stripped Off Cleansing Oil from NYX Professional Makeup.

This tool copes even with waterproof formulas, although the saturation and density itself does not differ - it is almost weightless.

It is enough to massage your face with this oil, then moisten the skin with water and remove all impurities completely. The skin will acquire a “clean” matte finish, but at the same time retain its moisture reserves. This sets the cleansing oil apart from gels and foams.

Hydrophilic oil for combination skin

Porefinist2 oil is also suitable for owners of combination skin. But problems such as oily sheen, inflammation, enlarged pores, they are usually less pronounced. Therefore, you can do without a specific formula.

Best hydrophilic oil for aging skin

Mature skin has its own needs. And the creators of hydrophilic oils take this into account. Shu Uemura Ultime8 Anti-Aging Oil not only gently cleanses but also fights age-related changes.

The composition is saturated with active substances with an anti-age effect. The formula includes a complex of 8 oils: jojoba oil, which maintains skin elasticity, olive squalane, bamboo oil with vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect, smoothing shea butter, and others.They are complemented by pearl proteins, algae extract and pro-xylan. As a result of the joint work of such a strong composition, age-related manifestations become less pronounced (how to find the right ingredients in cosmetics, we told here).

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