In manicure, the simpler the better? Many people follow this principle. But the categorical rejection of complex nail art does not at all exclude the possibility of interesting and beautiful design of nails

A simple manicure seems to be a universal nail design option for any occasion. Is it really so?

When is a simple manicure appropriate?

A simple manicure is good because you can do it for no particular reason, unlike intricate design options. Smooth monochromatic coatings, varnishes with textural effects, minimalist nail art with a few concise details - all this looks good on short nails and long ones, and of any shape - rounded, almond-shaped or soft square.

Perhaps the only thing to think about in advance is the choice of shades. Not everyone can afford a manicure in neon colors, which instantly attracts the eye and is in the spotlight. But limiting yourself to a calm pastel range is also not always right.

Given that there are not many details in a simple manicure, the color really matters: it sets the tone. Try on "Blue" from Essie's Gel Setter collection, for example.

Easy manicure - 2023: new items, fashion trends and photo ideas

Nude + glitter

Many people like glitter fashion, but some are confused by the fact that shimmery sequins are associated with disco style and noisy parties. It would seem that the conclusion suggests itself: on weekdays, it is better not to do a manicure with glitter. However, on the catwalks, they offered a way out of the situation.As fashion show examples show, glitter applied over a clear or nude nail polish, like Essie's "Totally High" shade, can make friends with casual elements. Spring-summer manicure by Kate Spade is one of the confirmations.

French and holes

These two familiar designs are classic beauty solutions when you need a tried and tested version of a simple manicure. It is convenient that they can be made in any color combination. And also - in the negative space technique, with a colored hole or a colorless strip on the tips of the nails.

This option was supported by Oscar de la Renta (spring-summer last year) and Tibi (winter last year). Some masters, by the way, offer to combine a jacket with a moon manicure - the result will suit supporters of a simple design with graphic elements.

Stripes and dots

This manicure is very easy to do on your own. Despite this, he is very much loved by the pros working on the backstage of the shows.

This year's striped manicure and polka-dot design are not ignored either.

Proenza Schouler (spring-summer) has only one point per nail.

Naeem Khan and Marcel Ostertag (autumn-winter 2023) have stripes drawn down the center of the nail. Elegant design without unnecessary details. A minimum of effort sometimes gives a maximum result.


Not much is required from those who decide to make nail art with a gradient. He also appeared on the catwalks this year - at Tome, Tadashi Shoji and many others.

Due to the fact that the junction of shades can be blurred, this design allows you to use even seemingly incompatible shades.

This video tutorial is dedicated to the step-by-step creation of such nail art.

Transparent background

A sure way to make a manicure with drawings without a hint of stylistic excesses is to perform them against the background of a colorless varnish. So did Moschino, Nicole Miller, Kith and others.

Graphic drawings made with thin lines or delicate watercolor strokes look best on a colorless coating. The choice is yours. But looking back at trends and opinions is not at all necessary. You can come up with something of your own, no less interesting.

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What do you need to do a manicure at home?

Tools and accessories

  1. Bath

    Those who are used to doing a full-fledged manicure and soaking the cuticles in order to get the “cleanest” result as possible, will definitely need a bath. A pleasant beauty ritual will help to put your hands in order.

  2. Scissors and tongs

    These tools will quickly deal with excess length and prepare nails for shaping. It will also help to remove burrs and give the skin around the nails a neat look in general.

  3. Peels and buffs

    This is also a must have for home manicure. Buff polish the surface of the nails and exfoliate the skin around. Files are indispensable for giving nails the desired shape.

  4. Pusher or orange stick

    Both tools have the same purpose: they push back the cuticle. However, it is better to trust the metal pusher to professionals - it is easy for them to injure the nails at the base if they press too hard. Orange sticks are softer, so there is less risk of damaging your nails.

  5. Brush, toothpicks

    This is the minimum set in case you decide to do a manicure with drawings. For a small and simple image, one thin brush and a small supply of toothpicks will suffice.


