Today we have over 1,800 NYX products available - professional grade cosmetics. This is the result of 20 years of growth and development that continues to gain momentum. Let's talk about it in more detail

NYX Professional Makeup is a godsend for everyone who is looking for high-quality cosmetics worthy of makeup artist cases, but is not ready to spend a fortune on a full-fledged beauty set. Formulas that guarantee expected results and an affordable price range - the balance that Tony Ko, the founder of the brand, has striven for from the very beginning.

How did it all start?

Tony created the NYX brand in 1999 when she was only 26 years old. At that time, she had no experience in business. But the desire to bring her ideas to life predetermined success, in which, by the way, she believed from the very beginning. At the time, Ko could not find cosmetics to create bright, long-lasting makeup. What the mass market offered did not suit her in terms of quality. And expensive beauty products, although good, not everyone can afford.

The desire to offer her own alternative appeared in her for a reason. The beauty industry was familiar to Tony from a young age: soon after the family moved from South Korea, where she comes from, to Los Angeles, the girl began working in a cosmetics store that her mother opened. So several years passed - Toni observed and gained experience and courage to start her own business. Having borrowed the required amount, she rented a suitable room and began to create the first products.

In choosing the name, Toni let her imagination run wild. The brand was named after the ancient Greek goddess of the night Nyx. You should not look for any hints, but still you can not help but notice that today's NYX Professional Makeup products are bright tools for a fabulous make-up.

First successes

Tony didn't have to wait long for her brand to take off. This happened already in the year of the launch of NYX Professional Makeup. Co was the first to launch Jumbo Eye Pencils with a thick shank and a soft creamy texture. These funds could be used both as a liner and as an eye shadow. Pencil in white became a hit, but now the number of available shades exceeds 30.

These pencils brought the company under $2 million in the first year. And despite the fact that initially NYX cosmetics were sold only to professionals. They appreciated its effectiveness in action and were satisfied.There was no doubt that soon the funds would be taken apart like hot cakes and ordinary makeup fans. And so it happened.

This was only the beginning of the story - a few years later, the number of items in the arsenal of NYX Professional Makeup increased to 1000, and then began to approach 2000. Many of them were created in order to "paint over the blank spots on the map" of funds necessary for professional make-up artists. NYX still has pigments for customizing Pro Foundation Mixer; the correct term for the category of such tools is "adjuster" .

In addition, the brand has large palettes like the Highlight & Contour Cream Pro Palette with eight shades of contouring products, the Ultimate Shadow Palette with 16 types of shadows of different textures - most of us do not need such volumes in everyday life.

SFX Créme Color cream pigments, loose Face & Body Glitter in all possible colors and HD products that prepare the skin for the camera's sights also help make-up artists first of all.Of course, if desired, beautyholics can use the same tools, for whom make-up is daily experiments with the image.

Tony pleases everyone. And I didn’t forget about those who care that the funds, for all their merits, are safe and comply with the latest ethical standards. NYX Professional Makeup is a PETA-certified beauty product that can be labeled cruelty free as the formulas are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients. NYX Professional Makeup offers vegan beauty products.

NYX Professional Makeup Today

20 years after its creation, NYX Professional Makeup remains true to its principles. This affordable cosmetics gives almost everyone the opportunity to touch the art of make-up. With the help of this brand, you can create ordinary casual makeup for every day.But for limitless creative freedom, NYX Professional Makeup also has everything you need. NYX believes that makeup is needed in order to stand out, become brighter, more interesting.

A separate item is make-up products that reflect the latest trends. The brand closely monitors what the beauty industry offers new, what trends are becoming popular. And promptly releases products with which it is easy to make a fashionable make-up with the necessary "special effects" . Want to create the perfect glitter makeup? NYX Professional Makeup has both glitter and a handy Glitter Primer that will keep shimmery particles from falling off the skin.

For contouring there are creams, sticks, pencils and dry palettes, for strobing there are palettes like Love You So Mochi with a choice of shades.

For a dewy look that's also all the rage right now, use the A Bit Jelly Gel Illuminator.

And you can try to achieve a holographic effect with Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder.

A separate item in the biography of NYX Professional Makeup is liquid lipsticks with different textures. In this area, the brand has no equal. It all started with the trend for liquid matte lipsticks - NYX answered this challenge with the appearance of Soft Matte Lip Cream, which remains a bestseller to this day.

And then the “suede” Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in a palette of unusual shades up to black Alien, Powder Puff Lippie, Cosmic Metals Lip Cream with a metallic effect, glitter lipstick Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick, Midnight Chaos Lip Gloss with multicolor holographic overflows and much more.

With these products you create not just makeup, but real face art, so NYX has become a favorite of beauty bloggers, who are sometimes even bolder than makeup artists.

NYX Professional Makeup for Summer

The summer collection of the brand includes a lot of products worthy of attention. We tell you exactly what it is worth replenishing your cosmetic bag in the new season.

  • California Beamin'Bronzer Face & Body Powder

    The easiest way to give your face a tanned look is to apply a little bronzer to all the protruding parts (nose, cheekbones and forehead). New from NYX Professional Makeup is ideal for this, as it is easy to blend and does not leave stains on the face. In addition, in addition to tanning, bronzing powder gives the face radiance, as it contains a shock dose of shimmering particles.

    Do you want to try? Then watch our bronzer tutorial video.

  • Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pencil

    On one side of the pencil there is a lead with a triangular cut, which is convenient for drawing the shape of the eyebrows, and on the other side there is a small brush for shading. The pencil has a soft, wax-like texture. The product stays on the skin and hairs for about 12 hours.

  • Bare With Me moisturizing blush stick for cheeks and lips

    To create a trendy mono-makeup, just use the Bare With Me stick. It is presented in three shades: pink, red and plum. It has a light translucent texture, so it can be applied on the lips, on the cheeks and even on the eyelids.

    In this video tutorial we showed how to do monomakeup with one tool.

  • Filler Instinct Lip Gloss

    The name of the tool fully justifies itself: the gloss really makes the lips visually more voluminous. Another plus is the applicator that repeats the shape of the lips, which is convenient to apply gloss even on the go and without a mirror.

  • Foil Play Palette

    The palette contains six shades of shadows with a metallic finish. Thanks to the creamy texture and the shock dose of pigments, the shadows look as bright and saturated as possible on the eyelids. They blend well and can be mixed together to create unique color combinations.

Which product would you like to add to your collection? Leave your comment.