Full hair coloring is a thing of the past: it is impractical, as it requires frequent renewal, which means it injures the hair. A more gentle option, with which the result will be no less bright, is to create an emphasis on the strands

Blondes with dark strands are rare. But brunettes often go “to the bright side”, highlighting at least a few strands with a blond. However, you can lighten your hair with other shades, if you want the image to become many times brighter.

Who suits light strands on dark hair?

Light strands of natural shades add sun glare to the image. Most brunettes and brown-haired women can afford such a play of light and shadow. With this technique in coloring, you can achieve a variety of effects. In some cases, it refreshes the face and emphasizes its features due to the light frame in front.

Summer trend - colored strands. Which shade is right for you?Take the test1/7

Whose style do you like more?

  • Natalia
  • Katy Perry
  • Irina Shayk
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Kim Kardashian

What hairstyle would you do for an important event?

  • Hollywood curls
  • Perfectly straight hair
  • High ponytail
  • Low or high bun
  • Hairstyle with braids

Perfect hairstyle for every day?

  • Loose hair
  • Tail
  • Ballet bun
  • Braid
  • "Knot"

Whose hairstyle do you like best?

  • Kristen Stewart
  • Blake Lively
  • Bella Hadid
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Eva Longoria
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What is your favorite hair product?

  • Oils
  • Styling
  • Dry shampoos
  • Thermal protection products
  • Masks
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Which hair experiment would you dare to do?

  • I won't cut my bangs
  • I won't paint
  • I won't cut my hair short
  • I won't colorize
  • Ready for any experiments!

In others, it visually adds volume and density to hair (for example, straight and smooth). At the same time, it is important that the difference in color between dark and light strands is not too strong: this can disrupt the harmony of the image.

You can try pastel pink, mint or pale blue. So you don't have to be afraid of contrasts. The result will be bright. It’s a paradox, but seemingly soft colors will create a noticeable accent and dilute the dark shade. The image will be fresh, bold, bold, with character and at the same time - easy and relaxed. We talked about which shades will look especially impressive in combination with dark hair here.

No need to worry about whether such coloring of strands will suit you - there will definitely be options; it is more important to understand whether there is a need for such changes and what they will bring to your style.Having decided, you can go to the colorist - or take matters into your own hands: there are more and more funds for home coloring.

Who shouldn't bleach their curls?

There are hardly any girls who are categorically not recommended by stylists to lighten their hair. It's not about the color type and not about the features of appearance. It is important to correctly choose the shade itself for coloring the strands. Platinum blond against the background of dark brown hair in swarthy girls will look, frankly, not in the best way. But they can definitely brighten by a couple of tones. Thus, you can not deny yourself the coloring of the strands. It is only important to determine the degree of clarification that is right for you.

Coloring techniques: how to make white strands on dark hair?

  1. Classic highlights

    The main feature of this technique is that when highlighting, the strands are painted over from the very roots.

    When the hair grows back, the beginning of the light streak becomes noticeable. Because of this, colorists prefer other techniques, because naturalness is in fashion. But if you want to experiment, L'Oréal Paris Préférence in Marseille is just fine.

  2. Ombre

    A completely different thing is the gradient coloring of the strands, in which sharp boundaries between colors are avoided. The transition is smoothed, as if "stretching" the color.

    The color most often changes smoothly in the middle of the length. So you can combine even quite contrasting shades. So for brunettes who want to decorate the ends of their hair with blond, this option is perfect.

  3. Shatush

    Coloring will also result in a gradient.Alternating light and dark strands, levels of color transition, highlights that appear here and there - this technique of working with light shades is great for those who want to use blonde in coloring. And for those who choose to experiment with color, it will soften the effect of a bright dye.

  4. Airtouch

    This year's hit technique allows you to bring the color closer to the roots, but in such a way that the result looks natural. To do this, the master, taking a strand, “blows out” hairs from it that have begun to grow quite recently, the so-called fluff. They are shorter than the main mass and belong to the root zone. This part of the hair remains in its natural color, but the longer strands are dyed, in our case, lightened.

What other options you can consider if you want to do two-tone coloring, we told here.

Hairstyles with light strands on long dark hair: photo ideas

Straight hair

When the length of the hair reaches the level of the belt, everyone wants to demonstrate this achievement. To make your hair look even more beautiful after dyeing the strands, make it smoother with a “flat iron”, and then sprinkle with a special shine spray. Mirror shine will draw attention to a new look with light strands.

At the same time, long hair is the easiest to experiment with, doing hairstyles in a variety of ways. A high ponytail, for example, will retain a noticeable emphasis on light strands.

You won't see color in the top bun, so it's best to keep it low by parting or adding weave.

Curly hair

The "stretch" of the color, of course, is always best seen on loose hair. If they are curly, a loose hairstyle is the best solution.