  1. Remover

    With it, you will remove dead skin particles around the nails and ensure that your hands become beautiful and well-groomed even before working on nail art. Useful, for example, Gentle Remover from Maybelline New York.

  2. Base and top

    The first base layer is needed, firstly, for a better “coupling” with a color coating, and secondly, to protect the nail plate - without a base, varnish pigments can “eat”, coloring the inner layers of the nail.

    You can't do without a top either - it fixes the manicure and gives it a glossy finish. Try Dr. Rescue 3 in 1 from Maybelline New York is a tool that combines two functions at once: primer and top.

  3. Colored polishes

    Choose several shades that harmonize with each other; one for the background, the other (or others) for the design. By the way, you can experiment not only with colors, but also with textures - even in a simple manicure.

  4. Nail polish remover

    She'll give you a second chance if you misapplied your polish or missed your brush stroke.

How to make a simple manicure yourself: step by step instructions

  1. 1


    This is a process that you should definitely pay attention to, because even a monochromatic coating (and even more so a design) looks good on nails only if they are carefully processed, if the skin around is soft, without burrs and uneven dry cuticles . Adjust the shape of the nails.

    Then apply gel remover on the cuticles and dip your fingers in a warm bath for a few minutes. After that, you can start removing the cuticle: remove what the gel has dissolved with a pusher or an orange stick, and then move the skin roller towards the base of the nail.

  2. 2

    Applying polish

    After careful care of the nails and skin around, proceed to the creation of the design. Degrease the nail plate and then apply a base coat.

    Then - the background color in two layers.

    When the polish is dry, grab the tools you need to create the design. With a brush, draw French stripes on the tips of the nails, you can also circle and fill the holes with color.

    When creating a striped design, brushes are also indispensable. You can draw stars and put dots with a toothpick. For a “dotted” design, a special tool called a “dotter” is perfect. When the design is completed, wait for the varnish to dry.

  3. 3

    Fixing and drying

    At the end, you need to apply a top coat. If desired, use drying: it can be a separate varnish or oily liquid.

  1. Reinforce your knowledge by watching the video tutorial.

popular bright and calm colors for manicure 2023

  1. Nude

    Any soft cream shades are welcome.

    At the autumn-winter shows of Tom Ford, Kate Spade, Tibi, Prabal Gurung and many others, one-color nude coating was one of the most popular solutions, and not only beige, but also grayish taupe and coffee were used. If you decide to repeat such a manicure, pay attention to Essie's "Spotless" shade.

  2. Red

    Another undisputed leader: at dozens of shows, the looks of the models were complemented by manicures with red polish.

    Ryan Lo, Fashion East, Marta Jakubowski and many more opted for a classic red double coat manicure like Essie's Lightning Effect.

    Someone had the usual cream, others had a metallic effect.

    Of course, nail art couldn't do without red, but a simple monochromatic coating is a win-win option for a feminine manicure.

  3. Yellow

    The new trend of summer 2023 is yellow manicure. Varnishes of the solar spectrum are offered to be applied to nails without additives. Alice + Olivia, Natasha Zinko, Roland Mouret were among those who chose just such a manicure for the fashion show. The yellow lacquer itself looks bright, so it is better to refuse drawings and decor.

  4. Dark blue

    Choose it instead of black. It looks just as concise, but not so gloomy - and also gives the nails a neat look. Examples from the shows of Emporio Armani, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Nicopanda and others confirm this. You can verify this for yourself by trying on Essie's Glitter Buttons.

  5. Black and white

    Most often they were used in combination with each other at this year's fashion shows. The result was a beautiful and effective balance of two versatile colors.

    White drawings on a black background or, conversely, black on white - in both cases, you will get concise graphics that will not break the image, no matter what style you choose. A good example is a manicure from the Christian Siriano spring-summer show.

The most fashionable simple manicure techniques

  1. French

    This manicure option will help you out more than once - both in a classic format and with a more original combination of colors. You can choose any combination, starting from the image or mood.

