Many people replace brown and black with this color - the classic eyelash makeup. Is it true that blue mascara is universal? We tell you how to apply it

Colored mascara is popular in the summer, but there are shades that can be used all year round - on special occasions or according to mood. It is primarily about blue ink. But she is also different. Choose shades that will harmoniously complement your look.

When is blue mascara relevant?

There are two opposite opinions about colored mascara.Some believe that this is a festive beauty product that has no place in everyday makeup, where universal products are welcome. Others, on the contrary, paint their eyelashes with blue mascara often - largely because they have learned how to correctly work with accents.

If we are talking about a casual look, then blue mascara may well fit into it organically - even in a bright version. But in this case, you should limit yourself to eyelash makeup. Then the color will not seem too catchy. Another life hack: you can draw discreet arrows or circle the contour of the eyes, and then apply blue mascara only to the very tips. This will give you just a hint of color.

In an evening look, blue mascara will accentuate the accent on the eyes. The result will be especially spectacular if the make-up is based on shades of blue. A dark haze around the eyes or winged lines combined with a slightly brighter blue mascara is a solution that cannot fail to attract attention.

Complementing this tool with shades of green, burgundy, purple is already an option for a party.

You can do makeup with glitter - in this case, blue mascara will definitely be appropriate, because the image will initially be built on bold textures and colors. By the way, many girls who love experimenting with make-up put colored mascara on their eyebrows instead of gel.

What are the shades of blue mascara?

Each beauty brand has its own shades of blue mascara, and the difference between them can be quite big. Some have a “running” option, which will definitely not remain idle in a cosmetic bag and will work in everyday looks. Others have bright, extraordinary shades that look best in disco party makeup.

Blue mascara

This seemingly gentle shade in eyelash makeup will look no less bright than neon. Check it out with Lancôme's Big Color Lash Top Coat Mascara Bleu.

Therefore, use it in solo makeup, without additions, if you don't want to go beyond casual style.

And we suggested the idea of makeup with blue mascara in this video.

Bright blue mascara

"Electric" blue is a shade for those who are not afraid to be misunderstood by traditionalists.

Again, it is enough to apply it on the eyelashes in two layers - and a noticeable accent is provided without any additions. The risk is justified: eye-catching makeup with blue mascara will not only cheer you up, but also charm those around you.

Dark blue mascara

This is the best option for girls who would like to add blue color to their everyday makeup.Dark blue mascara gives the look depth and attracts attention, because it is more common to see black or brown on the eyelashes. You don’t have to be afraid of excessive color brightness - a mascara like Snapscara in Blue from Maybelline New York meets the requirements of even the most modest casual makeup.

Who suits makeup with blue mascara?

And blondes, and brunettes, and redheads - but the shade will have to be selected in each case separately. Girls with blond hair can wear both bright blue and dark on their eyelashes: the contrast in their case will emphasize the tenderness and fragility of the image.

Redheads with blue mascara will get a mischievous and daring summer makeup that will delight the eye with an abundance of shades. Brunettes with brown eyes, this mascara color is also suitable. Their appearance is dominated by such natural shades as beige and brown - against this background, blue will become the very detail that effectively refreshes makeup.

What shades of blue mascara go with in makeup?

Since shades of blue are cold, it may seem that such mascara will only be compatible with cold tones. Of course, purple, fuchsia, emerald, turquoise, grey, silver rhyme perfectly with blue.

But as practice shows, blue mascara can perfectly complement bronze smoky eyes, copper arrows or, for example, a brown outline. Much depends on which blue you are using.

How to use blue mascara: step by step instructions

How to make a harmonious version of makeup with blue mascara? Makeup artist Rita Streltsova answers.

  1. Moisturize your skin, use a face primer for more staying power.

  2. Apply foundation.

  3. Concealer treat "problem" areas.

  4. Do some light contouring, add some blush and highlighter.

  5. Slightly emphasize the eyebrows with shadows.

  6. Apply a dusty brown eyeshadow all over your lid.

  7. With the same shadows, emphasize the lower eyelid 2/3 from the outer corner of the eye. Darken the crease of the upper eyelid a little.

