It is believed that red lipstick suits everyone, but a truly successful image is obtained only when all its elements complement each other

Red lipstick is in the cosmetic bag of many girls, but they rarely use it. Many are afraid of underlined brightness. However, this will no longer be a problem when you see in the mirror a really beautiful combination of this accent with other elements of makeup and the image as a whole.

When is red lipstick appropriate?

Like other lipsticks in bright colors, red is suitable for special occasions: holidays, celebrations, parties.Red lipstick can complement the image if you decide to wear a cocktail or evening dress. In a bright make-up for a date, on which you decide to wear a romantic outfit, red lipstick will also be appropriate.

Can I wear red lipstick during the day?

In daytime makeup, red lipstick is used less frequently. And yet they use it: a business dress code does not exclude a bright accent on the lips. As for everyday makeup outside of work, it all depends on the mood. There are no restrictions and there cannot be.

True, you need to understand that such makeup will inevitably attract attention. In everyday looks, it is better not to “wear” red lipstick with bright eye makeup. Otherwise, it is easy to overdo it, getting a vulgar result. Limit yourself to mascara or thin arrows.

How to apply red lipstick, we described in detail in this video tutorial.

What goes with red lipstick: makeup rules

Red lipstick really transforms advantageously, but only if the make-up is thought out: by brightly making up your lips, without taking care of skin tone, eyebrows, eye makeup, you risk getting an untidy result.


Even out skin tone and hide all imperfections is a must for those who want to use red lipstick.

The focus on the lips tends to accentuate imperfections such as redness or breakouts. Red lipstick in this case is unlikely to decorate the image. Therefore, after applying foundation, additionally hide imperfections with a concealer - for example, Infaillible from L'Oréal Paris.


Blush, as a rule, match lipstick. And our case is no exception. Red blush, by the way, is considered universal.

In the package they seem too bright, but after shading to a translucent finish, they refresh the face. And they are great for everyone, regardless of color type.


Red lips and black arrows are a classic combination. For a softer result, you can choose a brown or gray liner. From bright shades, red lipstick can be complemented with blue eyeliner - for example, "Indigo" from the Matte Signature collection from L'Oréal Paris. L'Oreal Paris Matte Signature Eyeliner 02 Blue Indigo


You can use the same shades with red lipstick, but the result can be too bright if you make smoky eyes or emphasize the smoky contour. It is better to draw softened arrows with shadows - such as in this video tutorial.


Red lipstick and tinted eyelashes are a great solution for girls with big expressive eyes that do not need to be further emphasized. With the help of mascara, by the way, you can also create a cat eye effect by combing the eyelashes with a slope to the outer corners of the eyes.

You can use black or create a contrast by applying blue or, for example, purple mascara to the tips of your lashes. These shades can be found in the Double Team collection from Urban Decay.

what jewelry and clothes go well with red lipstick?

Choosing red lipstick for a casual look? Then the best choice would be blue jeans and a white t-shirt. The image looks beautiful and fresh.

Strict black and white office outfits can also be complemented with red lipstick. The trend is masculine two-piece suits with a rigid shoulder line; complementing them with red lipstick, you will demonstrate girl power.

In a daytime look, red lipstick will be friends with monochrome clothes - for example, with a medium-length purple dress or dark green business overalls.

If you want to make red lipstick part of the evening look, then outfits can be deep blue, black and chocolate. A red dress would also be a good choice. True, this combination is better for girls who are comfortable in passionate, expressive looks.

If we talk about the cut, red lipstick will look best with a laconic dress, the severity of the lines of which emphasizes the expressive silhouette. As for printed dresses, those with red blotches should be worn.

As for jewelry, red lipstick rhymes with both gold and silver. A good choice would be, for example, hoop earrings. You should not, however, think that red lipstick gravitates exclusively to the classic environment. An original addition to it will be trendy plastic jewelry with geometric shapes.

In combination with a black, white or red dress, jewelry with diamonds or rhinestones looks good. Their brilliance should be moderate so that the accents do not argue with each other. Otherwise, the vulgar effect cannot be avoided.

Makeup with red lipstick: photo ideas

Depending on the situation and the proposed circumstances, such a make-up will have its own nuances.

Day makeup with red lipstick

For a daytime make-up, choose a matte red lipstick like Vice Lipstick in 'Bad Blood by Urban Decay, and in addition to it draw thin arrows (black or, for example, gray). You can do without them, just make up your eyelashes with black mascara.

Red lipstick in office makeup

Classic of strict business looks - red lipstick combined with graphic black arrows. It is important that they are not too wide and sweeping. Instead of arrows, you can make a dark outline of the eyes with softening lines.

Red lipstick for a date

Did you decide on this lip makeup option for a date? Then choose beauty tricks that do not oversaturate makeup. In the make-up of the eyes, this can be a translucent haze of the color of champagne or rose gold. Or, for example, a light stroke of the outline with a bronze color.

Again, a win-win option is a combination of red lipstick and arrows or black mascara.

Evening makeup with red lipstick

When it comes to an evening look, red lipstick can be balanced by an equal emphasis on the eyes. Carefully traced arrows, smoky eyes, smoky makeup - all this can become part of an evening makeup with red lips. The main key to success and overall harmony will be the perfect skin tone.

Makeup with red lipstick for the party

Disco-style make-up easily combines red lipstick with colored shadows, smoky eyes and bright arrows created using glitter. Try NYX Professional Makeup's Glitter Goals.

Unusual eyebrow shaping (for example, with colored mascara) will create an original contrast with red lipstick. At a party, such a duet will attract well-deserved attention. Check out Brow Unlimited by Shu Uemura.

Review of the best red lipsticks

What red lipsticks won't let you down? According to the editors, you can definitely rely on these.

  • Color Sensational Lipstick in 527 Girl in Red, Maybelline New York

    If you're looking for a red lipstick in the usual creamy stick format, check out Girl in Red in the Color Sensational collection. This is a rich color that, thanks to a slight dewy sheen, will look more natural on the lips than matte and glossy coatings. The composition contains components for the care of the skin of the lips, so makeup will relieve the feeling of dryness and tightness.By the way, this feature of the formula does not affect the durability of the make-up: the tool keeps perfectly throughout the day.

  • Rouge Signature Tint in shade 115 I Deserve It, L'Oréal Paris

    The feature of this lipstick is a light tint texture. Drying on the lips, it leaves a rich, dense layer of matte finish on them. No. 115 "I deserve it" will suit lovers of deep shades of red. This is the color of ripe cherries, which looks noble on the lips and adds expressiveness to the image. It will adequately last on the skin during the day: L’Oréal Paris made sure that the coating is not “eaten” and does not wear off. The formula, by the way, also provides lips with care - thanks to vitamin E, which is known for its antioxidant properties.

  • Vice Lipstick in F Bomb, Urban Decay

    Your search for a classic red shade can be crowned with success when you meet the F Bomb from the Vice collection. It is not warm and not cold, not too light and not too dark - the golden mean in every way. And this also applies to the texture: the coating is soft, creamy, with a slight radiance, which, as it were, enlivens the color. They didn’t forget about Urban Decay care either - that’s why the composition contains aloe vera, avocado oil, jojoba and babassu, as well as vitamins C and E.

  • Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres lip lacquer in shade No. 9 Rouge Laque, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    When looking for red lip lacquer, look no further than Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. This tool combines glossy shine and durability of varnish. A convenient applicator allows you to accurately draw the contour of the lips.

What red lipstick do you use? Write a comment.