This is an even more "evening" shade than the classic red. Cherry lipstick will help out if circumstances require special depth and expressiveness of the image

Red is multifaceted, and each of its shades is an opportunity to create a new image that will be special in mood and tone. Saturated cherry color is not suitable for everyday makeup: it will deprive it of lightness, but in the evening it will show itself as well as possible.

Who suits the shade of cherry on the lips?

The color of ripe cherries belongs to warm shades. Therefore, such a choice will be the most advantageous for girls of a warm color type.

Brown, golden brown or wheaten hair combined with green, hazel or brown eyes (any combination) will rhyme with cherry lipstick.

This does not mean, however, that this color on the lips is contraindicated for blondes with very blond hair, as well as blue-eyed girls. You just need to understand that the contrast in the make-up will turn out to be very bright.

If that's what you're looking for, then cherry lipstick will definitely come in handy.

cherry lip gloss review

Perhaps you like the cherry shade, but you are not ready to use lipstick of such a bright color on weekdays. In this case, you can choose a gloss - its translucent texture will provide a more discreet result. The accent will be noticeable, but soft.

  • Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss 94 Caramel Gospel, Lancôme

    "Cherry" is in the Juicy Tubes line with sparkles in the gloss (something between a shimmer and a glitter). On the lips, these particles shimmer, emphasizing the beauty of the shade, which literally spreads over the lips in a translucent layer. The softness of the color, the effect of volume, the pleasant aroma are the arguments in favor of choosing this product from Lancôme for everyday makeup.

  • Strictly Vinyl Lip Gloss in 7 Bad Girl, NYX Professional Makeup

    Some glosses can create a dense color coating on the lips. Among them are Strictly Vinyl Lip Gloss from NYX Professional Makeup. Shade 7 Bad Girl is cherry blossom in all its depth and richness.On the lips, you will get a thin radiant film that surpasses the “usual” gloss capabilities in brightness. But the texture and dewy glossy finish are the gold standard for this product category.

cherry lip tint product review

  • Rouge Signature Lip Tint in I Worth It, L'Oréal Paris

    The color of ripe cherries also conveys the shade "I deserve it" from the Rouge Signature line. In this hybrid of lipstick and tint, L'Oréal Paris managed to combine a rich formula with pigments and a light texture, thanks to which the product does not feel on the lips. The matte effect emphasizes the purity of the color - neither glossy shine, nor shimmer, nor wet creamy shine will distract from it.

    If you decide to choose a product with such a texture, then before applying we advise you to watch our video tutorial. Liquid texture can be tricky, and it can be difficult to fix makeup after the fact.

cherry lipstick review

  • Tatouage Couture Liquid Lipstick in shade 12 Red Tribe, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    The name of this lipstick speaks for itself. Extra longevity saves you the hassle of reapplying makeup throughout the day. Shade 12 Red Tribe is one of those cherry blossoms that you can trust if the occasion is really special. No distractions like glossy highlights or wet sheen - the ultimate matte finish puts all the focus on the color.

  • Vice Lipstick Cherry Collection, Urban Decay

    Urban Decay has a Naked Cherry collection that features several new variations of Vice lipstick.Cherry shade will appeal to those who prefer "ripe cherries" . This is a go-to lipstick - it leaves a dense layer of color on the lips with a matte finish. The accent you get doesn't need any padding.

Cherry lip makeup options

  1. With arrows

    This could be a classic - graphic black arrows.

    Or soft lines drawn with brown shadows. Choose the option that best emphasizes the eyes; both look great with cherry lips.

  2. Smoky

    Blend a soft brown kayal along the eye contour.

    Full smoky eyes combined with intense color on the lips can make the image vulgar, but a light haze will avoid this.

  3. Wet glow

    If you're up for experimenting, you can give your eyelids a wet gloss effect with a day cream, lip balm, or liquid highlighter. You don't even need mascara for this makeup.

You can go further and draw unusual arrows on the lower eyelid.

What shades of red lipstick do you have in your makeup bag? Tell us about your favorites in the comments.