The most courageous beauty bloggers agreed to take part in our experiment, organized in collaboration with Shu Uemura. And they didn’t regret it: makeup with the prefix “art-” in 2023 should look exactly like this

These days, emerald eyebrows are not a metaphor from a song, but a fashionable reality. Unusual eyebrow makeup has become one of the most noticeable trends of recent years, which, however, rarely goes beyond the catwalks. We decided to fix it: makeup artists Shu Uemura show how to make a make-up with an emphasis on bright eyebrows with their own hands.

  1. First of all, prepare the base. To achieve the perfect tone, use Petal Skin Liquid Foundation - a weightless fluid that provides an even matte finish.

  2. If time is running out, the Lightbulb Fluid cushion will help: a special sponge will distribute the product in seconds.

  3. For a balanced look, lightly sculpt or simply apply Glow On blush to the apples of your cheeks.

  4. Eye makeup in this look can be both neutral and intricate (as you will see in the examples below), but we still recommend highlighting the eyelashes with Tokyo Lash Mascara.

When the base is ready, you can turn on the fantasy!

Explosion of color

The easiest way to create a bright eyebrow makeup is to paint them with colored mascara. Ordinary mascara will work for this purpose, but Shu Uemura has a special line Brow Unlimited, designed specifically for eyebrows.This mascara can be used without support, but for a more graphic make-up, first emphasize the natural shape of the eyebrows with the Hard Formula Pencil. Thickly apply brow mascara on top - for example, in the juicy shade of Pink Spice, which makeup artists Shu Uemura used in the image of blogger Katya Tarposhyan.

Fine work

When you pick up an eyebrow pencil or mascara, you should definitely have a thin black eyeliner on hand (for example, Calligraph:ink ). It will help balance the look. In addition, she is able to instantly make a nude make-up evening: just bring the upper or lower eyelid with a black stripe, you can highlight the inner corner of the eye with a contrasting color (for example, red). Eyebrows in this look are shaped with Hard Formula pencil and Eyebrow Manicure mascara.

The same eyeliner can be used in the art makeup of the eyebrows. Use it to draw thin or thick strokes on the eyebrows to draw even more attention to them. This technique will look especially impressive if you have naturally thick and wide eyebrows, like Alina's Beauty Adept.

Fair-skinned and fair-haired girls should not be afraid of such art experiments either. Maria Rogacheva demonstrates a successful version of colored eyebrows with contrasting strokes.


When creating unusual make-up, we often turn to the work of avant-garde artists. So it is in eyebrow makeup: the work of the Suprematists will prompt the right direction. With eyeliner, draw concise but expressive details on the eyebrows: lines, curls, miniature squares and triangles. We take an example from beauty blogger Nati!

Triple strike

Forget about the rule of one accent: no beauty laws apply on the territory of art makeup, so there can be several bright details.Draw graphic arrows with a thin liner, emphasize eyebrows with Brow Unlimited mascara in the shade “Sky Blue”, apply short strokes on top with the same black eyeliner, and make up your lips with Rouge Unlimited pink lipstick. Beauty blogger Uzi shows you how to put these details together.

Tattoo effect

Have you heard about the eyebrow microblading procedure, which has replaced tattooing these days? A similar technique can be used in avant-garde eyebrow makeup. Draw clear and thin "hairs" as close to each other as possible - and do not be afraid to overdo it: unlike microblading, the lines should be visible to the naked eye. Try painting them with a colored liner (for example, pink Waterpaint:ink), and use bright ink as a base. How it looks in real life, you can see in the photo of Katya Katkova.

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Which eyebrow makeup did you like best? Leave your feedback in the comments!