Summer flies like one bright moment, giving way to colorful autumn. To meet the new season fully armed, we suggest studying the trends of the near future in advance

Fashion trends don't always bring us something hitherto unseen. But even the classics can be looked at in a new way. And this is shown to us by fashion shows. They also inspire you to search for your own creative solutions - based on podium examples.

October 2023 Nail Trends

Which design options should I pay attention to in October 2023 first? Here are some ideas.

Color blocking

Nail masters experimented a lot with color this time.

Instead of complex drawings, they chose expressive color contrasts and clear geometry as nail decorations.

Effective examples are from Roberta Einer, House of Holland, Priscavera, Tibi and many others.

Glitter tenderness

Glitter is gradually moving beyond the disco aesthetic and becoming part of a more restrained look. Great solution for short nails.

You will be surprised, but with the help of large sequins you can create a design that will be the epitome of tenderness. Rodarte and Moschino managed to show this clearly.

The fact is that the masters applied glitter over a neutral nude background. The result may well become a nail design option, even as part of a manicure for every day.

Volume Manicure

But this approach to nail art, which has become popular on the catwalk, on the contrary, is far from practical. But for the sake of beauty and stunning effect, it's still worth trying the 3D effect.

Manicure with rhinestones on long nails, like The Blonds, for the most daring.

Design with voluminous pearls, like Adeam or Fashion East (in the second case, even fingers were decorated with pearl beads) - charm itself.

The palette of everyday design options is also expanding. For example, black “eggs” on the holes, like at the Antonio Marras show, fit perfectly into the casual concept.


The case when a manicure can say something important to others: Jeremy Scott and Khaite offer nail art with letters on the nails as a trend.

Your choice of inscription and color scheme.

Fiery hello

"Warming" design became the decoration of Philipp Plein's autumn looks: flames danced on the tips of the models' nails, which became an element of the jacket in the creative interpretation of the masters.


Gradient manicure continues to be a hit with industry leaders and salon clients alike.

The ombre design ( although not new) looks mesmerizing, elegantly combining several favorite shades on the nails; even those who are sure that the time and effort spent on nail art do not justify themselves.

Check out Luar, Rebecca Minkoff and Halpern for examples. And if you decide to repeat, this video tutorial will help you.

Lunar manicure

Another design that triumphantly transitions from season to season.

The key to success is the win-win of laconic design. It is impossible to overdo it with this, and with this he bribes even opponents of nail art.

Tibi, Badgley Mischka and Preen spearheaded this trend this fall, designing in soothing nudes, but you can also opt for a bolder color combination.

False nails

This way to get long, trendy almond or pointed nails without waiting for them to grow out was "legalized" at Chromat, Adeam and Rick Owens shows.

What shape of nails will be in fashion in October 2023?

The choice of nail shape is up to you. But this year, a lot of attention at the shows was given to very short nails, trimmed to the root. At the shows of Vivetta, Zimmermann, Cividini and many others, this approach was preferred.

Often, nails were given a neat soft square shape - thanks to Altuzarra, Guy Laroche and Prabal Gurung, there is no doubt that this choice is relevant.

A graceful elongated oval is also a possible option. He was voted for by the manicurists who worked at Fashion East, Adeam, Moschino, Tadashi Shoji and more.

The almond shape never goes out of fashion either. Chromat, Manish Arora are among the brands that have proven to be the most practical solution for any nail design.

Utterly fashionable in the literal sense will be "predatory" nails with a pointed tip, like Philipp Plein and The Blonds.

As for rectangular nails, examples from the catwalks proved once again that such a shape looks interesting. Only received it most often with the help of overhead tips. In some cases, the length was prefixed with "extra" - for example, Rick Owens.

Actual colors in October: photo of manicure from shows

  1. Cream

    After a summer riot of colors in October, you will definitely want calmness - and fashion trends provide for this.

    You can do manicures in nude shades at least the whole season. It will harmoniously complement any make-up and any outfit.

    Among those who supported this trend in manicure are Zimmermann, Carolina Herrera, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Elie Tahari, Preen, Lela Rosa and many others. If you opt for the nude range, pay attention to Essie's "Full Cylinder" shade.

  2. Neon

    Of course, there are options for those who sooner or later get bored with neutral beige shades.

    This October, restraint peacefully coexists with flashy colors - acid green will be especially fashionable.

    Neon pink is also in the top - take a closer look at the juicy shade "Fashion Style" from Essie.

    Bright neon shades can be combined in design, getting colored art divorces on the nails, as in the design at the Chromat show. Or, for example, create drawings with their help, as the manicure masters did on the backstage of the Philipp Plein show.

  3. Red

    No fashion season has ever been without red color on the nails.

    In October 2023, he will also be ready to help you out if you want to create a classic accent on your nails. The versatility of red manicure is the key to its continued success.

  4. It could be a red polish with a glossy sheen on almond nails like Ashley Williams.

    Or, for example, a rich cherry shade like Essie's Stiletto Heel, which has also gained a reputation for being versatile. It could be seen on the nails of models from Emporio Armani and Oscar de la Renta shows.

    And red with a shimmer is also available for us - at the Manish Arora show, nails with such varnish were added to the final images of a festive flair.

  5. Black

    Forget stereotypes and prejudices. Black color looks very nice on the nails, giving them a noble neatness.

    And black is also easy to pair with other shades if you decide to do a design manicure.

    At Guy Laroche, for example, this season the models showed a black manicure with white marble veins.

    Christian Siriano had shimmering thin stripes on a black background, while Altuzarra suggested paying attention to a black manicure in its purest form, without “additives”.

  6. Metallic

    Every autumn everything returns to normal - metallic texture polishes are back in fashion.

    Cividini, Rodarte, The Blonds, Halpern voted in favor of metallic coverage - and this is only a small part of the supporters of the old-new trend that is relevant for 2023.He reminds me of himself year after year. After all, only with such a fashionable manicure do you want to meet the holiday season closer to the end of autumn.

nail design techniques this season

  1. French

    The good old jacket this time is offered to us both in the classic form (with white tips, like Marta Jakubowski), and in bold color combinations.

    For Roberta Einer, for example, acid green and hot pink. House of Holland has emerald and black. And Moschino combined gold and nude, sprinkling both parts of the French manicure with glitter.

  2. Lunar manicure

    Emphasis on the nail hole is also a classic that always manages to look fresh. This season, Preen, Tibi and many other brands were responsible for its new reading.

    The possibilities of the moon manicure are much wider than it might seem. After all, the choice of the shape of the holes and color combinations is limited only by your imagination. Go for it!

    © aliciatnails

    You can, for example, turn a moon manicure into a “reverse jacket”, as in the case of Priscavera: in this show, the arcs that we used to see on the tips were drawn at the roots of the nails.

  3. Ombre

    In the ombre design, nail artists are encouraged to combine not two, but three or even more nail colors typical for October 2023. The original versions of such a manicure were proposed by Luar and Halpern.

  4. With drawings

    Most of the patterned designs this season have been minimalistic. Christian Siriano, Jeremy Scott, Anna Sui, Philipp Plein advocated simple graphics, small details, clear motives.

  5. Decorated

    Do you want an impressive manicure? Then use the nail art technique with a volume effect. You can decorate your nails with pearls and beads, as in the Adeam and Antonio Marras shows, or you can glue large elements like stars on top of the color coating, as they did at the Manish Arora show.

How do you see your manicure in October 2023? Write a comment.