At work, you need to look restrained and neat - the image must be sustained from and to. All details matter. This material is dedicated to office manicure

Business etiquette includes many rules, and a significant part of them concerns appearance: clothes, makeup, hairstyles, manicures. Today we’ll talk about how nails should look like if you are a business woman, and is it worth doing nail art if there is a serious business meeting ahead.

Business manicure: what is it?

This is the name of the style of nail design, which adds completeness to the image of a serious, responsible girl. A business-style manicure is a detail that makes it clear to others that this person can be trusted to solve important problems.

It is important to consider the requirements of a business dress code, which implies restraint. Laconic solutions are welcome here both in clothes and in make-up, hairstyle, manicure; bright colors are best avoided, and if included in the image, then as an elegant accent that will demonstrate good taste. An example with a lilac tint is below.

In such a manicure there should not be a variety of details - it is better to limit yourself to a minimum. In general, you should strive to ensure that the nails do not attract too much attention. In business style, it is not customary to surprise others with catchy accents.

Strict manicure options for a business woman

Women who follow a business style in clothes, it is useful to know several options for office manicure: if you complement a formal suit with the same nail design every time, it will quickly get boring.

Even as part of a business style, you can experiment, because beauty brands offer such a wide range of shades for nails, and new trends in nail art keep replacing each other. Many of them are suitable even for those girls who prefer to look strict and serious.

Modern business manicure for every day

Solid colors are a win-win. Nude shades are always among the favorites of those who strive to make their nails look well-groomed and neat. Try, for example, the shade "Full Cylinder" from Essie.

You can choose from "dense" cream shades, and translucent beige.

Along with them, soft pink is suitable for everyday life, and also shades of gray.

Classic Office Manicure

Among the classic variants of nail art, French is considered typically “office”.

It never goes out of style because it looks natural and gracefully lengthens the nails; it is chosen even by supporters of minimalism.

French in its traditional form never "argues" with the outfit - this is its main advantage. We talked about how to repeat such nail art in this video.

Strict manicure for a business meeting

You don't have to get a special manicure when going to a business meeting. Everyday nail designs such as a solid color coating or a jacket will not violate the business code in any way.

If you want to choose a design, graphics will do. You can draw, for example, laconic stripes or dots on top of a transparent matte background - such an ornament is quite consistent with a business image.

Basic strict manicure techniques

There are no special restrictions here, but how exactly you apply this or that technique is important. Nail design should be combined with other details of the image and not distract from the business mood.


Universal design with white tips is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to classic manicure. He will help out in any circumstances.

If your usual office outfit is a white top and black bottom, an ombre manicure can be a great addition to it.


When choosing a gradient, remember that it should be soft; it is desirable that it combines delicate pastel shades. Bright will create a contrast that will be contrary to the restraint of the image.


Both colored and “blank” holes are a neat way to add some variety to your manicure. By changing the color of this small detail, you make the image more interesting, but do not deprive it of conciseness.


Black with white streaks or, conversely, white with black mesh - both versions of the manicure with a marble pattern can become part of a business look.

Do you want to repeat this design yourself? Our step-by-step video tutorial will help.

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Beautiful seasonal business manicure


In spring and summer, I want to please the eye with bright colors. If at the same time you need to stick to a business style, change at least the neutral shades from the nude range to pink. Soft delicate pastel dress code just will not break. See for yourself - try on Essie's summer shade Haute Couture Confiture.

If that's not enough for you, paint your nails red. This color, even in a strict business look, will not raise questions from anyone, since this is a manicure classic that only emphasizes the femininity of the one who chooses it.

To make a solid color look more interesting, choose polishes with a matte finish.


In the autumn-winter season, there are more opportunities for business manicure. Coatings of dark shades are welcome: black, dark gray, dark blue, burgundy, which seem too gloomy and “heavy” in summer. In autumn, you can safely use shades such as Essie's Hooked.

Closer to the New Year, a manicure can quite reasonably become festive. Opt for a pearly white finish with a subtle shimmer effect, or add some sparkles to a nude polish - it will be appropriate even in a business style.

Popular colors in business manicure


You can safely rely on this color: it is universal. It goes well with a black suit, and with a light set with a white shirt.


He, like black, is in harmony with any outfit. But there is one feature: white looks bright on the nails, especially if tanned skin serves as the “background”. That is, you need to understand that the accent will be quite noticeable. Nevertheless, in modern business images, he is in place.


Among bright colors, red is an exception to the rule: it only emphasizes the severity of business style.


Translucent pink shade, cream, sand, coffee with milk - whatever you take from the nude range, this will be a good solution.


In a business manicure, you can use both light gray and dark graphite.

The image will remain strict, even if you decide on a varnish with a small shimmer.

Business manicure ideas for short nails


Again, French manicure is indispensable: thanks to a neat strip on the tips, it makes the nails visually longer. If you want to deviate from the classics, replace the white with black, the transparent background with beige, and the glossy finish with matte.


Another good option for owners of short nails: this design optically stretches them. To comply with all the formalities that a business image requires, give up bright colors. Let one pastel shade fade into another - this way you get a soft gradient that will be in harmony with the office dress code.

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One or two stripes along or across the nail will be enough to get a beautiful, minimalist design that complements an office outfit. For the background, it is better to choose a transparent varnish, and draw the stripes themselves in one strict color - for example, black.


Graphic design on short nails should be easy. Dots, stripes, simple geometric shapes - this is enough to create business-style nail art.

Variants of a stylish business manicure for long nails


Do you want to gracefully combine several shades in a manicure? For a business-like result, choose a few discreet shades and apply them to your nails in a watercolor manner. This spring nail art looks best on long nails.

Marble pattern

The elegant marble design in black and white perfectly matches the business style. It can also decorate short nails, but long ones look more spectacular in this design. By a similar principle, quartz nail art is created in pale pink shades. This option is also appropriate in a business image, if we take light shades as a basis.

Color sections

A variant of a graphic manicure on long nails can be obtained using the color blocking technique. Divide your nails into sections and fill them with colors that are typical for business style.


Use glitter if you can take the severity of the dress code down. To stay within office decorum and not end up with a disco look, add glitter to a clear or nude finish.There should be very little glitter. Perhaps it is worth making only one nail on each hand in this way.

Fashion trends and new business office manicure - 2023

Nail masters working at fashion weeks encourage trying new things in manicure and bringing to life even those ideas that cannot be called practical. Most of them can hardly be adapted to a business style, but some still have a chance.

For example, you can try a voluminous manicure with a nude finish and with egg balls or pearls as decoration, like at the Antonio Marras show. But in a business image, it is better to design no more than one or two nails on each hand.

Another trend is mother-of-pearl polishes and metallic effect. Choose them if you are tired of the usual gloss; example is provided by Bora Aksu and Cividini.

Shimmery polishes can also be used in nail art - for a slight accent on the tips of the nails or on the hole, as in the manicure from the Preen show.

By the way, French manicure has also confirmed its relevance - however, in a new interpretation. Try a PRISCAVera-style reverse french with an arc along the cuticle, or use non-traditional shades.

What kind of manicure do you do if you have to wear a formal suit? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.