You can add the desired volume to your lips at the beautician, but "beauty injections" are quite painful and scare away not always with a natural result. Risks can be avoided by using special cosmetics for lip augmentation

It is well known that radiant textures create the effect of volume. Therefore, balms, glosses and lip lacquers are recommended for those who want to make lips visually plumper.

This effect can be enhanced - many cosmetic brands have products such as plumpers. The special ingredients in their composition accelerate blood circulation, and as a result, the lips become larger.

Rating of the best lip glosses and balms according to the editors of

In order for the gloss plumper to give the expected result, many things must match. According to the editors, the funds from the list below are worthy in all respects.

  • Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish, NYX Professional Makeup

    This new addition from NYX Professional Makeup comes in six shades, each of which does a great job of adding volume in its own way. One gloss is transparent, and the rest have sparkles in the texture. The palette has beige, and bronze, and soft pink, and raspberry colors. In any case, a glossy shine and a fairly large shimmer will do their job - they will provide an attractive volume to the lips. By the way, Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish can be worn not only as an independent tool, but also over lipstick as a top coat.

  • Color Riche Plump and Shine, L'Oréal Paris

    L'Oréal Paris has introduced a lip volumizer in the form of a regular lipstick. On the lips, it creates not just a color coating - a full-fledged effect of volume. Peppermint extract in the composition is responsible for this result. Other components also promise to work actively, among which there is an antioxidant vitamin E and caprylyl glycol with an antibacterial effect. The radiant texture of the lipstick, combined with rich pigments, will make the emphasis on the lips exceptionally expressive.

  • L'Absolu Plumper, Lancôme

    Highlighting the natural shade of the lips with soft pink, this plumper creates a radiance on their surface - although glossy, but still suitable for everyday looks.Plumper makes lips plumper, which means more sensual and expressive. The matter is not limited to this - skin care is also provided. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for this, which maintains the hydration of the skin of the lips at the required level.

What you need to know about instant lip balms and glosses?

Balsams and glosses belong to different categories of products. The former are aimed at skin care, the latter - only on the external effect (giving the skin a glossy glow). But the function of increasing the volume of the lips brings them together. It is possible to achieve the effect not only due to optical illusions.


Glosses and balms that instantly increase the volume of the lips are always distinguished by a special formula. The composition contains components that provide blood flow to the skin. These are, for example, extracts of peppermint and ginger, cinnamon. Acting on the skin of the lips as an irritant, they provide the desired visual effect.

Another common principle of the action of plumpers is the activation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin. Thanks to these fibrillar proteins, it usually looks "full" . In both cases, the radiant texture of glosses and balms makes the result more noticeable.

Pros and cons

The main plus is the instant result. Lips have visible volume, and no sacrifice is required from you, while injections are painful (despite the "freeze" ) and can cause swelling and bruising.

Plumpers can cause some discomfort in the first five minutes in the form of a slight burning sensation or coolness, like mint gum. But it quickly passes, and the effect (more sensual plump lips) remains. Among the minuses is that the result will not be long-term.

Varieties of gloss with the effect of increasing the volume of lips


Colorless plumpers draw attention to the natural shade of the lips and at the same time give them a dewy glow. In general, this alone is enough to visually become more voluminous lips. Many girls add a drop of transparent gloss to the middle of the lips over lipstick and get the desired effect. By creating a full coverage with this gloss, you will also achieve the desired effect of additional volume. Try Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish in Let's Glaze by NYX Professional Makeup.


Such glosses are most suitable for those girls who are not afraid to complement makeup with a bright accent on the lips.

Colorful glossy finish is sure to grab attention with radiant highlights and a juicy shade like 106 from the Color Riche Plump and Shine collection from L'Oréal Paris. Since we are talking about plumpers, a double effect will be provided by increasing the volume of the lips.

With shimmer

Shimmers with a shimmer like Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick from NYX Professional Makeup have recently returned to fashion; if for every day it is better to choose transparent plumpers, then in makeup for the evening, products with shimmering particles are welcome. In combination with the glossy finish of the gloss, the shimmer perfectly emphasizes the volume of the lips.

Features of applying gloss and lip balm

Despite the fact that plumpers are quite effective in their own right, it is better to prepare your lips for their application: this will allow you to get the most out of the lip-enhancing formula.

  1. Make sure that the skin of the lips becomes smoother. The folds "eat up" the volume. Use a lip scrub.

    It can be combined with a light massage. Perform it with your fingertips or with a soft toothbrush, following the advice of bloggers and makeup artists.

  2. After that, spread the primer over the lips - its texture will fill in the remaining uneven skin texture.

  3. Additionally outline the contour of the lips with a nude pencil - it is important that when applying gloss or balm, it does not “blur”, but remains clear. Suitable, for example, Slide On Lip Pencil from NYX Professional Makeup in shade 16 Need Me.

What other tricks will help increase lips, we told in this video tutorial.

makeup with emphasis on lips: fashion photo ideas

  1. If you thought there was no place for lip accents in “makeup without makeup”, then this is not so. It can be obtained with a transparent wet gloss.

    And if it is also a plumper, the lips will become more voluminous and attractive.

    You can add such a coating on the lips by shading the moisturizer on the cheekbones - they will also shine. A wet finish on the skin of the cheekbones will go well with gloss on the lips. If desired, you can achieve the effect of glass skin.

  2. A red, pink or peach plumper with a translucent texture is an option for a juicy summer lip makeup.

    This coverage can be supplemented with a fresh blush and a light haze of shadows in the crease of the eyelid or thin arrows (shadows are best matched with lip gloss).

  3. Create a makeover that combines the classics with today's trendy 90s motifs. Underline your eyes with classic black arrows with a neat corner, and apply a gloss plumper with glitter on your lips - this way you will achieve a pronounced radiance and noticeable volume.

    The contrast will turn out to be unusual, but not too catchy - if desired, even a calm casual look can be complemented with such makeup.

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