A new hair color is always an experiment. To live up to expectations, some knowledge will come in handy - about color types, compatibility of shades and the latest trends

It is believed that spontaneous decisions are the best. True, if you suddenly decide to color and do not think in advance whether the chosen hair color will suit you, instead of euphoria, you may be disappointed. To prevent this from happening, it is better to weigh the pros and cons in advance. And check your desire with time.If a week later you still want to make the strands blue or, say, pink, you can start experimenting.

Summer trend - colored strands. Which shade is right for you?Take the test1/7

Whose style do you like more?

  • Natalia
  • Katy Perry
  • Irina Shayk
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Kim Kardashian

What hairstyle would you do for an important event?

  • Hollywood curls
  • Perfectly straight hair
  • High ponytail
  • Low or high bun
  • Hairstyle with braids

Perfect hairstyle for every day?

  • Loose hair
  • Tail
  • Ballet bun
  • Braid
  • "Knot"

Whose hairstyle do you like best?

  • Kristen Stewart
  • Blake Lively
  • Bella Hadid
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Eva Longoria
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Which wedding hairstyle do you like best?

  • @ohhellohair
  • @lalasupdos
  • @elittekuafor
  • @prettifybyirislangen
  • @hairandmakeupbyclaudine
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What is your favorite hair product?

  • Oils
  • Styling
  • Dry shampoos
  • Thermal protection products
  • Masks
7 / 7

Which hair experiment would you dare to do?

  • I won't cut my bangs
  • I won't paint
  • I won't cut my hair short
  • I won't colorize
  • Ready for any experiments!

Fashion trends in hair coloring

Natural is always in fashion, but there are natural colors that are ahead of others in popularity. This year, chestnut shades are at the peak of fashion; you can choose lighter or darker, but the main thing is to use it in monochromatic coloring without additional lightening of the strands and adding highlights.

Dyeing your hair in one tone is a noticeable trend. You can also stop at such an option as “brond”. This is a cross between dyeing blonde and brunette; the color you receive will look natural. If you want depth and saturation, take a closer look at the shade of marsala. This choice will be especially organic closer to autumn. The color you want is easy to achieve with L'Oréal Paris Prodigy in Pomegranate.

Coloring with a gradient has ceased to be trendy, but is still relevant. A smooth transition from dark roots to blond at the ends is not only a beautiful way to refresh the image, but also partly taking care of the he alth of the hair: the ombre technique allows you to dye your hair less often, because the color grows gradually and looks harmonious for a long time, without requiring renewal.

2023 diversified the palette of trends with such a trend as toasted coconut, when the blonde is combined with a hint of roasted coconut.

As for more daring coloring options, girls with short hair can take note of the "ice" platinum blond. You can dye your hair in this color completely, from the very roots. Or you can accentuate hair roots with them - a trend called gem roots is gaining popularity on the network. This is a transition from a bright color at the roots to a more neutral color at the mid-lengths and ends.

Pay attention to unusual blonde options. Light shades with pearly shine are in fashion. Blotches of green and blue turn such a blond into ghosted hair - a “ghostly” color.

Along with an unusual shade, the shine of the hair is also important, without which the desired effect cannot be achieved. And to make your hair shine, do not forget about oils and masks. Try L'Oréal Paris Geranium Elixir for Colored Hair, for example.

What to focus on when choosing a hair color?

To choose the right hair color, you need to consider a number of important factors.

  1. Color type

    You don't have to know if you are "spring" or "summer" . It is enough to understand what shades prevail in your appearance - warm or cold, in order to find the right shade. In the first case, you should not dye your hair ash blonde or light brown with a gray undertone. And in the second, you will not achieve harmony if you color in golden tones.

  2. Facial features

    No matter how much you want to radically change, natural data must still be taken into account. For example, girls with very light features: pale skin, white eyebrows and translucent eyelashes are unlikely to go for extreme coloring in black.The image will not be harmonious. It is also necessary to be able to successfully turn into a blonde. If you dye individual strands in blond, it is worth remembering that they will “highlight” his features in the face, make it more noticeable and expressive.

  3. Hair Quality

    The condition of the hair also matters. Far from always, hair can withstand dyeing in light shades, because such a result requires prior bleaching. This is a serious load on the hair, and if it is thin and fragile, it makes sense to rethink your new look in other shades.

  4. Lifestyle

    When you want to become brighter (and even have the courage to radically change your hair color - to pink, blue or, say, green), you still have to correlate your desires with life's realities. For those who go to the office with a strict dress code, this choice will not work.True, with the advent of temporary colors, it is now possible to arrange a bright weekend for yourself. Such paints can be washed off with shampoo. Try, for example, Colorista Hair Makeup or Colorista Spray from L'Oréal Paris. You can read more about the spray here, and how to use the jelly, we showed in this video tutorial.

How to match hair color to skin tone?

Skin tone is the main guide that will help you finally decide on a shade of paint.

Light skin

If your skin is pale and you don't want to accentuate it with staining, exclude black, red, burgundy from the shades you will work with. At the same time, very warm colors are also not an option: they will bring dissonance to the image of a girl with a cold color type. It is best to choose shades with the addition of ashy. With them, the result will be more neutral - and definitely without color mismatches.If you are wondering what makeup is suitable for girls with ashy hair color, then we talked about this here.

