Purple hair is a trend with which blondes are more fortunate: on blond hair, even pastel will look like a contrasting accent. Brunettes are more difficult, but a bright result can still be achieved. Let's talk about universal paints that will suit both

Purple hair will look unusual and bright. Who should try this coloring?

Who would suit purple hair color?

Shades of purple hair color are rich in a variety of nuances of the range, so girls with any color type can find their own version.Most of the shades are still cold, but even on golden hair they can look unusual and - importantly - beautiful. Photo of purple hair below.

You need to understand that not all purple shades in hair color will be clearly visible on dark hair. But for many, soft coloring with barely noticeable color blotches is rather a plus. Choose what you like best.

Black hair

Girls with this color need to choose only neon shades for a noticeable effect. Barely noticeable undertones on dark hair will simply not be visible, and bright colors will create a contrast that brunettes usually go for. Photo with purple hair in dark colors.

You can choose in favor of “acidic” ultramarine, a softer amethyst color or a shade of lavender, which, on a black background, will lose its touching tenderness and become extremely catchy.It remains to mentally prepare for a sharp change in the image that these coloring options guarantee. What other shades will look spectacular on dark hair, we told in this article.

Brown, brown hair

It's the same with brown hair. Brunettes with chocolate-colored curls will suit a variety of shades of purple, and both lilac and lilac will look advantageous. Plum color will give an interesting result: with its help you will get strands that will “appear” only in the light, creating expressive play of shades.

Blonde hair

They are distinguished by a grayish undertone, which, alas, some of the purple shades can enhance - and this is not always what you expect. Fair-haired is not recommended to choose lilac and lavender; it is better to decide on contrasting staining, in which the colored strands will be clearly visible against the general background and shade it favorably.Or choose a delicate purple hue close to pink for a “strawberry and cream” effect.

Red hair

Red hair and owners of hair dyed red, purple strands do not really go: a bright base color "suppresses" lilac and purple so that dyeing becomes simply meaningless.

You can only try on an image with a plum color - you need to “stretch” it along the strands, creating an ombre effect. The result is suitable for those who want to refresh an already bright image.

Blonde hair, blond

But blondes can choose almost any of the purple shades.

If you paint a lot of thin strands in lavender, the image will turn out to be gentle and airy. And with large neon purple strands, the blond will become optically “cleaner”. This coloring will make the features of fair-haired girls brighter and more expressive.When choosing a color, start from how much you are ready to change.

Purple shades: options for dark and light hair

  1. Blue-violet

    For blonde hair, the contrast that this shade creates can be too strong. But for brunettes (those who are not afraid of bright colors) it will be just right! Dark colors will be on an equal footing with him, but the blond will be clearly "weaker" , so the combination will be less harmonious and balanced.

    If you dare to experiment, try the shade "Purple Hair" from the Colorista Hair Makeup line from L'Oréal Paris.

  2. Lavender

    This delicate shade, on the contrary, suits blondes very well. If you want to create a romantic image, you will get the desired result with it.

    At the same time, brunettes can also make strands lavender. At the same time, the dye should be based on a white color so that the shade is dense and saturated - this is the only way it can fully manifest itself on dark hair.

  3. Lilac

    It's slightly darker than lavender, but still more of a pastel shade. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to it first of all to blondes who want to color the strands. For brunettes, this color is suitable only if they are ready for the fact that the contrast will not be too noticeable. Pay attention to the shade "Purple Hair" Colorista Hair Makeup from L'Oréal Paris.

  4. Purple

    This color has a hint of pink, like in Plum Hair from L'Oréal Paris's Colorista Hair Makeup line.And this is the reason why it suits both blondes and brunettes equally. It's bright enough that a purple streak look will grab attention in both cases.

    The proximity to pink shades softens the result, making it very feminine. This coloring always looks very advantageous.

  5. Purple neon

    A shade with neon “backlighting” will most successfully complement the image of a brunette with dark, almost black hair. And you will definitely like it if you need a daring, bold result with irony and challenge.

    Over the blond, the neon shade will not “glow” and will partly lose its brightness, so you may not get the expected effect on blond hair. Fans of experiments can use several neon shades in coloring at once.