  8. Make up your eyelashes (both upper and lower) with blue mascara. Since the main focus of makeup is on the eyes, apply a soft nude lipstick on the lips.

And if you are not sure that you are coloring your eyelashes correctly, our video tutorial will help you.


Blue mascara makeup ideas


Adding a little color to everyday makeup is not forbidden, but a full-fledged accent with blue mascara can turn out to be too bright. Therefore, it is better to apply blue mascara (unless we are talking about a dark shade) on the tips of the eyelashes. The base for it will be a thin layer of black mascara.

  1. In eye makeup, you can limit yourself to only two colors of mascara - black and blue. You will get a complete look even if you complement this eye makeup with only underlined eyebrows.

  2. Use blue mascara after lightly blending the gray eye shadow. Go for a translucent effect for a casual look.

  3. Day makeup with blue mascara will be in harmony with soft shades - for example, soft pink. Blend pink blush over cheekbones and lips.


If in a daytime look with blue mascara it is better to avoid contrasts, then in the evening they, on the contrary, should become the basis of makeup. You can safely cover the eyelashes with colored pigment from roots to tips. In make-up to a festive dress or disco outfit that harmonizes in tone, this will look appropriate.

  1. Try to combine colored mascara and bright arrows in your look. See, they go together really well. You can choose a shade for graphic lines in the Slide On pencil collection - for example, purple Pretty Violet is suitable.

  2. Contrast can also be obtained due to bright lip makeup. The desired result will be provided by matte lipstick - red, pink or, for example, coral.

    How to apply lipstick with a matte texture so that the coating is even and does not emphasize the wrinkles on the lips, we told in this video tutorial.

  3. For smoky eyes, look for a shade of eyeshadow that matches the blue on your lashes. It could be, for example, Giorgio Armani's Eyes To Kill Stellar Shadow in shade 1 Midnight. . This combination promises a noble and expressive result.

Best Blue Mascara: Editors' Choice

Let's tell you what funds you should pay attention to.

  • Mascara Snapscara in shade 04, Maybelline New York

    This dark blue mascara is one of the best options for every day. Firstly, the shade itself is very restrained, deep and noble. From afar, no one will notice that you decided to experiment with the color of your eyelashes. However, up close it will be clear that you made an original choice and unusually emphasized the color of your eyes. Secondly, I would like to note the comfortable formula: there is no wax in the composition, so Snapscara is easily washed off with warm water. This also makes it suitable for sensitive skin. In addition to a beautiful shade, you will get a slight lengthening of the eyelashes, natural volume and a graceful curve.

    Check out what our readers think of Snapscara here.


  • Paradise Extatic Mascara in Fantasy Floral by L'Oréal Paris

    Paradise Extatic shades are perfect for summertime. "Flower Fantasy" is a rich blue, thanks to which the look will acquire expressiveness, and the image - summer ease. In this case, the make-up will be as comfortable as possible.

    Carnauba wax, panthenol, jojoba oil and fruit extracts, which are enriched in the composition, moisturize, soften and nourish eyelashes, contributing to their he althy growth. By the way, Paradise Extatic also has a pleasant aroma.

    Check out what our readers think of Paradise Extatic here.


  • Hypnôse Mascara 3 Bleu, Lancôme

    When looking for blue mascara for every day, you can opt for Hypnôse. In the palette of shades, in addition to brown and black, there is also dark blue. This is an expressive color of the deep sea, which is perfect for girls with blue or gray eyes, and for brown-eyed girls it will help create an unusual contrast in eye makeup. Lancôme promises that Hypnôse can increase the volume of eyelashes by 6 times. It all depends on the number of layers of the product. One thing is clear: you can get not only a natural result in casual style, but also a dramatic make-up for an evening cocktail or a date.

    Check out what our readers think of Hypnôse in 3 Bleu here.


    By the way, Lancôme also has a separate top coat for mascara - Big Color Lash Top Coat in shade No. 03 Bleu (metallic blue).It is convenient to apply over a layer of classic black mascara. With a couple of strokes, add color to the tips - and even the simplest makeup will sparkle in a new way, become brighter and bolder.