This base can be supplemented with paints of unusual shades: mint green, blue, blue, turquoise, pink.

Medium skin tone

Blonde with golden tints, and wheat shade, and caramel, and chestnut will be a good choice.

You can try and completely go red - you get a bright, bold and harmonious image that will deservedly attract attention.

Bold accents in the form of colored strands - purple, pink, red, green, blue-blue - are also acceptable. These shades are easy to find in the Washout and Colorista Spray collections from L'Oréal Paris.

Dark skin

Girls with swarthy skin are also better off opting for warm shades. And be careful with blonde variations - even when it comes to caramel shades with light highlights. This also applies to coloring with a gradient. Only the sombre technique does not pose a risk, in which color stretching from dark to light is done only on some strands. But chestnut with such initial ones can be completely dark, almost black.

If you wish, you can add bright accents without limiting yourself in anything. True, rich and even neon colors on the hair of swarthy girls will in any case look more advantageous than delicate pastels.

How to choose the right shade of hair for eye color?

Brown eyes

Most often brown-eyed girls are brunettes. They suit dark colors down to dark chocolate, such as shade 323 from L'Oréal Paris's Casting Creme Gloss line. where to find?

This does not mean that blonde is contraindicated for them. If you correlate the desired hair color with eye color and skin tone, then the probability of obtaining a beautiful image is almost one hundred percent. The main thing is that its elements do not argue with each other.

Those who want to complement their hair color with a few bright accents (on the strands or at the ends of the hair), can decide on a transformation without regard to eye color.

Green eyes

Green eyes and red hair have always been among the most expressive combinations.

This is true, but many other shades go green-eyed. With a cold color type, a platinum blond is recommended. And for those who have a warm color type, both caramel and chocolate shades are suitable.

When choosing paint for colored strands, focusing on the ends or roots, you can focus on the eyes - think about which shade will emphasize them most advantageously. You can use the same green. Or create a contrast - with the help of blue, red, lilac. Provided that they will be in harmony with the background hair color.

Blue and gray eyes

Cool eye color is most common in girls with cool skin undertones. Therefore, the shades for coloring in this case should also be cold. Or at least neutral, like taupe taupe. Best of all, the image will be complemented by shades with the addition of ashy pigment. This applies to blonde, and medium shades (sand is one of the best options), and dark chestnut tones.

Snow whites with fair skin and blue eyes can only have dark hair with cool undertones.

If the "snow whites" want to try the original coloring, then there are many opportunities before them. Considering that their features are soft, light, you can dye your hair in pastels, and in brighter shades up to neon, creating an unusual contrast.

How to choose a hair color, taking into account the color type of appearance?


This appearance is distinguished by the absence of contrasts; soft, light shades prevail. A typical "spring" is a girl with wheaten hair, fair skin with warm undertones, and light eyes. Given this, it should be understood that dark coloring is unlikely to be successful.

If you are tired of natural color and crave an update, then pastel shades can be a good solution.


For "summer" girls, a grayish ash shade is organic. When choosing hair dye, this cannot be ignored - both beige and brown colors should be without reddishness. Of course, the redhead himself is inappropriate for such an appearance.


With "autumn" it's the other way around: this color type is different in that it is based on just warm shades. So for coloring, you can choose red as well. Try, for example, the shade "Amber Auburn" from the Garnier collection. where to find?

And for red-haired girls with freckles, it makes sense to consider a deeper and darker copper shade for a change in appearance, as well as red, burgundy and dark brown with a warm undertone. It is also better to choose color accents so that they do not stand out from the image with their “coldness”.


Winter color type is a contrast of light skin, dark hair and often bright eyes (green or blue).

If with such an appearance you want to transform into a blonde, you need to be prepared for the fact that your features will lose their natural brightness and be less expressive. If you do not want this, add bright colors to the image. Blue, green, pink, purple, red can be used on strands in all their saturation. Or go neon: try the Neon Unicorn and Neon Mermaid shades from the Colorista Hair Makeup range by L’Oréal Paris, for example.

How to choose the perfect haircut and hair color: tips from stylists

  • To make your hair visually appear a little longer than it really is, color it with an emphasis on the tips. This technique will work especially well on blond hair.

  • With the help of a haircut, as you know, you can correct the shape of the face. If you want chiseled clarity, choose a square with a straight cut and a slight lengthening of the hair along the jaw line (visually, this will give a narrowing of the face to the chin). Monochromatic staining in a dark color will enhance the effect.

  • The best way to freshen up the look is to add some light strands to the face. And it's not just about the coloring itself. By creating such a “frame” for the face, you kind of highlight its features, make them brighter, more noticeable, more expressive.

  • Ombre effect is useful if your hair lacks volume. Strands with a transition from a dark shade to a light one at different levels are what you need in this situation. Haircut with a ladder, styling with waves or a hairstyle with large curls will also help. If all this is combined, the result will be maximum.

  • Both coloring and haircut should be selected, including the type of hair. Their structure determines a lot. So, if the hair is thin and sparse, a straight cut and monochromatic coloring will help to make it visually thicker. But the owners of curly hair, in order to avoid volume only at the ends, need to cut their hair in layers, with smooth transitions of levels.

And how did you choose the color for dyeing? Write a comment.