Various nail polishes always draw attention to manicures. But is it worth choosing them if the nails are short? We offer you to look at nail art options that speak for themselves

There are no taboos in the rules of manicure: it is not necessary to choose shades for a certain shape and length of nails. Do you want to choose a bright varnish? Please! You just need to remember that this will inevitably make nails one of the accents in your image. Hands will attract attention, and therefore nails and cuticles should look as neat as possible.Otherwise, there are no restrictions - you can embody any ideas.

Trendy shades of bright manicure for short nails in 2023


One of the most striking spring and summer 2023 nail trends is yellow polish. It was actively used at fashion shows. It is even strange that until recently the shades of this range were bypassed, because there is no more cheerful accent than the color of the sun.

Do you want to see the popularity of yellow? Check out the manicures from Alice + Olivia, Natasha Zinko and Roland Mouret. And if you decide to try it, pay attention to the shade "Banana Shake" from the Colorama line from Maybelline New York.


Aqua is another fresh and vibrant trend.

Emporio Armani and Zero + Maria Cornejo (Spring Summer 2023) offer deep, rich blues for a solid color finish. How else can you beat this color in a manicure, we told here.

The Nicopanda show used blue with a holographic effect - also an interesting option.

Tadashi Shoji models got blue ombre manicure. If you decide to style your nails this way, you can use Essie Blue and Button Glitter.

We talked about this technique in detail in this video tutorial.


White is not considered bright. It is called neutral and versatile, but on the nails it always attracts attention. Especially if the background is tanned or naturally dark skin. And a manicure with white lacquer, by the way, is in fashion - it was used on the fashion show by Thom Browne and Fashion East.


The fact that this is a classic does not negate the possibility of using it in manicure as a bright accent. That is why in the spring-summer season - 2023, red was an active participant in the shows. Try Essie's Aperitif.

By the way, in nail art it is not forbidden to use several bright colors at once. This option eliminates the difficulty of choosing; it is possible that for this reason such a manicure was given its due on the catwalks.

Beautiful bright jacket on short nails

French and short nails are incompatible? Nonsense! In order for the design to be perceived beautifully even at a short length, you just need to remember one rule: the strip at the tips should be thin.

Then the manicure will look no less elegant than on long almond-shaped nails. The result will be the same even if you decide to make a jacket in bright colors. However, it will look original in both black and classic red.

If you perceive a jacket as an emphasis on the tips, then a lot of new opportunities open up. Try, for example, to “separate” them from the main part of the nail plate with a curly line and fill them with color or decorate them with any drawings. So, flames, traces of spilled paint, iridescent stripes, a scattering of sparkles and much more can appear on the tips of the nails.

Lunar manicure in bright colors for short nails

Initially, in such a manicure, the hole was clearly marked along the contour. But there is no need for such pedantry. In experiments with manicure on short nails, the hole can be anything. Transparent or filled with a contrasting color. Rounded or sharp - in the form of a triangle.

The line used to "fence off" the hole from the main part of the nail plate can be either straight or double. This manicure will look very impressive.

Another option is to combine a moon manicure of one shade with a contrasting jacket, and leave the space between the color blocks transparent.

Unusual bright design on short nails: photo ideas

Matte ombre

You can visually stretch your nails in length using the ombre design. Decorate two or three nails on each hand with a gradient, choosing nail art in refreshing summer shades that will delight the eye (for example, At Sea Level and Essie's Perfect Cut). The result will be more effective if you complete such a manicure with a matte finish.

Drawings of paint

Imagine an artist trying shades on a palette. This colorful kaleidoscope of color can be transferred to the nails, after creating a transparent coating on them. Such a manicure in art style looks good at a short length.And it also eliminates the problem of choice - in this design you can combine a dozen different shades. Try, for example, the combination of "All lists" , "Fashionable" and "On style" from Essie.


To the surprise of many, metallic varnishes this year have become relevant in summer, and not in autumn and winter, as is usually the case. Use a shimmery chameleon finish as a background. Then decorate it with plain patterns in neutral colors - white, black, gray.


Why choose one color, one texture, one design, when you can make up each nail in your own way? Such a manicure seems to call not to take everything too seriously. Alternate monochromatic coating, glitter varnish, simple drawings. Even short nails can in this case become an interesting detail of the image.

Short nails with a bright pattern

Printed nails

Complex drawings often overload the manicure, and they are also difficult to perform without the help of a master, especially on short nails. Bright and beautiful promises to be nail art based on well-known patterns, such as peas, stripes, cages. The result will not be left without attention if you choose a neon shade as the main color.


Another idea for nail prints is drawings that repeat the patterns on the skins of zebra, leopard and other animals. “Predatory” and not very motives look laconic on the nails, and if you are not ready to decide on a fashionable design in clothes, then in a manicure on short nails it will look more restrained - you can safely try.

Color blocking

If you think that only people with artistic education can do nail art, you are wrong. In manicure, you can do without creative torment.

A simple design does not require much effort, and sometimes looks even better than nail art, rich in decorative elements. Try, for example, to combine two or three color blocks of different shapes - this technique is enough to make a manicure on short nails look neat and unusual at the same time.

Fruit mix

Yellow is one of the most trendy shades of summer 2023. And you need to use it before the trend gets too popular. Pair a bright, solid yellow finish with joyful prints for a summery look.

Depict, say, seasonal fruits by choosing those that will be combined in color with the main varnish. For example, pineapples. By the way, their fragments can also be used in lunar design.

Or choose a luscious pink polish and decorate your nails with watermelon slices.

How long are your nails? Are you into nail art? Write a comment.