For some make-up hits, this summer has been a time of renewal. We talk about the products and collections that have changed so that our makeup has changed - of course, for the better

Beauty novelties are getting better every year. Production technologies are developing, innovative ingredients are appearing, new formulas are being developed. But this does not mean that the funds "with history" should irrevocably become a thing of the past. Beauty brands make sure that they do not become obsolete - and re-release them with an updated composition, in more modern packaging.


  1. Blush Fit Me!, Maybelline New York

    In addition to Fit Me foundations! , which can adapt to the natural skin tone, Maybelline New York has released three shades of blush. They are all very soft and natural: coral, peach, pink nude. The powder is easy to blend, leaving a light veil of color on the skin; what you need for "makeup without makeup" . Shiny finish blush Fit Me! refreshes the complexion.

  2. Concealer Infaillible, L'Oréal Paris

    In the Infaillible collection, boost: now the Infaillible concealer will help you achieve the optimal skin tone. where to find?

    The packaging says that the new product is more than a concealer, and it's true: the tool can, if necessary, replace a full-fledged foundation (how these products differ and why one often replaces the other, we told here).

    The concealer also fulfills its intended purpose as well as possible - all thanks to the dense, highly pigmented texture. At the same time, the product is perfectly “stretched”, so there will be no problems with shading - you will get an inconspicuous masking layer that effectively hides skin imperfections. Promised durability - up to 24 hours.

  3. Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer, Maybelline New York

    This concealer was first presented in a very narrow range of shades, but many girls fell in love with it so much that they expanded the palette.

    Finding the right one for your skin type is now easy. And everyone will successfully cope with the problem of dark circles under the eyes. The camouflage ability of the Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer texture is such that it will be possible to hide fine wrinkles and other minor defects.The result will be fresher skin without signs of fatigue - and, as a result, an anti-aging effect.



    It is worth dwelling on the composition separately: it includes goji berries and haloxyl. These anti-aging components will take care of the he alth of the skin. You can learn more about how to mask one of the most common problems - bruises under the eyes - in this video tutorial.

For eyes

  1. Mascara Colossal Platinum Black Limited Edition, Maybelline New York

    Colossal mascara, well known to many girls, has changed both externally and internally. Maybelline New York has introduced a limited edition of this product in a new shiny silver tube.

    And not just like that - in the texture of the Platinum Black shade, very small shimmering particles are “lost”, so that the mascara envelops the eyelashes not only with a rich ultra-black color, but also with barely noticeable sparkles.They change their look - their gentle radiance is noticeable up close, which is transmitted to the eyes.

    Colossal Platinum Black Limited Edition also takes care of the volume of the eyelashes and makes them visually thicker and fuller. Wave-shaped bristles allow you to carefully coat the eyelashes from root to tip and separate them from each other - there will be no spider legs effect in the makeup.

  2. Perversion Waterproof Mascara, Urban Decay

    Perversion mascara has a waterproof version of Perversion Waterproof.

    Metallic coated tube with water drops convinces us: neither rain nor splashes from the pool will threaten expressive eye makeup this summer. Hairdensyl complex with proteins and amino acids (including marine glycogen, which "turns on" the active growth of cilia), honey extract and other beneficial ingredients nourish, strengthen and protect hairs.

    Add to this the effect of volume, lengthening of the eyelashes and their separation - and we get everything you need for a beautiful and high-quality eyelash makeup.

  3. Hypnôse Drama palettes and Hypnôse, Lancôme mascara

    The Hypnôse palette design has remained unchanged over the years, but now you can look at them with a fresh eye: five shades laid out in a row, moving from lighter to darker. With such a visual "picture" it is easy to imagine how to combine these shadows in a harmonious make-up.

    The new look for Hypnôse Drama has also been updated with new ranges: for example, No. 01 French Nude with soft shades for "make-up without makeup" and No. 15 Bleu Hypnotic, which combines a truly "hypnotic" blue with white and gold.

    French Nude

    Blue Hypnotic

    Addition to this palette will be a new shade of Hypnôse mascara - with the same name Bleu Hypnotic.

    This is a deep blue that only needs to be applied to the tips of the lashes to give a bright accent to the eyes.

  4. All Nighter Setting Spray Summer Solstice, Urban Decay

    All Nighter spray is a favorite of makeup artists and girls who will always find a reason to make a bright festive make-up. This summer, it has changed: the formula that gives the make-up 16-hour wear remains the same, but now the product envelops the skin with a fresh scent of pineapple, coconut and s alty sea breeze.

    The limited version of Summer Solstice will be useful for those who are going to a summer party (what makeup to do in this case, we told here) or, for example, who wants to save their makeup on the beach. Under an invisible film, the skin still "breathes" , but the cosmetics do not spread or smear.

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