Motivational quotes or words that are important to you can support you in a difficult period, cheer you up. The uniqueness of such a manicure is guaranteed. We share design ideas and talk about execution techniques

What is more difficult to do on nails: a drawing or an inscription? Although the inscription consists of simple elements, if you choose a complex font, nail art can take a lot of time and effort. What design to choose and how to make an inscription on the nails? We will tell further in the article.

Is it hard to write on nails?

It's easier to create an inscription on nails than a drawing. After all, any letter consists of simple lines, unless, of course, artistic fonts are taken into account. The main thing is training and precise brush movements. You can display single-color letters or highlight different letters in different colors. Gradient inscriptions look spectacular. As for the sizes, large letters are easier to draw. If you are just starting to experiment with your own manicure, this option is best.

The easiest way to create such a design is with the help of special stickers, on which the desired text is already written. So you can choose even a complex font, which is unlikely to be able to reproduce with a brush if you have not yet filled your hand. You can draw a letter on each nail or decorate several nails with whole phrases - it all depends on your desire.

Believe me, manicure with inscriptions can be done not only by professionals, but also by beginners. Let's share the secrets of its implementation.

write on nails: step by step photo tutorial

How to make a manicure with inscriptions at home? To get started, prepare everything you need.

You will need:

  • Essie blue polish,

  • Essie's "Perfect Fit" polish,

  • Essie's "Fashion Style" nail polish,

  • Essie Sunday Funday polish.

Inscriptions on nails is a trend that has not lost ground for several seasons. Separate letters on each nail, words and even whole expressions - there are many options. But the simplest design will be with large letters. In this photo tutorial, we will show you how to paint them in just a couple of strokes using varnish (it is better for beginners than gel, which is more difficult to spread). In addition, you will learn how to create a smooth gradient. But first, we advise you to make sure that you know the basics.We talked about the basic principles of manicure in this video tutorial.

The ideal addition to the inscriptions will be geometric patterns as frames, and foil and colored strokes can serve as an unusual background. We have already talked about these elements in more detail (for example, in the article about manicure with hieroglyphs and dandelion).

  1. Apply your base color to your nails. If the letters are black, choose white or pastel shades for the background. For neon letters gradient, it is better to use a dark background.

  2. Transfer white or cream polish to the palette. Type it on a thin brush so that a drop forms at the tip. Suitable, for example, the shade "Perfect Cut" from Essie.

  3. Position the brush almost horizontally and draw a line from top to bottom. Due to the drop, the beginning of the line will turn out to be rounded and wide, and towards the end it will narrow. It is much easier to draw such a line than a thin and straight one.

  4. Put a drop of polish on the brush again and draw a perpendicular line. Slightly bring the end of this line out of the border of the previous one to make the font more elegant.

  5. Spelling the letter "O" is also divided into two stages. But this time, do not connect the lines and draw them so that the wide part of one is opposite the narrow part of the other - so they will look like mirror images of each other.

  6. Draw all the letters in the same way. To make the lines smooth and neat, make sure that both hands have a secure stop. You can also additionally hold the finger on which you draw.

  7. Regularly, carefully remove the remaining varnish from the brush so that the thickened varnish does not stretch with threads and cannot distort the pattern on the nail plate.

  8. This design can be completed by leaving the inscription in contrast. But you can make it even more interesting. To do this, select close shades of varnishes that are best suited to create a smooth gradient. Neon colors are a great option. In this case, a white lacquer will be a suitable background, on which even translucent colors will look bright from the first layer. Try, for example, the juicy shades of Sunday Funday and Essie Fashion Style.

  9. Start painting over the letters. At the same time, the borders of each color should be ragged so that the transition is smooth.

  10. Try not to delay applying the next shade. While the varnish has not hardened, it will be easier to achieve a smooth transition from one color to another.

  11. Top coat each nail separately - right after you paint over the letters. This is necessary so that the top slightly dissolves the fresh varnish and enhances the mixing of shades at the border. Wait for the top to dry. Design done!

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How to transfer the inscription from paper to nails?

Translating the inscription from paper to nails will not work. But if the inscription is printed on a special stencil, the stamping technique will come to the rescue. If you decide to use it, proceed as follows.

  1. Finish your nails with a base shade of polish. The background color should contrast with the varnish you choose for the lettering.

  2. Stamping drawings and inscriptions are usually sold in the format of special palettes. Several templates are located on one palette at once. Choose the one you like. Wipe it and the stamp you will be using for transfer with nail polish remover.

  3. Apply varnish to the drawing and remove the excess.

  4. Transfer the drawing to the stamp by attaching it to the stencil.

  5. Smoothly, "rolling" the stamp from one edge to another, transfer the drawing to the nail.

  6. Cover your nail with clear polish or top coat.

What other inscriptions can be made on the nails? Next, we present ideas for short and long nails.

Manicure options with inscriptions for short nails

To make the manicure not only complement the image, but also cheer you up, decorate your nails not with separate words, but with motivational phrases. Even if you have very narrow and short nails, such an inscription will definitely fit on your thumb. And the phrase "Rejoice in simple things" will help you not to forget about the main thing.

In order not to overload the manicure, you can make an inscription on only one nail. For four nails, use your favorite shade of lacquer, such as Burgundy Stiletto or Purple Hook by Essie. And paint the nail of the ring finger with a neutral nude like “To the fullest” - the inscription on it will effectively stand out.

lettering on long nails: photo ideas for nail design

Even beginners can handle writing short words and applying a light schematic drawing (for example, the outline of a girl's profile). And due to the length of the nail plate, both the drawing and the inscription will be clearly distinguishable.In order not to overload the design, cover several nails with a plain varnish. Suitable, for example, wine "Best Outfit" from Essie.

Nude polish with a matte top will look spectacular on long nails. From afar, it will seem that the nails are not covered at all - while the inscription on such a basis will turn out to be clear. Especially if you choose black varnish for writing. If you wish, you can do not a monochromatic manicure, but a jacket with black tips.

Which lettering nail design do you like best? What text would you choose for your manicure? Share your opinion in the comments.