If classic powder products don't make you happy with their durability, try baked ones. Special production technology radically changes their quality

The baking method gives beauty products a lot of advantages, the main of which is durability while maintaining a light, airy texture. In addition, the method allows you to provide caring properties that many classic powders, alas, do not have. Therefore, it began to be used in the manufacture of blush, shadows, bronzers and even highlighters. We have already talked about baked powder.This time let's talk about the baked highlighter - how is it better than the usual one?

Baked highlighter: what is it and what is it for?

Recall that this is a powder product with which the skin is given radiance; it is produced, like other baked products, using the heat treatment of the composition - in a special oven at a temperature of 60 ° C.

Initially, the formula is a mixture of dry pigments and components with a liquid consistency - these are mainly those substances that are designed to moisturize and nourish the skin. The composition comes out of the oven in the form of pressed powder with veins similar to marble. The beautiful texture makes the baked powder also attractive, but the pluses do not end there.


One of the main features of baked products is that they provide the skin with the necessary care. Namely, they soothe it, soften it, neutralize inflammation. That is, it is a powder coating that eliminates the possibility of discomfort.


The baked product, which looks hard due to the pressed format, turns into a fine powder when applied to the brush, which lies on the skin in a thin layer and shows miracles of durability.

In the case of a highlighter, you can be sure that the radiance will remain on the skin all day. By the way, about how reliable such products are: even in a case, they are fixed better - they don’t break or crumble if you suddenly drop the package.

How to choose a baked highlighter?

Focus solely on whether the texture of the product is comfortable for you and whether it suits you in color.

By shade

The theory of color types is also relevant here. Girls with a cool skin tone are more suitable for highlighters with a pearly glow. White mother-of-pearl shine is what will emphasize the beauty of porcelain skin. Another option is a silver highlighter with a slight metallic effect. A pinkish highlighter is useful for a cold color type for those who want to slightly “revive” their skin color, make it fresher.

Women with a warm color type are advised to take a closer look at highlighters with a golden glow. The tool, however, should not be as intense as bronzers - the right shade looks much lighter.


Highlighters have proved to be multifunctional products that can be used in different ways. So, many people mix liquid highlighter with foundation so that the skin of the face as a whole shines with freshness, vitality and he alth. But powder highlighter (including baked) is more suitable for accents.

If you need to highlight the cheekbones, emphasize the back of the nose, make the outlines of the eyebrows more distinct, it is the powder highlighter that will do all these tasks perfectly. Unless, of course, use it competently.

What is the effect of baked highlighter?

The result depends on which highlighter application method you choose.

  • Highlighting the cheekbones will give you more sculpted features.

  • Added some highlighter above and below the brows? This technique will allow you to emphasize their shape. The effect will be especially noticeable after color correction.

  • If you apply a highlighter on the sides of the forehead, it will visually become wider. Life hack is suitable for girls with a narrow elongated face.

  • To optically "stretch" a wide nose, apply a highlighter on the back, and slightly darken the wings with a sculptor powder or bronzer.

  • A drop of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes "opens" the look - this technique is useful for those who struggle with traces of lack of sleep in the morning and try to "erase" the signs of fatigue with the help of cosmetics.

  • Speaking of eyes. For many girls, highlighter replaces shadows - this is also one of the ways to use it.

  • Highlighter is also useful in lip makeup. Apply it on the Cupid's arch to draw attention to the graceful shape of the lips and make them visually more voluminous.

Step by step photo tutorial for applying highlighter

  1. There are no special tricks here - you need to work with a baked highlighter in the same way as with any other powder.It is more important to prepare the skin: even out the tone, hide minor imperfections (if they are visible, the radiance of the highlighter will not be able to draw attention to itself), create a shadow under the cheekbones using sculptor powder. And in general, makeup can be done almost completely, because the highlighter is usually added as the final touches.

  2. Take a medium-sized voluminous powder brush or, for example, a fan brush - it is also convenient for applying highlighter. Dial the product on it and apply it with light touches on the cheekbones, focusing on the protruding areas. This method is suitable for girls who choose "makeup without makeup." If you need a more pronounced result, then work with a highlighter with a flat brush dipped in water.

  3. Pay attention to detail. You will need another brush - a small one, similar to those used to apply concealer.With its help, emphasize the outlines of the eyebrows with a highlighter (going along the contour from below and above), a check mark above the upper lip. Add a radiant highlight to the inner corners of the eyes. These small makeup additions will make a big difference in the result.

Makeup Tips

  • Use a liquid highlighter that blends into the skin in a natural everyday makeup.

    And powdery - including baked - on special occasions: its shining grains will somehow be visible on the skin, so it is more appropriate in a smart make-up. We talked about the nuances of applying a highlighter in different formats in this video tutorial.

  • To enhance the dew effect on the skin after applying the highlighter with a wet brush, spritz the luminous finish with a setting spray.

  • Need an unusual make-up accent? Pick up the baked highlighter with a round brow brush preloaded with clear gel and swipe over brows.

What not to do with highlighter makeup?

  1. Apply all over the face

    Highlighter is a tool that is used in doses. Girls who brush with shimmering powder all over their face run the risk of giving the impression of a greasy shine on the skin. In addition, the effect of radiance always increases volumes. Therefore, the highlighter is distributed pointwise - only on those parts of the face that you need to pay attention to.

  2. Apply to oily skin

    If you have oily skin type, highlighter in makeup should be minimal. You can only afford highlights on the cheekbones if you apply a matte effect as a tone in advance. It is better not to touch the T-zone with a highlighter.

  3. Apply a lot of highlighter

    It's always tempting to put more beautiful shimmery powder on the brush, but don't. Highlighter is always needed just a little, even if you use it for contouring.

Baked highlighter and alternatives: product review

  • Naked Illuminated, Urban Decay

    This highlighter is baked on terracotta tiles for a day and then processed by hand. It has a fairly high shimmer content and a rich hue, without the yellowness and cold metallic sheen that can look unnatural on the skin. You can apply the powder on both the face and the body, if necessary. The main thing is to choose your shade of Naked Illuminated: Aura has a soft pink glow, Luminous has pearl tints, and Lit can replace the bronzer for those who want to get the effect of a golden tan.

Baked highlighters have a lot of advantages. Of course, it's time to add this tool to your cosmetic bag, if it is not already there. At the same time, manufacturers who do not use baking technology are trying to do everything so that their highlighters are not inferior to baked ones in quality. Maybelline New York, for example, offers not only a well-thought-out formula, but also an unusual finish for trend lovers - holographic. This alone is already worth it to choose Master Holographic Prismatic.

If you are sure that the presence of a highlighter on the face should not be conspicuous and it is better for it not to show itself at all, then a tool like Neo Nude A-Highlight from Giorgio Armani will help out.

This liquid highlighter "spills" the radiance of sparkling champagne (shade 10) or dewy rose petals (shade 11) on the skin. The products look natural on their own and blend perfectly with others, allowing you to experiment with make-up.

Which highlighter do you like more - regular powder, baked, cream or liquid? Write a comment.