Today the success of the brand is indisputable. She became the epitome of French elegance. Let's tell you how it all started

Lancôme founder Armand Ptijant wanted the philosophy of beauty and femininity à la française to be recognized in all corners of the globe.

By the way, he started to realize his dream at the age of 50. By that time, Ptizhan could already rely on rich life experience: trade, military service during the First World War, diplomacy (they say that for success in this area he was offered one of the ministerial positions in France), a director's position in a large perfumery and cosmetics company .The appearance of Lancôme was a logical continuation of this path.

Name history

Why Lancôme? Behind this name is a story full of romance in true French style. Legend has it that Ptizhan borrowed its name from the small castle Le Château De Lancosme near the town of Châteauroux. For him, the sonority of the name and the ease of its pronunciation in any language of the world were important, so Ptizhan reduced the original to Lancôme. The roses that grew near the castle became the prototype of the main symbol of Lancôme: today, bottles and tubes of this brand are easily recognizable by the characteristic golden logo with a rose.

How did it all start?

French brand Lancôme was founded in 1935. Ptizhan was the first to introduce fragrances to the public: as many as five Lancôme perfumes (Conquête, Kypre, Tropiques, Bocages and Tendre Nuit) became participants in the International Exhibition in Brussels. It was a success - Lancôme creations were appreciated and awarded.Flavors began to be sold in dozens of countries around the world. All this allowed Ptizhan to continue his journey in the beauty industry with confidence.

He never thought to stop, although it would seem that Lancôme could be further developed as a perfume brand. But already in 1936, a year after the creation of the brand, he had the first line of skin care products - Nutrix. This cosmetics for skin restoration has been used by more than one generation of women - Nutrix is still popular. Try Lancôme Nutrix Royal Revitalizing Cream, for example.

Ptizhan did not know at that time that Nutrix had a great future - and continued to work on products that were supposed to give French charm to women all over the world. His next step was the release of decorative cosmetics.

Decorative cosmetics

Ptizhan started with lipstick.And it is no coincidence: with the help of this tool, you can change your image with one movement. Under the Lancôme brand, he presented a collection of lipsticks - these were Clé de Coquette, Menestrel, Longue Vue. Their success was predetermined by quality: soft and comfortable texture, rich color, easy application and thin coverage, and also a pleasant aroma. In addition, Ptizhan turned lipsticks into a real fashion accessory, the purchase of which is a separate pleasure.

Years passed, and Lancôme introduced consumers to their first mascara - Lancômatique. She saw the light in 1967 and set the quality standard for the entire industry. Of course, other premieres followed. Lancôme has been actively involved in development, and then based on the results produced innovative formulas.

In the late 80s, Keracils mascara appeared with a therapeutic composition that helped restore eyelashes. And in the early 90s, they released Définicils mascara for the perfect separation.

The 2000s were also a breakthrough - the new Hypnôse mascara became a hit, which impressed women with its volume effect. We talked about it in more detail in this article.

And in 2008, Lancôme released an even more amazing novelty - Ôscillation Powermascara with a vibrating brush! The micro-vibrations of the bristles were needed to distribute the mascara evenly over the lashes from root to tip and for a perfect separation. You can read about what other types of mascara are currently in the Lancôme collection here.

By the way, did you know that you can achieve three different effects with the same mascara? If not, be sure to watch this video tutorial.

These and other Lancôme cosmetic launches are made possible by the scientific work of the brand's research centers; there are more than 15 of them, and specialists from various fields, such as dermatology, biophysics, biochemistry and many others, work in them.Collaboration with the world's leading universities, as well as testing of tools, in which thousands of women took part, contributed to the effectiveness.


This approach has enabled Lancôme to create many effective skin care formulas. In addition to Nutrix, a line that still helps women maintain beauty and youth, the brand launched the Océan collection in 1955, with algae and sea water at the heart of the compositions.

After 10 years, another creation appears on sale - Crème Absolue. This is a premium cream for daily care with a high concentration of active ingredients that are derived from roses: it is a plant extract, rose oil, and cells of the Lancôme rose, a separate variety that was bred by the breeder Georges Delbar in 1974.

Lancôme has always tried to be responsive to industry trends, including in the area of skincare. Therefore, in the early 90s, when plastic surgery began to flourish, Lancôme offered women an alternative - Rénergie lifting cream.

Lancôme's anti-aging care continues to receive a lot of attention: by 2009, the brand's specialists created Génifique products with a formula that became known as the "youth activator" . These include, for example, Advanced Génifique serum.

Also in the 2000s, the brand's specialists decided that high-quality skin care products should also be created for men. Therefore, in 2005, Lancôme Homme announces itself - a men's line of skincare products that have been developed taking into account the characteristics of men's skin.


Fragrance is an important page in the history of Lancôme, because it all started with them. Ptizhan has managed to delight connoisseurs of perfumery more than once. In 1946, he turns one of the first Marrakech fragrances into an object of desire by ordering a bottle from René Lalique. And in 1952, Trésor is presented with great pomp, the oriental fragrance that later became a legend: for its presentation, the public was invited to a ballet in which the main character was Prince Trésor.

The composition itself, enclosed in a bottle in the form of a diamond with 75 facets, was quite worthy of such a premiere and passed the test of time - Trésor still makes women fall in love with itself. Including very famous ones: Penelope Cruz, for example, once admitted that she has been using this fragrance from a young age.

Lancôme star fans

And just in 2010, Penelope was honored to become one of the beauty ambassadors of Lancôme.

And the first face of the brand in the distant 83rd was Isabella Rossellini. For 14 years, she has represented novelties and already well-known products of Lancôme.

Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Julia Roberts, Lupita Nyong'o and many others also visited her place.

According to Ptizhan's idea, the brand was supposed to celebrate femininity in its French sense, but today it is beauty without borders.

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