The corners of the lips that stretch down may be a feature of the structure of the face or one of age-related changes. In both cases, this can be corrected with the help of well-made makeup

There are makeup techniques that emphasize dignity. And there are techniques that have a different task - to correct the shortcomings. It is necessary to master both of them, because the make-up allows us to become the best version of ourselves. Today we will talk about corrective makeup. We will tell you how you can mask imperfections in order to regain self-confidence and attractiveness.Cosmetics give us the opportunity to cope even with difficult cases. These include, for example, the drooping of the corners of the lips. Let's explain how to deal with the "sad smile" with the power of proven beauty products.

Why do the corners of my lips droop?

The most common cause is ptosis: age-related sagging of the skin, which loses tone with age. A decrease in its elasticity, combined with active facial expressions, leads to the fact that, along with creases, folds and sagging cheeks, a new problem appears. The corners of the lips begin to look down, followed by a smile. For this reason, the facial expression becomes sad, which enhances the "age effect" .

Sometimes the corners of the lips turned down are an individual feature of the structure of the face. However, in this and in the previous case, you will need to act in a similar way.

How to tighten the corners of the lips?

Methods for solving a problem can be very different, from radical to soft. Someone decides on beauty injections or even plastic surgery to tighten the corners of the lips. But this can be avoided by choosing an effective lifting facial.

Massage also helps to lift the corners, which today can be done even at home with the help of fashionable devices - a gouache scraper or a jade roller.

The exercises from the Facebook building complexes have proven themselves well - yes, it turns out that you can train your lips too so that their corners do not start to crawl down. Say tongue twisters with many vowels or pronounce these vowels ([a], [o], [y], [s], [and]) out loud separately. Try to smile while holding the corners of your lips with your fingertips so that they do not move in the process.

All this is work for the future, which will not give instant results in correcting the problem. But you can rely on cosmetics if the result is needed here and now.

How to visually lift the corners of the lips with makeup?

If you are not used to painting your lips, but you have a problem with lowered corners of the lips, you will have to change your beauty preferences - the effect will pleasantly surprise you.

  1. Color Accent

    When the lips are not made up, those wrinkles are especially noticeable, which, like strings, pull the corners of the lips down. Bright lipstick will turn attention to yourself and thereby improve the situation.

  2. Working with the contour

    With a pencil like L'Oréal Paris's Infaillible, you can almost redraw the outline, making it more "optimistic" .

  3. Wrinkle filling

    Pay attention to the skin around the lips. The primer-filler will fill in the unevenness of the relief and literally “erase” those lines due to which the corners visually fall down, and the foundation or concealer will provide additional masking.

Basic makeup principles for downturned lips

As a rule, the lowered corners of the lips are not the only trouble that you have to deal with. It appears along with other age-related changes. And in this case, the make-up as a whole should provide a lifting effect, as when creating a rejuvenating make-up.

All lines in it should go up. The arrows are drawn with a tail pointed upwards. Even the tips of the eyebrows try not to bend too much. And blush or bronzer is shaded from the cheekbones to the temples, as if stretching the color diagonally.

Before and After

Products for correcting drooping lips

  1. Primer

    Start makeup that can lift the corners of your lips with preparation. Fill in uneven skin in this area with a special base.

  2. Foundation or concealer

    A corrective agent is needed in order to “erase” the natural contour of the lips in those areas where it needs to be re-marked.

  3. Lip Pencil

    The most important tool: with it, you will straighten the corners of the lips so that they do not look down and do not pull the lower part of the face.

  4. Lipstick

    Use a product saturated with pigments. First, it will distract from the lack. Secondly, with bright lips, the mood always rises, which means you will smile more often.

What not to do?

Makeup that "weights" the lower lip is contraindicated. No need to draw its outline from the outside, trying to add volume. This will optically pull her down, which, combined with the lowered corners, will only worsen the situation.

Correct Makeup Step by Step

How to visually lift the corners of the lips with makeup? Makeup artist Rita Streltsova knows a simple life hack that will help even beginners.

  1. Add some highlighter to the top of the lip.

  2. Moisturize your lips with lip balm.

  3. Apply a very thin layer of concealer.

  4. Line your lips with a beige pencil, slightly going beyond the natural contours.

  5. Fill the inner part of the lips with a dark shade of lipstick or gloss, and underline the corners of the lower lip with concealer. This will help visually lift them up.

By the way, we showed different lip makeup options with an emphasis on the contour in this video.

Review of products for correcting the corners of the lips

What funds can you trust? According to the editors, this set is worth paying attention to.

  • Infaillible lip pencil, L'Oréal Paris

    With the help of a soft lead, which, however, leaves clear lines, you can easily make the lip contour flawless. The tool has a stable formula - the lines will not be erased and keep the lipstick within the designated boundaries. Lip makeup will last all evening and will attract the eye.

  • Lipstick Rouge Pur Couture The Slim, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    With this Yves Saint Laurent Beauté lipstick, you don't need a pencil: the stick has a diamond-shaped cut, the edges of which allow you to evenly outline the lips directly when applying color. A range of rich matte shades will provide an accent, thanks to which your smile will only delight; no one will know that you were worried about some shortcomings.

Have you ever seriously corrected your appearance with makeup? Do you have any signature tricks? Write a comment.