Training for months to create neat "corners" by hand? Or cheat - and make exemplary arrows in a couple of seconds? We'll tell you how to save time and effort

Even if you're generally good at drawing freehand arrows, there are bound to be failed attempts, making you nervous, wash off your makeup and try again to make up your eyes. What can we say about those who have just started mastering the art of makeup: creating arrows turns into a real stress for them.

To make the process of creating a make-up deliver only pleasant emotions, you can use simple life hacks that will allow you to master the techniques of applied graphics once or twice.

How can I draw arrows on my eyes?

There are several categories of beauty products that are suitable for those who love makeup with arrows. But not all of them are equally convenient, so you should not take the first one that comes across. Products with different textures give different results; you need to start from what you want to get in the end.

  1. Liquid eyeliner

    Liquid eyeliner is for the pros. It is suitable only for those who can draw a straight line without blots the first time. Liquid eyeliners include, for example, Master Ink from Maybelline New York.

    If you are not confident in your abilities, then the hand may tremble, and the result will be an uneven line - this is a feature of the texture. At close range, it will be obvious to others that it was not possible to cope with the eyeliner. Therefore, the liquid liner is best left until such time as you become a real master.

  2. Felt-tip pen

    Much easier to use a felt-tip eyeliner like Giorgio Armani's Eyes To Kill Liner. Convenience is ensured by the pointed felt applicator, which makes it easy to draw straight lines and, in which case, it is just as easy to smooth out bumps.

    It is enough to put the tip of such an applicator to the outer corner of the eyes to immediately get the same "tail" , without which perfect graphic black arrows are inconceivable.

    If you choose a felt-tip pen, we recommend watching this video. In it, we showed how to apply it correctly.


  3. Pencil

    The arrows are also drawn with a pencil, and it is easier to cope with this tool than with liquid eyeliner and even a felt-tip pen.The fact is that the texture of the pencil is soft enough to outline (and, if necessary, correct) the line, and at the same time hard enough to create a sharp point at the tips. See for yourself with Dessin Du Regard by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

    Many people create arrows in two stages: first draw a “draft” of the arrow with a pencil, and then trace it with a liquid liner or felt-tip pen. We talked about getting arrows with a pencil in more detail in this video tutorial.

perfect arrows: life hacks on using accessories

  1. Stencil

    Made of paper or plastic, these templates allow you to get the same even arrow tails every time and achieve flawless eye makeup.

    This tool only needs to be pressed firmly against the skin at the outer corners of the eyes at the desired angle and then fill the stencil recess with color.Not all stencils are universal, so it is better to draw a line to the inner corners of the eyes along the ciliary contour without the help of this accessory. It's not that hard anymore.

  2. Paper tape

    It can also become an assistant in drawing arrows. You will need two small strips of tape.

    Remove the first sticky layer from each of them - for example, on the back of your hand. Then fasten one of the strips on the lower eyelid close to the eye contour - so that its upper side, as it were, extends the lash line. Glue the second strip a little higher at an angle. Between them, the very corner that needs to be painted over with eyeliner should form.

  3. Spoon

    Due to the rounded edges, this cutlery can serve as an arrow drawing tool quite effectively.

    It will help to get arrows with graceful ponytails that rise up from the outer corners of the eyes.Put a spoon on them with the convex side out. Draw one line first, and then, moving the spoon a little higher, draw the second one so that they can be connected into a corner. Color it in black. Next, draw a line from the corner to the middle of the eyelid along the ciliary edge. Arrows ready!

  4. Ruler

    The technique is the same as with a spoon, only the tails will be without bending - straight and more strict. The ruler can be replaced by any thin object with a straight edge. Suitable, for example, business card, discount or credit card.

classic arrows on the eyes: step by step instructions

  1. Preparation

    First, collect everything you might need in the process: it's not only eyeliner and auxiliary tools (paper tape or, for example, a stencil), but also cotton swabs and micellar water - all of a sudden you need to wash off or correct not the most successful shooter.It would also be useful to apply a primer layer on the eyelids, as well as basic shadows - for example, beige. Eyeliner usually lays better over such a coating.

  2. Applying eyeliner

    We recommend that you first outline future arrows. Draw a draft version with a pencil without pressure. You can also use a stencil - in this case, the arrows will be as close to ideal as possible at the preparatory stage.

