Bright beauty experiment L'Oréal Paris on the Cote d'Azur! Watching the reactions of Eva Longoria and Leah Kebede

The official makeup artist of L'Oréal Paris in Russia and the winner of the Makeup show Roman Mokroguzov prepares Nastya Swan and Daria Bykhovskaya for the red carpet. The looks, as always, turned out to be non-standard: L'Oréal Paris beauty ambassadors Lia Kebede and Eva Longoria evaluate the result and share their beauty secrets.

Do you want to repeat the images exactly? Follow the makeup artist's detailed instructions.

Nastya Swan

Nastya Swan

  1. Finish between the lashes with Infaillible Black Long Lasting Gel Eye Pencil.

  2. Dip on a flat brush with Color Queen shadow in shade 27 Extraordinary and draw an arrow shape.

  3. To create a smooth transition, fill the outer corner of the arrow tightly with shadows, and then gently spread the shade to the inner corner of the eye.

  4. Finish your lashes with Unlimited waterproof mascara.

  5. Apply Infaillibe concealer under your eyes.

  6. Use Color Riche Plump & Shine in Coconut Plump. The tool visually enlarges the lips!

Daria Bykhovskaya

Daria Bykhovskaya

  1. For a photo filter effect, apply Infaillible smoothing primer.

  2. Add a few drops of Glow Mon Amour Liquid Highlighter to Infaillible 24 Foundation and blend.

  3. Smudge from the center of the face to the periphery.

  4. Apply Rouge Signature Matte Lip Tint in shade 106 I Proclaim.

Which look did you like best?