Hairstyle options with purple strands for brunettes

  1. Waves

    So that the purple strands are definitely not lost in the main mass of dark hair, style them in waves. Volume will help emphasize the alternation of shades. The image will become lighter, more airy and feminine.

  2. Curls

    Compared to wave styling, Hollywood-style clean curls are a more festive hairstyle option that also perfectly emphasizes coloring with strands. They will look especially beautiful on the face if you make a side parting and highlight one large curl on the side with more hair. The most daring can experiment with small curls.

  3. High ponytail

    Purple strands will be clearly visible even if you collect your hair in a hairstyle. A smooth tail will turn out to be more strict and will demonstrate the beauty of the transition of shades if you created an ombre effect. And a ponytail with curled tips or unusual weaving, again due to volume, will draw attention to the color accent.

Hairstyles with purple strands for blondes: photo ideas

  1. Straight hair

    Straightened loose hair is the best solution for blondes: nothing will distract attention from the expressive contrast that purple strands create on a light background. Most of all, this image is suitable for girls with long hair or strict caret.

  2. Wavy bob

    If the haircut is short, blondes who have done coloring with strands should definitely try styling with waves. Curl your hair in large rings so that a curl or two per strand comes out. This will make the image as spectacular as possible: bright coloring combined with voluminous styling will do the trick.

  3. Long weaves

    Another way to show the beautiful weave of natural blonde with purple on the strands is to make a hairstyle with braids, spikelets, fishtails, braids or, for example, a bun and curls. All these options are available for girls with long hair.

How to make purple strands on long hair at home?

Even "quick" home coloring with temporary effects requires preparation. You will need:

  1. Dye

    Determine what result you want. Ready for dramatic long-term change? Then you need paint for permanent staining. For those who want to get purple strands for just a few days or a week or two, you can choose a jelly (like L'Oréal Paris' Colorista Hair Makeup), a balm (like L'Oréal Paris' Colorista Washout), or a rinse-off spray - for example, Colorista Spray by L'Oréal Paris.

    We talked more about temporary coloring products here. And how to use jelly for hair coloring was shown in this video tutorial.

  2. Brush

    For a more accurate and precise application of the composition, a special flat brush is useful. It is easy to get the right amount of paint on it, and then, if desired, “stretch” the color and create an ombre effect.

  3. Comb

    Not a brush, but a flat dovetail comb. With it, you can effectively divide your hair into sections and take the strands you need to work.

  4. Towel

    Lay it on your shoulders so you won't stain your skin or clothes while you dye it yourself, without outside help.

Overview of the best means for getting purple curls

For the first time, the best choice will be products that will make the strands colored in just a few days. This will make it easier to understand whether your decision to change the image was the right one. According to the editors, the funds from this collection are trustworthy.

  • Colorista Spray, L'Oréal Paris

    This is perhaps one of the most convenient tools to use. L'Oréal Paris has launched a spray paint. They can simply sprinkle the desired strands. Coloring will only take a few minutes. Hair does not even have to dry after working with paint. The color will immediately appear in full force and will last a day or two - until the first shampoo. A great solution if you want to make purple strands one-time, for a specific reason, or just take a closer look at this coloring option.

  • Colorista Hair Makeup, L'Oréal Paris

    Colorista Hair Makeup jelly works approximately the same way - this tool is also not designed for a long-term effect. The result will last on the hair until you use the shampoo. At the same time, the difference from the spray is still significant: the jelly makes the hair wet, the strands will need to be dried - then the color will manifest itself in full force.At the same time, the jelly attracts with the possibility of more precise application - it is more difficult to limit the area of application of the spray with clear frames. But the process of staining with jelly will also take more time.

  • Colorista Washout, L'Oréal Paris

    This coloring balm is for those who are ready for a week-long "test drive" with purple strands. The formula of Colorista Washout is longer lasting, so the effect can last up to 14 days, depending on how often you wash your hair. Hair color will return to its original color after 3-4 shampoos. After distributing the composition over the strands, you will need to wait 15-30 minutes. Choose the exposure time based on how bright and saturated the result you need.

Would you color with purple strands? Write what you think about experimenting with color in the comments.