    Next, circle the pencil line with gel or liquid liner. Start with ponytails; when they are ready, it will be easier psychologically to draw a straight line to the middle of the eyelid or the inner corners of the eyes.

  3. Fixation

    To prevent the arrows drawn with great difficulty from being imprinted on the eyelids, smeared or erased, fix the makeup additionally.

    Use a fixative spray that can be sprayed onto your face (after closing your eyes) from a half-bent arm distance. Try, for example, All Nighter by Urban Decay.

How to draw arrows easily: pro tips

  1. No errors

    To correct blemishes, it is not necessary to completely erase the bumps with makeup remover. You can do otherwise by painting them, for example, with concealer. The result will also be neat.

  2. Replacing player

    Your usual pencil has become bad at drawing lines? Soften the lead by heating it slightly over the flame of a candle or lighter. Or take mascara instead of a pencil and draw arrows with it using an angled brush.

  3. Symmetry

    To make the arrows the same, draw them in parts; first a small segment on one eyelid, then the same one on the other.

  4. Double hit

    You can create an evening version of the arrows based on the basic ones. To do this, draw one more line along or over the already drawn lines - with a colored eyeliner or a glitter liner.

    There is another way to add expressiveness to eye makeup with arrows - to draw the contour of the eyes also from the inside with the help of a kayala.

draw arrows based on the shape of the eyes

Arrows should emphasize the beauty of the natural shape of the eyes, which means that there can be no universal arrows that suit everyone.

Almond shape

Such eyes are considered the closest to the ideal, so this form does not need visual correction. The arrows can be anything: shorter and longer, soft, with light shading, and graphic, thin and wide. The choice is yours.

Round shape

Owners of this type of eyes most often want to make them a little more elongated; the cat eye effect is their favorite makeup look. Draw long arrows, extending the corners towards the tips of the eyebrows. In the evening make-up, the arrows can be supplemented with a contour stroke, including the inner corners of the eyes.

Close-set eyes

In this case, the main advice of makeup artists is to start drawing arrows from the middle of the eyelids. Moreover, it is recommended to draw them in this way both from above and from below, then connecting the lines at the outer corners. Read more about makeup for close-set eyes here.

wide-set eyes

In this case, a sharp tail can be drawn at the inner corners. Another tip from makeup artists is to avoid thickening the line: it should be approximately the same along the entire length.

Dangling eyelid

A separate conversation is about arrows in makeup with an impending century. With such a structural feature of the eyes, it is not worth bringing them in with a clear line. Most of the traditional arrow will simply close with an eyelid as a result. But there is a solution - the so-called "theatrical" arrow.

Review of make-up tools for drawing arrows on the eyes

Choosing the right tool from a wide range of eyeliners and pencils can be tricky. According to the editors, you can trust the funds from the selection below - they will not let you down.

  • Superliner Cat Eye, L'Oréal Paris

    This eyeliner is a real find for beginners: a stencil is built into the lid, with which you can draw perfect arrow tails in no time. In terms of format, this liner is a familiar felt-tip eyeliner, and it is easier to handle it than with other similar tools. The applicator of the liner is thin and flexible - suitable for lovers of neat thin makeup arrows for every day. And the persistent formula of the product will help keep the result until the evening.

  • Lasting Drama, Maybelline New York

    In terms of ease of use, gel eyeliner is a cross between a pencil and a liquid liner. Compared to the first, it glides much softer over the eyelid when applied.Unlike the second, it does not spread and does not “run away” into the microfolds of the skin. And this means that it is quite possible to get an impeccable result. The texture lends itself to shading, which means that the arrows can be made softer - with a hazy effect. It also mixes easily with eye shadow, so it can also be used to create smoky eyes. Lasting Drama has a long-lasting oil-free formula that allows makeup to last up to 24 hours.

  • Dessin Du Regard, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    This pencil is a multifunctional tool: the soft lead allows you to draw both graphic and soft arrows with it, and also create smoky eyes: the texture of Dessin Du Regard is easy to blend in the first moments after application. In addition, on the back of the pencil is a sponge that helps to cope with this task. A couple of minutes after the arrows are ready, the product is securely fixed on the skin and lasts up to 10 hours.

Is it easy for you to draw arrows? What life hacks make the process easier and more enjoyable? Share your signature tricks in the comments.