Take care of styling in waves, otherwise the difference between the shades will create the impression of untidiness rather.

If you want to remove the hair from the face, a possible option is a half bun, in which the hair is collected only from the top section.

You can also make a full-fledged bun, only it should be voluminous - you don’t need to “hide” the color by pulling your hair tightly.

Dark medium length hair with blonde highlights

Straight hair

If the hair is straight and thick, you can add many small light strands to the inner layers so that in motion they create a play of light and shadow, expressive play of shades.More light should be closer to the tips - so the coloring will look natural, as if the hair was burned out in the sun.

On thinner hair, highlight the strands wider and curl them coarsely after dyeing: this will achieve the effect of volume and density.

Do you want to put your hair in a hairstyle? Try this option: part your hair with a parting in front, and then, after smoothing it, carefully and tightly gather it into a low ponytail. Also, the average length does not exclude braided hairstyles.

Curly hair

With a medium length just below the shoulders, curly hair is often very voluminous; they can be "pacified" with the help of different types of weaving. This approach always favorably represents light strands.

And if you like careless styling, then it's better to make one voluminous braid.

Having styled your medium-length hair with graceful curls, you can complement your hairstyle with hairpins - this is just the trend of the season. Part your hair with a side part and secure those strands that are closer to your face, for example, with invisibility. And if you are going to a beach party or a photo shoot, then feel free to use accessories with flowers, which will be a beautiful addition to different weaving options.

How to dilute dark hair color with white strands if you have a short haircut?

The difficulty with short haircuts is that the length in most cases does not allow you to create a full-fledged gradient with a transition from a dark shade to a light one. Therefore, for girls with such hair, it is best to raise the shade almost to the very roots - or paint over them too.

For both straight and curly hair, one of the best options is a lot of thin strands (but not too light against the background of the main hair color). If the length allows, you can emphasize the dyeing with weaving.

Want to make an unusual accent with pastel paint? Then select only a couple of strands from the face. Then you can style your hair as you like - and straighten and curl. In all cases, the coloring will look beautiful.

How to get light strands on dark hair at home?

Using salon techniques at home is not easy. Two of them are the most accessible.

  1. The first is coloring the strands with a special cap for highlighting. It is distinguished by many holes through which thin strands are pulled out with a hook and dyed in the desired color. Thanks to this method, you will get approximately the same light strands and will not stain the bulk of the hair.

  2. Second - staining with foil. It is used primarily for lightening strands: when they are wrapped in foil, this creates a thermal effect on the coloring composition - it starts to act faster.In addition, the foil allows you to separate the strands that you want to lighten from the rest of the hair.

  3. In both the first and second cases, it will not be so easy to cope with the procedure on your own: getting to the lower strands is problematic. Handle them carefully, fully controlling the coloring, too. Perhaps it makes sense for the first time to choose temporary staining. It will allow you to understand whether changes are needed at all. If the answer is yes, then you can turn to a professional for a long-term result. When choosing a temporary coloring product, pay attention to Colorista Hair Makeup from L'Oréal Paris - a jelly whose effect will last on the hair for one day. In this video tutorial, we explained in detail how to use it.

    You can also use L'Oréal Paris Colorista Washout and Colorista Spray for temporary coloring.

Overview of funds for getting white strands

White strands can be obtained using various means. Some of the best, according to the editors, we have collected in this collection.

  • Colorista Ombré, L'Oréal Paris

    Colorista Ombré is a whole range of products that L'Oréal Paris offers to lovers of coloring with a gradient. The kit includes products for a brightening composition (everything is designed so that it works effectively even on dark hair), a caring conditioner that will help hair easily survive dyeing, giving it a soft, silky texture and shine, as well as a special expert comb - for "stretch marks" color by strands. The result, by the way, can become the basis for further experiments with color: on top of the clarified strands, you can apply the Colorista Washout balm and turn the blond into lavender, mint, pale pink or any other shade of your choice.

  • Colorista Spray, L'Oréal Paris

    This temporary effect coloring product is designed for those who love bright looks. Light strands are not necessarily blond. You can make them blue or pistachio, as well as use the fashionable shade of rose gold. In the case of Colorista Spray, all this is possible, and you will get the result in express mode. It is enough to sprinkle the selected strands with a spray. The color will remain on the hair until the next wash. So for the first attempt to dye your hair in the original light shade, this tool is perfect.

  • Préférence Platinum, L'Oréal Paris

    If you're ready for long-lasting home color, you might want to try Préférence Platinum.Its formula allows you to make hair up to 8 tones lighter and works on most shades except dark chestnut and black. Cold pigments will prevent the appearance of yellowness, and the Extra Shine complex will take care of the he althy shine of the hair after dyeing. This is an option for girls who like ash and platinum blonde shades.

Have you ever done coloring at home? Tell us about your experience in the comments.