    If you want something original, you can "play" with the strip (move it, for example, from the tip of the nail to the side), make it wavy, broken, or draw a straight line instead of an arc. There can be many ideas for experimenting with a jacket. Only for the perfect result you will have to spend time on training - and then the design will be given to you in just a few minutes.

  2. Lunar

    The same with the moon manicure. The nail holes themselves serve as a template for this design, so it's easier to make than to carefully draw the same arcs on the tips of the nails.

    With such a manicure you can do it quickly and without any hassle.

  3. Ombre

    There are several ways to perform an ombre manicure. And the easiest of them is to blur the border between colors right on the nail. To do this, you will need a piece of sponge or makeup sponge. With it, you will create a soft transition before the polishes dry.

    If you choose a horizontal ombre - with a transition from a light shade on the little finger to a dark one on the thumb (or vice versa), you will not need additional tools at all.

  4. With drawings

    Contrary to popular belief, creating nail designs can be a matter of minutes. A polka dot pattern with a dotter (a tool with a ball tip) will get you in a couple of minutes.

    The dots can turn into a star pattern if you use a toothpick. A couple of brush strokes are another easy and cute design that can be done without preparation.

Stylish designs for nails of different lengths: photo ideas

Long nails

One way to emphasize the graceful shape of nails with a simple design is to make a reverse jacket with a thin strip along the nail bed, as if repeating its curve.

This nail art goes well with the ombre effect - "stretching" the color along the length. To make a simple design brighter, make it in neon colors; the matte finish will make your nails look like lollipops.Do you need to decorate your nails unusually, but inconspicuously? Then change neon to soft pastels.

Those who have grown their nails objectively have more room for creativity. But you have to be careful: on long nails, nail art attracts twice as much attention. So minimalism fans should choose simple drawings and create them on a translucent background of soft shades.

French is increasingly perceived as a design with an emphasis on the tips of the nails. For those who have them long, such nail art especially suits. Curly drawings on the tips that “beat” the shape of the nails are in fashion, such as this one, with liquid metal spreading over the nails.

Beautifully and unusually, you can transform the moon manicure. To do this, it is enough to shift the hole (or rather, a semicircle highlighted in color, which is more familiar to see at the base of the nail) to the side of the nail plate.

Mid Nails

It's easier than ever to divide the nail plate into several curly sections and paint over them with different shades of varnishes. Try to do without straight lines and strict graphics - then the manicure will look more gentle and neat. Leave some areas without color for a trendy negative space design.

Ultimate minimalism in moon manicure - separate the lower part of the nail with a thin colored strip, and leave the entire space of the nail plate without color, having previously covered it with transparent varnish.

You can combine a moon manicure with a jacket and still get a laconic design that will look artistic. The secret is simple: the space between the colored hole and the strip on the tips of the nails is covered with a colorless varnish. This design looks great on both long nails and medium length nails.

This jacket only looks like the painstaking work of a master. Making it yourself is simple - you need to draw a few stripes on the tips of the nails, and then make a few transverse strokes with a toothpick to get the tie-dye effect. Its brilliance is softened by a nude base coat such as Essie's Pins and needles.

Short nails

In nail art on short nails there should not be a pile of details - otherwise the manicure will look sloppy. Enough thin colored stripes held in the middle of the nails, covered with a layer of transparent varnish. This technique will also provide a lengthening effect.

This is another way to combine a jacket with a moon manicure. The result is a stroke of the nail plate along the contour. At first glance, this design should visually reduce the nails.However, it is not; True, you need to choose for the contour either light shades or bright ones. The middle can be left transparent.

Do you want to make a design, but you are afraid that it will not look advantageous on short nails? Choose to decorate one nail on each hand. Leave the rest with a monochromatic finish.

One more piece of advice: do not fill the entire nail plate with drawings and patterns if the nails are short. Dots, stripes, stars - these simple and at the same time elegant drawings can decorate nails pointwise: at the tips, at the hole, on the sides. As a base color, Essie's On Style shade works well.

What are your favorite simple nail art options? Share your ideas in the comments.