It's time for bright colors, including in manicure. Let's talk about the latest trends in our nail guide for June 2023.

Nail design is, first of all, an opportunity for creativity and experimentation; trends only set certain directions. Try again and again, embodying more and more new ideas. As for interesting trends, there are a lot of them in June 2023. Let's get to know them better.

Manicure June 2023: novelties and fashion trends

Current nail shape

Trend-setting nail artists don't have ultimate decisions this season as to what the shape of the nails should be. A pleasant variety reigned in the images from the catwalks. You can shorten the length to a minimum and cut your nails in a natural shape - for this case, there are also design options. Manicures from shows by Kate Spade, Nicole Miller, Monse and many more prove that short nails can look just as attractive as long ones.

However, nails grow quickly, so it will not be difficult to achieve a fashionable almond shape, as in the photo, or the contours of an elongated oval.

If the length is not enough yet, and the soul asks for just such a shape, the masters advise using overhead tips. They don't even have to be varnished. At the show Vivienne Westwood, Marta Jakubowski, Fashion East, they remained translucent.

Trendy colors in manicure

Nail masters support the summer riot of colors in manicure. The undisputed favorite of this season is yellow: at the shows of Roland Mouret, Natasha Zinko, Alice + Olivia, its brightest and most cheerful tones were used in manicure.

You can also opt for blue and other shades of the marine palette (experiment, for example, with Blue and Button Glitter from Essie). It is interesting to combine them in one design - for example, at the Tadashi Shoji show, they created an ombre effect with their help.

Among saturated shades, red is still relevant: it was supported by Ryan Lo, Fashion East and Marta Jakubowski, choosing a monochromatic coating. Try on the deep color "On the edge of the hairpin" from the Essie collection.

Black and white classics also remained in the spotlight - this combination was decided to be used in manicure by Opening Ceremony, Christian Siriano, Alice + Olivia and not only.

Fashion techniques in manicure

At fashion shows, they continue to rethink the usual design options like French, moon manicure, ombre. These techniques never get old because they are easy to adapt to current color trends.

This summer was no exception - nail artists accentuated the tips of the nails (Thom Browne, Kith, Sadie Williams) with bright varnishes and worked with a moon manicure using the negative space technique, leaving the hole "empty" (Oscar de la Renta).

There were other unusual design decisions; among them, a manicure with a voluminous design stands out. Rhinestones, curly overlays and even spikes could be seen in the nail designs of models at Adeam and The Blonds shows.

Trendy nail polish textures

In the summer manicure from the catwalks there appeared, among other things, varnishes with a metallic effect, which are usually relevant in the autumn-winter period. They were used by Julien Macdonald, Rodarte and many others.

A separate trend is holographic polishes like Kim Shui.

Beautiful June manicure for short nails

From the shows, girls with short nails can borrow ideas for a spectacular minimalist manicure.

Proenza Schouler and Monse propose to make a transparent background the basis of nail art and decorate it with concise dots or stripes. Another interesting option is to add one or two sections filled with color to the colorless part.

At the Moschino show, transparent lacquer was supplemented with black graphic drawings - as if a felt-tip pen was painted on the nails. For a small length, this solution is also suitable.

Manicure with drawings has long ceased to be the prerogative of the owners of long nails. There are many design ideas that look good on short nails.

However, such nail art should be done as carefully as possible so that the result does not look sloppy. The most advantageous summer motifs are floral.

Animal prints (like a leopard or zebra) and landscape motifs (sky with clouds or sea waves) are also good.

You can fantasize endlessly, but the quality of performance must be at its best.

June 2023 nail trends for long nails

At the shows, many nail gurus chose to simply cover their long nails with a bright monochromatic varnish. But there were also those for whom this was not enough. They did designs with drawings (Alice + Olivia, Opening Ceremony), stroked nails along the contour (The Blonds), created graphic nail art over a transparent background (Moschino) and 3D 3D decor (Libertine). Why not replicate these eye-catching runway nail art designs?

So that summer manicure on long nails does not turn out to be defiant due to catchy shades and large design elements, give preference to softer, gentle solutions with laconic patterns, watercolor stains, thin graphic drawings, artistic brush strokes. If you choose, for example, the shades "To the fullest" and "Dress for the evening" as the main shades, the nail art will turn out just like that - feminine and romantic.

Bright manicure for summer season 2023

Color stains

To draw attention to nails with color accents, use not one, but several shades in manicure, connecting them with artistic stains, like paints on a palette. The inspiration for such nail art can be a manicure from the Manish Arora show.Try to combine as part of a manicure, for example, the shades "On style" and "Couture jam" from Essie.

Color blocking

Divide each nail into sections of different shapes with straight and broken lines. And paint over each of the resulting parts with your own color. At the same time, choose brighter varnishes - neon shades are perfect.

Children's drawings

Art manicure is in fashion for more than a season. Take a fresh look at the topic - and decorate your nails not with neat drawings, but with funny scribbles, like from children's albums. This nostalgic nail art looks best on a colorless background.


You can do without bright colors - if you have a polish with a holographic effect at your disposal (this was seen in the manicure on the Kim Shui show). A coating created with such a tool will inevitably attract attention. Great option for summer parties.

Neon french

Let classic designs sparkle with new colors. The still relevant jacket is intended to become the basis of experimental nail art - you just need to use neon shades. In addition, bright tips can also be decorated with drawings, if the length allows.

3D decor

Another win-win way for those who want to make a manicure one of the central elements of the image is to decorate them with 3D decor. Take a closer look at an example of such nail art from the Adeam show - in combination with an impressive length, such a design will definitely attract the attention of others to the nails. True, there is no need to talk about practicality here. This is the choice for special occasions.

delicate June manicure ideas for summer 2023 with photo


If you like to mix shades, go for an ombre design. You can, as at the Tome spring-summer 2023 show, create a transition from soft pink to soft beige. For such a manicure, a combination of shades "To the fullest" and "Like a needle" is suitable.


Can you get a gentle manicure with large sparkles? If you add glitter to a translucent pink polish, which is usually used for a jacket, and create a scattering effect, the result will be just that. However, it is also suitable for a disco-style look - do not forget about this opportunity if the opportunity arises.


Tenderness does not exclude the use of rhinestones. Take a look at how the nail artists at the Rodarte show paired a metallic matte gold nail polish with a couple of silver stones. It turned out festive, but without ex altation. Girls who love restraint will like this manicure. And if you prefer a more sophisticated design, then take a closer look at the option with pearls.

Outline stroke

This is an alternative for those who love french and moon manicure, but are tired of their classic designs.You can circle the nail plate along the contour with one color, and fill the central part with another. Take an example from the manicure that was shown on the Byblos and Jeremy Scott show. Choose subtler shades. Glitter may also be useful.

Pastry manicure

Shades of pink are among the most trendy, judging by the shows of Gucci, Marco de Vincenzo, Tome, Jeremy Scott and many others. So feel free to take them as the basis for a calm summer manicure. A pink that resembles an airy marshmallow (like Essie's Haute Couture Confiture) is the perfect solution for girls who prefer a delicate manicure.


To take a break from experimenting with bright colors, a watercolor manicure with translucent stains that resemble marks from a brush soaked in water will allow you to take a break from experiments with bright colors. A matte finish will add fashionable relevance to such a coating.

What summer manicure ideas have you always wanted to try but put off until later? Tell us about your dream designs in the comments.